Best Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Best Counter-Depth Refrigerator

Here, the question is: Which is the best counter-depth refrigerator? This is actually the very first question anyone who is interested in purchasing a counter-depth fridge should ask himself or herself before thinking to get it installed or starting to make a budget. A word of advice: It is important to do the things you chose and not do something because your friend or neighbor did it.

Alright, let us get back to your business! A fridge is usually about the identical thickness as your countertop in the kitchen. Although, it essentially has a cupboard that’s roughly 24″, and it is not supposed to fit completely flush. However, the regular household fridge holds more things and goods than the usual counter-depth refrigerator, but a refrigerator looks better than the normal fridge.

The 10 best counter depth refrigerators include:

  • GE Profile 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator
  • LG Studio 36″ Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator
  • Samsung Appliance 36″ Energy Star-Rated Food Showcase
  • Kenmore Smart 24 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Mount Refrigerator
  • Frigidaire 36″ Gallery Collection French Door Refrigerator
  • Fisher Paykel 17 cu. ft. Right Hinge Counter Depth Bottom Freezer
  • Summit: 13.8 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer
  • Samsung 22 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless 4 Door Family Hub
  • LG LFC21776D 36″ Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator
  • Kitchen Support 25.8 Cu. Ft. Platinum Interior Refrigerator

A counter-depth fridge is designed to give your kitchen blends and a look in as well. It doesn’t stand out considerably from the cabinets and you won’t worry about hitting something else while opening the doorway. As said before, a counter-depth still needs to have a small inch or space away from your walls for it to open comfortably and it needs that you push it out a bit for the doors to open completely. Although it’s still going to stand out a little, you will find more room in the kitchen with a slick look and that is the motive. Counter-depth refrigerators are the most popular fridges in the market intended for optimum household comfort.

Opting For A Counter-depth Refrigerator: A Matter of Choice

Would you like to keep bumping into your own refrigerator whenever you are in the kitchen? Or would you go for this refrigerator that stays flush and has a lot of space? Then be certain you are prepared to exchange those little storage spaces in your kitchen for your most reliable, flushed, designed, underside side freezer or high side freezer, stainless steel, icemaker, and best water filter, with habit coffeemaker, French doorway, side-by-side door. As well as being most suitable for a bachelor or a family, when it comes to getting the most affordable or the very premium, then the best alternative is really that a counter-depth refrigerator.

But knowing that your kitchen is one of the main focal points and most visited areas in your house either by you or your guests, with a contemporary and stylish counter-depth refrigerator, you are free to invite anyone into your kitchen without hesitation. Among other advantages of making a counter-depth refrigerator your number one alternative is they are smaller, but can accurately match flush and add more beauty to your kitchen, and above all, they are less energy-intensive.

Thus, knowing that counter-depth refrigerators are everything you want to achieve significant comfort whenever you’re in the kitchen, we have decided to take the task of spending innumerable sleepless nights hunting and assessing every counter-depth refrigerator made with the most necessary and contemporary features to guarantee your happiness in the kitchen.

I know your heart is aching right now and you can’t wait to finish reading this intro! So without taking much of the time, you can dive right into selecting the best counter-depth refrigerator for your loved ones and you below!

The 10 Best Counter-depth Refrigerators

GE Profile 36 Inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

For a while now, most innovative technology companies attempt to come up with innovation and technology that meet with our everyday need. It can not be better without the GE Profile PYE22PBLTS 36 Inch Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with 27.8 cu. ft. Total Capacity in Black Stainless Steel with coffee maker option.

To many folks, the idea of owning a coffee brewer right in their counter-depth refrigerator might appear to sound strange not until they get their hands on this wonderful household/kitchen comfy appliance. One thing that’s been understood is that anybody or household who had attempted this brand never wishes to stop using it. Sounds interesting, right? If so, then your household would need to give it a go.

Additional Features

Having this GE Profile PYE22PBLTS 36 Inch Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Black Stainless Steel with coffee maker choice helps cuts down the lengthy searching for the ideal coffee maker; additional budgeting and buying a coffee maker to all those people which are coffee fans. At the same time, every modern feature and tool that is necessary to have comfort is built into this GE Profile PYE22PBLTS 36 inch counter-depth refrigerator.

Are you looking to purchase a counter-depth fridge that has a built-in appearance though still fitting flush with surrounding? Subsequently, this GE 36 inch counter-depth refrigerator is your choice. Why do we call it smart? It works with the Amazon Alexa that allows you to take pleasure in the controllers you are home. With the support of Geneva, GE Appliances has the vital ingredient that makes it feasible for the voice assistant.

The Amazon voice service lets you socialize with your smart counter-depth fridge at a more intuitive manner. You can easily connect with the Geneva house to smart appliances you’ve got in the home. It is possible to locate Geneva by stating,”Talk to Geneva Home.” Although, it is also possible with the help of Google Assistance on home devices.

This bright GE Profile PYE22PBLTS 36 Inch Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Black Stainless Steel coffee maker has a door alert which alerts you if the fridge door is accidentally left open and when there are changes from the inside temperature of the counter-depth refrigerator. The Keurig K-Cup Brewing machine is not only incorporated to brew coffee, while it was built into the water dispenser, but it also lets you get filtered and freshwater to your tea or coffee and you do not need to refill it.

In Conclusion

GE Appliances have done a great job on this smart counter-depth, French-door fridge such that it’s a house in a house. It also has WiFi on it. The value of the WiFi would be to supply you with the chance to be able to command and monitor the functions from wherever you are – inside or outside your house – by using your smartphone or tablet computer or alternative web-enabled devices.

Think about the twin chill evaporator feature which aids separate climates from the freezer and fresh food sections and also aids your food items to remain fresh, 24/7. Additionally, it has a doorway storage system that lets you store tall bottles and cans right on the doorway for easy convenience.

Above all, it’s Energy Star-rated and capable. This GE Profile PYE22PBLTS 36 Inch Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Black Stainless Steel with coffee maker helps you to save a few bucks every month, also it will help to conserve the environment as well. Ultimately, this intelligent GE counter-depth with coffee maker meets the requirements for ADA-compliance according to Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.

  • ADA-compliant
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Twin chill evaporator
  • Custom-made coffeemaker

It can be an essential household requirement for every home, but maybe not every family can afford to get it at this price.

LG Studio 36″ Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

This LG Studio LSFXC2496D 36″ Dark Stainless Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator was created to quench the desire to individuals who want to possess the most comfortable and yet, inexpensive counter-depth fridge to chalk out the attractiveness of their kitchen or where the fridge is placed within the house. Does that sound like you expected? I guess!

There are a lot of fantastic features that come with this exceptional household gadget by LG. This includes the chance of getting the LG Studio LSFXC2496D 36″ Dark Stainless Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator in different colors that can fit comfortably with your existing kitchen color and furniture or you may select the one which can best suit your new kitchen layout and color. It doesn’t end there; this counter-depth refrigerator will provide your kitchen an improved appearance and a timeless elegance.

LG has come up with a huge and trending concept – “Smudge resistance”. It has a make and design that necessitates you shouldn’t delay getting your hands on it. With the smudge and fingerprint-resistant finish that lets you to easily wash and clean using a soft, moist cloth, you’re therefore left with nothing but the lasting impression of your impeccable taste. Much like what they say “the kitchen you cannot wait to show off is your kitchen which manages reality in style.”

Top Qualities

The door-in-door quality that’s intended for those fly-by trips to the fridge, and that as well gives quick access to snacks and soft drinks while at the same time preserving cold air that can depart from the fridge when the doors have been opened always for previewing the contents. On the other hand, the door-in-door can be known as the instaview window. It has some intriguing attributes attached to it for example when you tap twice on the window, and the lights turn on to permit instaview.

Furthermore, this LG Studio LSFXC2496D 36″ Black Stainless Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator comes with a 3-tier company freezer drawer program that may really help keep your food things organized and readily accessible. In addition, it provides you the ability to showcase the refrigerator and what is in your freezer so you can easily find your way to whatever you desire.

Additional Features

It has a smart cooling system (which is just one of the sophisticated technology), tracking innovation, and it maintains humidity and temperature requirements and makes your stored food stay fresher for longer. It is relaxing and ensures peace of mind if you understand that your fridge is optimized for perfect food preservation.

Not every refrigerator that’s well-fabricated in this present day. Also, today, no one wants to swap valuable fridge space for a bulky icemaker — which would be penny-wise, pound-foolish, and you will definitely agree with me on that! With this innovation, you don’t need to use LG’s new slender space and machine and this catchy invention is hidden within the doorway which enables you the ability to optimize your storage area.

The multi-air-flow technology system is designed to maintain superior humidity and temperature levels that will help you keep your meals longer and fresher. With the support of the electronic sensors which continually monitor the conditions within the fridge and in addition to vents surrounding your food with new air regardless of the place of this merchandise.

In Conclusion

In this age, everybody is just interested in spending their hard-earned cash on things which will last longer and really guarantee comfort whether it’s a household with plenty of kids or not. This LG Studio LSFXC2496D 36″ Dark Stainless Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator consists of a spill protector shelving program — cantilevered glass shelves — that have spill for simple cleanup.

Furthermore, this counter-depth also has the tallest ice and water dispenser system around its course, measuring in at about 9.2 inches. From pint glasses to pitchers, any container can be accommodated by the water and ice dispenser.

  • Has a smart system
  • Energy star-rated
  • A slim-space-plus attribute
  • Limited two years guarantee
  • Not ADA-compliant

Samsung Appliance 36″ Energy Star-Rated Food Showcase

Samsung Appliance RF28JBEDBSG 36″ Energy Star-Rated Food Showcase French Door Refrigerator from Black Stainless Steel is an innovative and updated counter depth refrigerator with door-in-door features. You would like — what’s the purpose of the door-in-door augmentation? But as an educated person, you might have heard it isn’t good to judge a book by its cover. Whatever you’re thinking about the door-in-door attributes, don’t conclude before you read this product’s reviews.

It is possible to enjoy Samsung’s tremendous convenience with a French door, and also, the capability a counter depth can provide for you and your household. With its complete 27.5 cu. ft. of storage 15.7 cu. ft. of refrigeration capability, you’ll have sufficient space in the appliance to store all your meals, juice, and beverage products. Also, by reason of this LED lighting, your refrigerator is gently brightened, and also you can practically find every corner of the fridge for quick spotting of your product.

With the help of the metal cooling technology, the stainless steel paneling will help to keep a consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator thereby, locking in the cold air within the whole unit with no choice left, including keeping the content as fresh as necessary. The door-in-door food showcase door is intended to provide you easy access to achieve the widely used items like snacks and milk with the help of this sliding door bin that provides quicker access to the things you need most.

Additional Features

In case you have young kids in the home, then this counter depth refrigerator will serve your family a helpful function. Young kids are proven to be not very careful with things especially when it comes to the way they handle food items from the refrigerator and so forth, they’re the main spillers of their household. Should you have young children at home, don’t fret about how frequently that this Samsung door-in-door counter-depth refrigerator might get spilled or stained around with juice along with other liquid. Samsung made you covered by making certain they comprised the flexible spill-free shelves which are intuitively designed to stop spilled fluid from getting into different layers, and they are as well customizable to suit any items you will need to keep.

With this Samsung Appliance RF28JBEDBSG 36″ Energy Star Rated Food Showcase French Door counter depth Refrigerator with its simple to attain FlexZone drawers that work to help you cool your products quicker and provide the proper atmosphere for maintaining the drinks and meals clean and ready to use everywhere. This fridge portrays every household’s dream. It has an external water filter, an ice maker and ice dispenser that’s capable of generating up to 10 lbs of ice each day. To round it up, the easy to start grips from the freezer section makes it feasible to get the big 8.3 cu.ft. Freezer drawer contents along with in addition to the Shop divider for business.

However, you must trust our decision when we say, “This Samsung RF28JBEDBSG 36″ Energy Star Rated counter depth is each family’s dream” To get door-in-door counter thickness models, you receive nothing like this Samsung RF28JBEDBSG greater than it.

  • ENERGY STAR-rated
  • Food showcase
  • Metal cooling
  • FlexZone
  • The ice maker is placed in the fresh food compartment that was warm and may become troublesome later on

Kenmore Smart 24 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Mount Refrigerator

Are you seeking a complex, but at your desired price counter depth refrigerator? You are in the ideal location. The Kenmore Smart 75042 24 cu. Ft. French Door Bottom-Mount Refrigerator in White — Works using Amazon Alexa; large enough to take all you will need to enhance the beauty of your kitchen and at exactly the same time, appreciating the amazing attributes it owns.

When speaking about counter depth refrigerator with appreciable size, the only alternative that should come into mind is your Kenmore smart 24 cu. Ft. French door bottom freezer refrigerator which helps to keep your fresh items and right at eye level along with your suspended items comfortably located below the entire unit. With features like the exclusive SlideAway water filter along with shelves leads to the creation of room for storage.

This counter depth refrigerator is constructed to ensure your products stay cool, and stay fresh throughout and during an extended period of time with the help of the GeniusCool technology that employs a linear compressor and also double evaporators to cool the refrigerator and as well as the freezer section. The MultiAir flow technologies is a feature that’s seldom found in just any counter thickness fridge, but it is in this unit because this is a technologically advanced and sophisticated household and kitchen appliance.

The MultiAir flow technologies and the clean airflow filter assist to offer a cooling flow of air. What’s more, the moisture and the innovative airtight crisper lock ensure that make freshness is retained for longer than other crisper bins out there. Also, the charcoal filter aids survive the air circulation is pure to eliminate unwanted odors ensuring that the inside of the refrigerator always remains clean.

Other Features

It is not just about the price you receive from buying this Kenmore Smart 75042 24 cu. Ft. French Door Bottom-Mount counter thickness toaster. It’s possible to manage and take care of the unit from anywhere, whether you’re in the office or out for purchasing, you are able to quickly fix the temperature to generate ice and receive the care update from where you are. From your cellular device or tablet PC devices, you can monitor the heat, closed-door or open door position, get the necessary update alarms, and understand the filter existence of this counter depth fridge.

You get in the Kenmore Smart 75042 24 cu. ft. French Door Bottom-Mount counter depth Refrigerator. Whenever you’re out of the home if your thoughts concentrated on the warmth of your refrigerator? While the warmth guarantees your drinks and food items remain fresher, filter and temperature alerts can be received by you.

Talk about slick! This counter depth refrigerator has been packed with several helpful features and options that let you navigate while picking both water dispenser, crushed and cubed ice, or an enhanced spacious region which enables you to refill any pitcher and water container without difficulty. There’s an inner LED light that lets you find and bring what you would like. And finally, the unit is compatible with all the Amazon Alexa that lets you download the Kenmore smart program and follow simple instructions to synchronize it with the gadget.

  • ENERGY STAR-rated
  • Smart refrigerator program
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Not everyone can afford to buy this product because of its cost

Frigidaire 36″ Gallery Collection French Door Refrigerator

If you are looking for that ideal counter depth refrigerator which will enhance your kitchen, however below $2000, then you definitely need this Frigidaire FGHN2866PF 36″ Gallery Series French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel with 27 cu. ft. capacity.

This counter depth refrigerator by Frigidaire with its storage platform has over 100 ways that you can organize and customize the fridge. The goal of purchasing a counter depth refrigerator is the reason the refrigerator should have functions that stand out to the purchase price. With this fridge, the instance is exactly the same. It has enough space inside space that allows you to store enough food and beverages, acid beverages, and in the exact identical time maintaining them at their freshest. Another feature that is added to the storage process is the spill slide under the shelf which lets you make space for tall or massive objects with the slide undershelf.

Having the chance to arrange your refrigerator’s drawers is a feature that is fantastic that many counter depth refrigerator customers wish to have in their units. With the Frigidaire FGHN2866PF 36″ Gallery Series French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel with 27 cu. ft. capability, you’ve got simple-glide crisper drawers. That sounds amazing, right? Yeah, it does. Even the crisper drawers can be configured in a variety of manners of your choice. So that you are able to arrange your fridge, it may be or stacked on top of each other your way.

Additional Features

The Frigidaire FGHN2866PF 36″ Gallery Series French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel with 27 cu. ft. capability is engineered using Frigidaire having in mind that their consumers hope to find within this counter depth refrigerator. The Smudge-proof stainless steel. With this feature, you will not need to be ragging if the device is touched by somebody, the door handle. The stainless steel body is constructed of fingerprint-resistant and can be washed easily and economically.

Frigidaire FGHN2866PF counter-depth fridge features a trendy zone drawer. You can store anything – confectionery merchandise or juice boxes as well as large platters. This counter depth refrigerator by Frigidaire got you covered with its more large capacity cool zone drawers that extend entirely and offer enough space for storage. In addition, it has a quick ice delivery which could produce up to 37% more ice per day with the help of this pure supply ultrafiltration that provides a genuine filtration which helps to keep your ice and water clean.

This counter depth refrigerator with the support of its express-select management system gives you the chance to quickly-select options together with the push of one button. On the other hand, the freezer has a divider from the freezer storage section to help you to maintain your meals available and organized. It is also outfitted with effortless glide freezer drawers that glide out smoothly and can fully extend given the access that you will need to bring your products from it. The freezer has a quick freeze feature that gets your food frozen fast.

In Conclusion

Perhaps, by this time, you should only be fantasizing about how this counter depth refrigerator will fit in with your kitchen furniture and enhance the beauty of your own kitchen. Before closing the thing about this power, but an affordable appliance, then you should know the refrigerator can save more bins. It has gallon-sized bins which are designed to save products such as gallons of milk and others. Together with the air filters that are pure, you will become fresh air flow in the refrigerator. And this counter depth refrigerator comes with an impressive energy saving system integrated with the silent technology designed to reduce the noise produced during functioning.

  • Star-K accredited
  • The US and Western ENERGY STAR rated
  • Digital temperature control
  • Sabbath disposition and quick freeze
  • Only the front of the counter depth refrigerator is made of stainless steel

Fisher Paykel 17 cu. ft. Right Hinge Counter Depth Bottom Freezer

With so many counter depth fridge manufacturers struggling with the options of the clients, Fisher & Paykel is actively trying to strengthen the heritage of their long run by imitating the products, making certain the counter depth refrigerators created now are aligned with the fundamental principles of sustainable design. With this Fisher & Paykel RF170WDRUX4 17 cu. ft. Right, Hinge Counter Depth Bottom Freezer and External Water Dispenser and Ice Maker in Stainless Steel, the future starts now.

As technology progresses, so do our unique needs. The water blower becomes a household appliance, and it adds to loose maximum and traffic attractiveness, once it’s compatible with all the depth refrigerator. The Fisher & Paykel RF170WDRUX4 17 cu. Ft. Right, Hinge Counter Depth Bottom Freezer and External Water Dispenser and Ice Maker in Stainless Steel can come in either left or right hinge giving you a suitable option to select dependent on the position to put the unit into your kitchen.

With the help of the Ultraslim water dispenser characteristics, it’s now easier to get the water dispensing unit. The water dispenser of this unit can fill any size or shape of container, because it takes up no storage space in the fridge and is configured as an angle water delivery which can function a purpose that is effective in filling containers hassle-free.

Top Features

This Counter depth refrigerator by Fisher & Paykel is designed using an ActiveSmart technology that’s the mixture of temperature sensors and smart electronic equipment using variable speed fans which may produce a controlled environment and optimal temperatures to guarantee the content of this unit stay fresh for an extended time period. Also, for access, the SmartTouch control panels are created and are added towards the front of the refrigerator as well as easy accessibility and to boost intuitive controls to utilize. The finishes depict the elegant styling of this Fisher & Paykel’s household of kitchen components.

In the door ice and water models, with the soft doors feature of this counter depth refrigerator, there isn’t going to be any need for restarting the door to receive it close or having the door of the refrigerator left open with soft shut hinges. In the majority of the ice and water models, the ice maker can automatically send around 25 percent more ice each day into a bin which could be customized to save a lot of energy, which is an excellent thing.

Additional Features

Fisher & Paykel has contained the humidity management system, to keep the qualities of the of those fruits and vegetables stored at the thickness at the temperature levels and humidities. The cooling temperature supplied by the ActiveSmart technologies that create the microclimate in each bin at the refrigerator control this method.

Another aspect of this counter depth refrigerator is the defrost feature. Together with the flexible defrost you will not need to bother about holiday settings you’re leaving your home. Based on the way that it is used, the fridge intelligently chooses the best time to defrost. This is recognized by the device, and less energy is consumed. Also, the use of defrosting becomes less, if nobody is in the house for some time, weeks, days, or even months.

Storage versatility is an exceptional feature in modern refrigerators. The refrigerator company and food prep are said to be compact with all the best features including the shelving, having a storage choice and bin access, tray so forth and full extension runners.

  • ActiveSmart technology
  • Adaptive defrost method with energy-saving capabilities
  • Ultra-slim water may accommodate several Sorts of vessels and dispenser
  • It may not be enough for large families and is small
  • Not a product that is very cheap

Summit: 13.8 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer

Many bachelors are famous for economizing the space they possess in their flats as many who live in cities reside in places. This is the same issue kitchen and household appliance’s kind they purchase and use. They believe the energy consumption of the appliance to buy which serve a useful purpose by consuming lesser energy or may raise their energy bills.

Nonetheless, this is the place where this appliance gets handy and useful. It consumes little space. It can hold food items enough for one person and at most two individuals for any particular time period.

Additional Features

What’s more, Summit FFBF285SS 13.8 cu. ft. counter depth refrigerator is built with a frost-free refrigerator under 23 inches deep. This appliance is made to support every single bachelor’s kitchen requirements. It also adds finishes that complement the kitchen’s looks. This model of Summit counter depth refrigerator is fully featured with an adjustable thermostat. This helps you keep your food items at the right temperature at anytime.

Having the ideal counter depth refrigerator may be done stress-free, and means using comfortability navigating through the inside area. Your comfort is guaranteed with the aid of adjustable door shelves, adjustable glass shelves, and lights.

Why is this the best bet for everyone who resides in an apartment? It is because the bottom contains two drawer compartments. The two-drawer compartment feature is meant for a single person or two people, at max.

In Conclusion

To summarize, not every modern counter-depth fridge has a quick freeze feature. This appliance is constructed with a quick freeze feature. And this is a significant plus for freezable items like hamburgers and other food products that are saved in the freezer. It also has an interior fan that helps circulate air within the fridge to ward off aromas. This ensures that this unit’s content stay fresh and for a protracted period of time.

  • Quick freeze
  • ENERGY STAR rated
  • Features that are mobile permit traffic circulation that is free inside the kitchen

Once the door is shut, you will not be able to re-open it for a minute.

Samsung 22 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless 4 Door Family Hub

Should you require a counter depth refrigerator that can make your kitchen the middle of your home more than ever, then you’re merely taking a look at the perfect counter depth refrigerator. It has been ngineered by Samsung to provide maximum comfort and service to your family anytime, any day. This Samsung RF22K9581SG/AA is your best counter depth that will supply your household a reassurance.

The Samsung RF22K9581SG/AA 22 cu. ft. Black stainless door family Hub counter-depth refrigerator has 3 far-reaching features that assist your household wired amusement and relations. It will also manage your house, your life, and meals direction too. These items and many other fantastic features, that will be described as you browse on, are found and managed using the 21.5″ Wi-Fi touchscreen on this beautiful Samsung family counter depth refrigerator.

At the time, many households especially large families with lots of children may want to buy a home appliance that serves the goal and that will also have less electricity. That’s the reason why this Samsung household hub is the best choice since it’s ENERGY STAR rated. With a couple of young children in the home, there will be lots of cleaning within short periods of time. Clean twice a week or each week to make certain that the environment is best for your family. However, with the superior stainless steel exterior of this counter depth refrigerator that especially eliminates fingerprints with tested and trusted evidence, coatings will ensure your refrigerator always looks clean and shiny, you wouldn’t have a lot to worry about.

Additional Features

Another thing about this fridge is it is counter depth design. This will help you and your loved ones to have a workspace. At the same time, it will improve the appearance of your kitchen furniture. It has a built-in and slick style that blends with the cabinetry including function and fashion for your kitchen. That is just the tip of the iceberg. This Samsung household Hub can help you and your family to manage beverages and your food properly.

As innovation is currently playing a significant part in advancement and technology; Samsung has made it possible for you to be able to shop directly utilizing this counter depth refrigerator’s touchscreen. The fridge has cameras and relations that enable you to observe the inside of the counter depth refrigerator using tablet computers or your mobile phone from anywhere you’re located to know the food items that are right to search for in your residence.

This Samsung household Hub counter depth refrigerator allows you the possibility to have the ability to connect and share your photographs, household’s calendars, and notes directly from the touchscreen or straight from your mobile phone. Using this depth refrigerator, your kitchen becomes your own command center, believe it or not. You, your loved ones, and your furry friend will constantly enjoy using the beat stream audio feature of the fridge. Not only that; it’s built-in speakers and mirrors that your smart TV about the colorful 21.5″ touchscreen. This household fridge possesses and Pandora that makes being in the kitchen a fun and cooking.

In Conclusion

There’s absolutely no need to worry about using a food product which can transfer odors to products in the fridge. The Samsung family hub facilitates maximum food and drink freshness with an assemblage of a double-edged cooling system that contains three evaporators. It also provides accurate humidity and temperature controls from the 3 areas. This assists your food products more healthy for an extended period and to remain. The base may serve the purpose of being a freezer or a refrigerator giving you the flexibility.

Finally, this Samsung product is aptly called the ice master. It can produce around 5.3 lbs of ice every day can store up to 2.9 pounds of ice too. The refrigerator has a space-saving design that maintains. With the support of this exceptionally efficient LED lighting program, you can observe every corner of the fridge. This will ensure that you find the item you’re looking for quickly.

The LED light produces heat and absorbs less energy for illuminating the whole refrigerator system. Moreover, if you enjoy having chilled wine, then be certain that this counter depth refrigerator is constructed for you. These allow you to place your wine bottles in the fridge for future usage.

  • Smart program and Wi-Fi
  • ENERGY STAR rated and fulfilled the USA and European standards
  • Triple cooling system
  • The family alternative, but not every family can get it at its price

LG LFC21776D 36″ Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

If you adore french door counter depth refrigerators, but you have not ever tried one yourself then grab the moment and try one by picking the LG LFC21776D 36″ counter depth french door refrigerator with 20.7 cu. ft. absolute capacity in black stainless steel — a fantasy come true for dreamers.

But a lot of individuals who own a counter depth refrigerator will inform you that one of the most astounding attributes they have really enjoyed about counter depth refrigerators is the varied storage alternatives of the inside section This is the reason you need to think about this model. It may accommodate weeks worth of food items.

Make no mistakes when searching for a counter depth refrigerator; the LG LFC21776D 36″ entrance door refrigerator includes a storage alternative for fresh food department. This can also be used for divide drip protector shelves with double humidity-controlled crisper drawers plus eight door bins maybe, including five of which are adjustable and permit you to store gallons.

Do you want to get a counter depth refrigerator that’s manufactured with efficient LED lighting? This gadget brilliantly illuminates the interior of the toaster not only for the best look, but it also provides you an enhanced knowledge of where your food items are positioned in the fridge without difficulty. If you like depth countered by a french door with crisper drawers, then this one is the right option for you and your household. It’s crisper drawers that are wonderful choices for storage of products that are new.

Additional Features

Do you like getting ice cubes or else you enjoy a dish or freezing cocktails? With this LG LFC21776D 36″ french door counter depth refrigerator, whether you are getting your friends or relatives come over to your place for dinner or you’re planning to organize a weekend mini-party in your home, you can have your ice cubes everywhere, any day.

LG electronics knows that bills are cutting a sensible amount of money from the entire income. Particularly for people that get a typical US income, and at the same time struggles with the household needs. The LG LFC21776D 36″ entrance door counter depth refrigerator has the french doorway quality that allows you to move. It is ENERGY STAR-certified. It surpasses the new US national energy standards that positively has an enormous impact on your electricity bills by lowering the energy intake.

  • Linear compressor using a warranty
  • Revolutionary smart
  • The US and Europe’s ENERGY STAR-ranked
  • A digital temperature controller system


  • This counter thickness comes with guarantees for its components
  • Not a funding kind of fridge

Kitchen Support 25.8 Cu. Ft. Platinum Interior Refrigerator

Someone once said, “Once money talks, bullshit works!” For those who can afford whatever their soul needs, then these are this highly effective Kitchen Aid KRMF706EBS 25.8 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Platinum Interior French Door Refrigerator with exceptional and elegant finishes intended to sit in their kitchen to elevate your kitchen’s attractiveness through amazing elegance.

Where can we start describing attributes and the beauty of the fantastic fridge by Kitchen Help? Its own configuration is the innovation and industry idea which is not uncontrolled in the fridge market. With the help of the revolutionized configuration and its discovery through the business of your own food items in prepared sight and easy to reach and as well as the soft near cabinet doors that give an additional degree of convenience.

This Toilet Aid KRMF706EBS 25.8 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Platinum Interior French Door Refrigerator does not portray only external completing attractiveness, but internal beauty too. Even the Preserva® Food Care System includes two independent cooling systems that maintain a committed refrigeration unit. This helps to keep the food items fresher as well as a separate system for frozen food items. In addition, this counter-depth refrigerator by Kitchen Aid includes a FreshFlow Air Filter. This helps minimize odors while the FreshFlow Create Preserver. It also helps to delay over-ripening of fruit products within this excellent refrigerator.

Top Features

Let’s talk about this Herb Storage ability that’s ensured while using this appliance. This remarkable feature helps herbs like Oregon, rosemary, and chamomile to remain fresh in the storage compartment. There is an angled ground that can help keep the stems wet without covering the leaves so that the herbs can retain their flavor. You can then get them as refreshing as needed. Both soft-close drawers provide you an optimized storage system and are a first in the history of semi-automatic counter-depth refrigerators.

It also will come with a left drawer that contains 5 preset temperatures. These include drinks, greens/herbs, the meat/fish, deli/cheese, and thaw/marinate also. However, the proper drawers incorporate a create preserver and will be the perfect one needed for goods. Everyone can agree with me that this layout is a professionally motivated design. It will help unite styling inspired for a home with sleek touches. This door counter-depth refrigeration unit features Satin Textured Handles. It also features the KitchenAid® Badge which portray a true sign of quality.

In continuation of those beauties and comforts that come with this particular appliance, the 3-tier freezer drawers with storage dividers give you the chance of organizing frozen things on three different levels. These make them simple to access, including into the storage divider from the basket to keep smaller items organized.

Additional Features

The SatinGlide Crispers include a retentive and comfy experience to the crisper drawers with all the rollers. Thus, allowing movement even if they are completely loaded. This is a Plus for a counter-depth of its group. What’s more, another excellent feature this fridge by Kitchen Aid comes with is shelves. They guarantee cleaning relaxation to prevent messes from slipping over. The borders of these shelves are non-etched with textured surfaces. These help to contain spills and as well as letting the opportunity of employing the shelf from edge-to-edge. Using the gradual illumination of the LED Lighting, then it’s not hard to find things from the fridge.

Moreover, with the help of this In-Door-Ice System, you get an excess room inside this Kitchen Aid KRMF706EBS 25.8 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless Platinum Interior French Door Refrigerator has a slim-profile ice bin that mounts on the interior door keeping it out of the refrigerator compartment. However, this space-saving layout leaves space for 2 door bins acceptable for condiments and cans.

Measuring water will never be an issue with this particular counter-depth refrigerator. It has an inbuilt measured water fill which helps to exhibit and automatically dispenses water in cups, ounces, or liters. The settings allow you to select from the 3 parameters to sew the required measured amount containing two custom presets. You can then program it for things you frequently use like a coffee pot or a water bottle. Adding controls that enable you to easily access the purposes. On the other hand, the water dispenser is mounted at a position to allow you to find a fill through food prep with your cup, pitcher, pots and other containers. With the help of the ice-maker, you’ll have premium ice cubes that are small.

  • Five-door configuration
  • Herb storage system
  • 3-Tier Freezer Drawer with Storage Divider
  • This fridge is quite expensive and not everybody can afford to have it
  • Not EnergyStar qualified

Addressing the Issue of choice

If you want to struggle out with the issues linked with selection when shopping for a depth refrigerator to your kitchen. Then you need to begin with building a budget and knowing your budget range; size and style of the room to set up the fridge is crucial, an understanding of the characteristics you want the appliance to have, and lastly brand and manufacturer.

If you’re currently buying a counter depth refrigerator with a freezer harmonious, then the first thing that should come to your head is the job of the freezer.

Bottom storage freezer

Some counter depth refrigerators arrive with the freezer at the top while others come in the bottom with their freezer storage. However, the distinction is that at the eye level you have your new food with the freezer at the bottom. Bottom mount freezers keep the unit chilly while maintaining a consistent temperature.

Top storage freezer

With the freezer at the top, the food items are stored beneath while the freezer is located at the very top and on an eye level. Nonetheless, these kinds of counter depth refrigerators can have a lot of shelves inside the freezer section as well as in them. It is also a good idea for a family with amounts of kids. They enable you to store items such as other things and trays, pizzas which may be stored in a level that is set.

And there you have it! All you need to make the best counter-depth refrigerator pick from the mix. Remember to drop you comments and questions in the comments section below.


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