11 Ways To Turn Your Garage Into A Gamehouse

11 Ways To Turn Your Garage Into A Gamehouse

You’re doing some renovation around your house, switching some things up and you walk past your garage. You smooch your chin and think, “Wouldn’t be so bad if I flipped this space into a whooping Gamehouse, would it?” 

You’ve always wanted a game room, someplace where you and your guys could just hang out and chill. You obviously don’t have extra space lying around somewhere in your home for one and you’ve thought about it long and hard. Well, why don’t you consider turning your garage that’s hardly ever used into a whole premium Gamehouse, aye?  

You wouldn’t have thought about it in that exact way but we kid you not, this is the best idea you’d have ever whipped up. And we’re going to be helping you bring this idea to life. We’d provide you with 11 ways you could turn your garage space into a full-blown game house, drop helpful tips and tricks on getting a nice job done, and also list off everything you would need to make this happen. 

Some of these ways include:

This is a complete guide to finally turning that lonely garage space into a  booming Gamehouse for your entertainment!

But, is it a good idea to convert your garage? We know you’ve probably asked yourself time and time again if it would be a good idea to turn your garage into a game house and if it’s something practical to do. Well, the answer is a definite yes!

You’re set to make one of the best decisions you would make this year. Coupled with the fact that the idea is inexpensive, fast, and easy to do, you get yourself extra space that you can relatively call your own and have good fun with. It’s way better than renting out space or even going as far as getting a new house to get it done. See what we mean by it being inexpensive now? 

Your garage is used for storing cars and just random stuff you might or might not need but I bet no one told you it doesn’t have to be that way. There are tons of other stuff you could do with your garage space to make it more fun and more functional.

It’s time we talk about the actual process of converting your garage into a GameHouse. We’re going to walk you through a step by step process to get your space up and running. So just come along and let’s get the ball rolling!

How To Turn Your Garage Into a Gamehouse

Step 1: Clean Up The Garage Space!

We can bet that while you’re reading through this article, your garage could be in a state of chaos. You cant have a booming Gamehouse amidst chaos now, could you? So that’s why you need first off clean it up thoroughly. Move out everything from the nooks and crannies. Pack up things you no longer use and put them into a box to give it away to people who do. Throw away things that are no longer useful. You could dedicate a small square in your garage to storing items you need to keep in your garage. Make sure to store them up neatly. To maximize that small square for storage, consider getting a garage shelf or garage cabinet to store your other items. Now that everything is all clean and in place, let’s go on to the next step.

Step 2: Analyze Your Garage Space

Take a step back and look at your garage space. What can fit here and what can go in along that wall?  What sort of accessories and games would fit at the back? Would your design be minimal or loud and vibrant? Can you create the perfect Gamehouse from what you see in front of you? This is when the ideas fully start to flood in.

Take measurements of your space for later so you have an exact idea of what you want when you start purchasing the things you will need.

Step 3: Put That Great Gamehouse Idea On Paper

It’s time to map out everything you’d thought about in the previous step. This is the beginning of the fun part. You can ask your friends and family for ideas. Consider doing a brainstorming session cause things are about to get serious. Draw out and label your ideas if it’d make things easier for you.

Here are some key points to take note of when doing your brainstorming; 

The Theme of the Gamehouse

What’s the theme going to be like? It could range from a certain kind of game theme to your favorite football club theme or even a God of War theme. Don’t box it in. Let your imagination run wild. Looking through websites like Pinterest is also a great way to gather inspiration.

Your Garage Floor

Take a good look at it. Basic concrete design with a few oil stains here and there, yeah? Would it work for the sort of design you’re going to be bringing to life? Is it in a durable and neat state? Does it speak the language of comfort and luxury? If it doesn’t meet any of this, then you might consider taking it a step further by introducing new garage floor tiles. With good coloring and an aesthetically pleasing match, it will serve you well and take your intended design for your garage to a whole new level. Installing a hardwood floor or a carpet on your garage floor could do a good job too. Or you could pad and cover your cemented floor with throw rugs.

Your Lighting And Ventilation

Garages usually have cold atmospheres and shady lighting because of what they’re usually used for. But since you aren’t going to be using it for that anymore, consider a revamp. Look around the garage space to get a sense of the kind of ventilation and lighting you’re working with and start figuring out ways to give it a level up. It could be the lighting is rather dim due to the lack of windows. Painting the walls a lighter color to modify and brighten the atmosphere of your garage space would do a good number. You should also consider getting some extra lighting and feel free to play with the lighting styles. Make sure to select features that would fit your planned concept.

If your garage isn’t well ventilated, make a note to install an air conditioner or a ceiling fan to help with that.

Step 3 – Bring Your Gamehouse To Life

Now to one of the most exciting parts of this process, putting your plans together and selecting what goes where in your Game House. Now that you’ve planned out your space, you start to position all that’s on that list in the right place. The major fixtures that make up a Game house would be the types of games that go into it. Later on in this article, we’d supplying you with a helpful list of games you can get for your Game House.

Be wise with your management of floor space.  For example, you don’t need a sage to tell you that your pinball machines would conserve much more space lined up against the wall. Finish up your walls and dry them up. Your lighting should be set and everything else on the list. Bring in the furniture and planned accessories.

If you plan on having video games, consider soundproofing your walls and getting a surround system for that ultimate game experience. You may need space to store paddles, balls, and signs if you have a ping pong or billiards table. Storage hooks and wire baskets are a perfect option, rather than just stuffing them in a corner, or leaving them on the table where they may be destroyed. A bucket holder provides convenient storage for ping pong balls. There are also several DIY projects out there that can also assist you with storing these items.

 Step 4: Have Fun!

You did it. Now that your new game house is all set, the next step to finalizing the process is to have fun. Invite your friends over. Host an opening party or a get-together. It’s definitely the start of more parties and get-togethers to come.

Advantages Of Turning Your Garage Into A Gamehouse

It Serves As Personal Space

 Your garage turned game room could serve as a place where you can hang out and celebrate wins in the late hours of the night. It could be that you and your guys get too loud at night after the big game and you just need someplace safe and secluded to celebrate. Your game house can serve as that perfect spot. Many game houses include places to play games like ping pong, board games, and many other exciting games to keep you and your friends entertained.

A Relaxing Spot For Your Children

There’s a greater need for children to have their own freedom and space as they get older. Now you have a game house, your kids have a place to relax and unwind, play together and have a reunion with their friends by adding a games house to your home.

During busy exam times, this can be particularly important when kids need to take time off and take a break from studying elsewhere.

Spend Additional Time as a Family

 Another advantage of transforming your garage into a game house is that it will create an environment where as a family you can all spend time and just chill out.

A typical home situation is every family member spending time away in their separate rooms and not spending quality time together. However, you can build a place where the family can spend evenings and weekends together by converting your garage to a game house.

It Can Serve as a Multipurpose Room

A garage’s usual size is about 12 square meters, which is a lot of extra living space. Why not give it an extra purpose if you plan to turn your garage into a game room? For the price of one, a games room can easily double up as an office, spare bedroom, or gym and potentially give you two additional rooms in one space. 

A Gamehouse Is An Excellent Spot For Gatherings And Parties

 It can feel a little disjointed when you’re holding a family gathering in your home and the people present are all in separate rooms. But if you have a game house, you’d be adding a special place in your home where you and your visitors can all relax and have a good time.  

When designing your games room, comfortable sofas, a bar area and sliding doors that open up to your garden are all elements to think about and help create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining. 

A Gamehouse Makes Your House A Whole Lot Larger Than It Actually Is

One of the best things about turning your garage into a games room is that it can make your home feel much more spacious than it actually is. It also offers you a place where you can now store your game consoles, gym equipment, bean bags, and much more. This frees up other rooms in your house and provides your living space with a somewhat less cluttered feel.

9 Fantastic Game Ideas For Your Garage-Turned-Gamehouse

A Garage Pool Bar

Transform your garage by setting up within it a pool table. Finish that along with a nice bar as well.

This encourages you to play pool with your mates, and while you do it you can enjoy a drink or two and feel accomplished.   

Of course, make sure that you have handy non-alcoholic choices for your kids to enjoy too!

A Video Gamers Loft

Why don’t you go down the modern gaming road and create a safe haven in your garage for your video games? You can soundproof the walls, so your neighbors don’t hear you cry out in frustration. Get some cozy gaming chairs and a console or two. Getting your hands on a huge TV with some good speakers would complete the look. And then in your own garage, you would have created the ultimate gaming experience.

Foosball Table

For any garage gamehouse, a foosball table is a great addition. They’re not too big, they’re not too expensive, and they’re loads of fun. It is the perfect game to provide visitors with entertainment when they come around. Everyone will take turns playing, and you could even host mini-tournaments with losers’ forfeits and winners’ prizes!

Tennis Garage Table

For any garage room, a table tennis table is a great addition. You can set up a table and have little tournaments between your family and friends if you have enough space for it. This makes for some of the most interesting and competitive activity you’ll ever encounter.

Not to mention, when you’re home alone, you can still turn one side of the table to serve as a wall to practice against. Create a mini-bowling alley. One great idea is to take a huge old garage space and turn it into a mini-bowling alley.

In the middle of your garage, you can create one bowling lane, making it as long or short as you want. Have some pins and a ball or two in your hands and you can go bowling without leaving the house. A great concept, right? Right.  And definitely one that is worth it when you see just how much fun it can be.

Darts, Poker, and Blackjack

If you want to create a games room that is more luxurious and adult-oriented, then this is the perfect idea for you. Get a board or two for darts and pin them up on the wall of your garage turned Game House.

Then, bring in a big table of poker so that you and your mates can spend hours playing against each other.

A Retro Mini Arcade

When you were little, Can you recall going down to your local arcade? On one of those old school arcade machines, you could spend hours playing PacMan and Space Invaders. How about taking those memories and bringing them to life in your own garage space? You can purchase arcade machines or ones that imitate classic games and stick them in your garage. Slowly but steadily and over time, you’ll add to your collection and build a retro arcade in your spare time to enjoy.

Indoor Golf

Bet you have never thought of turning your garage into an indoor mini-golf course.  Well, we’re telling you you can achieve this! With a few cool ideas, it is quite conceivable. Get yourself a golf simulator, and from the comfort of your home, you can simulate playing an entire golf course. Or, just buy some indoor golf equipment on a smaller scale, so you can practice your putting skills.

Air Hockey 

One of the most amazing games for anyone to play is air hockey. It’s a fairly low skill level, and once you start playing, it’s so addictive. The tables are also easy to purchase and set up, with some of you probably having enough room to fit two side by side.

More Games For Arcade

If your imagination didn’t blow up with the first set of arcade games, then why don’t you try another set of games? Get a Skeeball game for yourself, or those basketball machines you always see in modern arcades. You could even add one of those funky dance machines if you like, too! A brilliant idea if you’ve got plenty of room and young kids.

You may be able to combine a few of these ideas to create the ultimate Game House if your garage is large enough!

There are plenty of options here and indeed, and they all give your garage a chance to become a space that brings fun and entertainment to everyone in your home.

Asides from a Game House, there are so many other ideas you can bring to life when converting your garage, like even turning your garage into a full-blown gym!

Let us know how you do with this idea first.

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