Best Electric Corded Weed Eater

As a homeowner, then you consistently desire your home to be in its very best shape. One way to get the target is maintaining a well-trimmed and attractive lawn. Cutting buds may be difficult sometimes but due to the finest electric weed eaters the job is made a lot simpler. The prime purpose of a weed eater is to cut grass in locations where a large driveway on generators can not access. Additionally, it cuts thick weeds along with information on your yard. It trims all grass on uneven and steep terrains or close to objects inaccessible by other equipment.

A bud trimmer will help you to trim up sidewalks and yards. It keeps your borders nicely trimmed and weed-free. You don’t need to sweat at the thought of mowing your lawn. With the weed trimmer, it takes you a few minutes to have your whole yard clear. If you have an issue with bending due to a back problem; you can comfortably eliminate weeds utilizing an electrical adapter.

Things to Look For When Investing in a Weed Eater

Buying the ideal trimmer can be difficult particularly if you are a clueless first time user. To get informed decisions before you dedicate your dollars into buying the equipment, it is possible to make use of the weed whips reviews. Select a series trimmer that is affordable, easy-to-maintain and that includes a fantastic cover.

Depending upon how big your yard is, choose equipment which can comfortably manage the region. Taking a look at the several types of electric weed wacker or corded and electric trimmers is crucial.

Type of Weed Eater Heads

The versions are divided into three basic classes based on their lineup feed layout:

Bump Feed

This is just a simplified technique made from series advancement. You have the hands on just how much line is always to be used. You’re able to quickly repair it in case of any breakdown. If used consistently, the line wears out calling for an upgrade.

Automatic Feed

Its mechanism is just like that of a bulge head. It however, utilizes a line spinning engine instead of manual effort on your own part. As you never need to confirm the line, your main focus is really on the job you’re doing. You get to perform your work quicker while you need not tamper with the line of this trimmer. If it happens to break, then replacing that of the automatic feed engine can end up being difficult.

Fixed Head

It makes use of different lengths online that you simply screw-thread into the trimmer, one at a time as you desire them. Ideal for commercial trimmers and comes with a thick, strong string that doesn’t degrade immediately. The tool doesn’t crack often.


Make sure your equipment is ready and safe to use. Put on protective clothing if you’re utilizing the electric weed whacker. Remember to shield your ears from the noise, although electric whackers have minimal noise.

Aspects to Consider when Purchasing an Electric Trimmer

Battery and Power

Things you need to consider before choosing: the power output of this electric string trimmer. In case it is a corded weed eater, go for one that has high amps. For the cordless grass eaters, select the versions with high-definition batteries. For a weed eater to cut tough weeds and grass, it needs much power. Take your time assessing and comparing corded and cordless trimmers to observe the most effective. Consider the size of your yard and also the type of grass growing on your yard.

If your lawn is small, a trimmer that requires an extension cord can get the job done for you. However, it may not work if your yard is large. Utilizing a cable is also of significant benefit. No worries about replacing the battery every now and then. However, a cordless grass trimmer would be your better option when your yard is substantial because it gives you unlimited mobility.

Design of the Trimmer

You need to inspect the condition of the weed eater handle for ergonomic augmentation. Ensure that the bulk is spread evenly. A few models have unwanted weight on top. The controllers need to be smooth and simple to access. The rotating shaft is the part that transfers power from the motor into the lines which cut the grass. The units with straight shafts have an even far more critical reach.

They are able to quickly get under shrubs and trees. If you are tall, then this type of shaft is ideal for you. Models with curved shafts are lighter and easily portable. You ought to check whether the weed trimmer includes an adjustable length of this rotating shaft. An acceptable shaft is one you can customize into a degree in which you will comfortably do the job.

A well-positioned shaft makes it easier for one to generate an accurate cut on your sidewalks and at an appropriate angle. Since safety is vital, weed trimmers having straight bottoms to provide you with enough distance from the work. This ensures you are safe. Ensure that the newcomer switch is at a position in which it can not turn off or on inadvertently.

String Features

You should also think about whether the trimmer is not difficult to re-string and that it has great line-feed abilities. Check the width of the very path too. It must have broad enough width to clean large areas using one sweep. But lean for you to use in tight spaces. The common cutting path is 13.5 inches wide. In addition you will have to test an even mix of single and dual-feed lines.

A single-line head is enough for some types of yards. The double line gives you more exceptional cutting edge capability. For this reason, it will come in handy for tough grass or weeds.


Don’t miss the effect of mass when you are choosing your weed trimmer. It’s also wise to put into account the overall weight of the apparatus for portability. A machine that won’t weigh down on you will help you work for longer hours and in a huge area. But it’s unusual to find a battery powered weed eater that’s enormous in weight


If you’re trying to find a supreme quality trimmer, then go for one that offers you an elongated warranty. Most industries’ standard warranty for the electric weed eater is one year. You should consider the ones that meet or exceed this standard. Additionally, be sure that the manufacturer provides after-sale services and that it has reliable customer services.

Now that you’ve gone through the aspects to consider, you’re better placed to go through a list of the greatest electric weed eaters.

1. WORX WG163 GT 3.0

WORX GT 3.0 is a weed eater that is light in weight and also features a wheeled edger. It features two hardy 20V MaxLithium batteries. It also has an innovative Command Feed bolt system for immediate line feeding. You are not going to have excess downtime trying to nourish the series. The WORX GT 3.0 String Trimmer & Wheeled Edger permits you to work smarter, not harder. Your yard will develop into the neighborhood envy with this particular gadget.

In addition, the GT 3.0 features a range of intuitive adjustments that accommodate you and your own landscape. The rubber twin wheel set guides and supports your edging for blank lines and professional results in every moment.


WORX is a grass trimmer as well as an edger with Command Feed. It includes a 20V of MAX Lithium-Ion battery power. The WG163 offers additional power significance so that the device will run for longer. Presently, the GT 3.0 features a command feed button to automatically extend the lineup as you’re working. Now you only need to press on the command feed and keep on with work without any stopping.

Trimmer layout

A quick release trigger lever is convenient for making easy height adjustments into the telescopic shaft for control and comfort. The trimmer head works using a pull plus twists to lock and convert to edging. The features to convert the trimmer into an edger or even mini-tower in seconds. It has an Innovative Control Panel bolt system to get instant lineup feeding. It has an adjustable grip for optimum comfort and control.

The telescopic shaft adjusts to the user’s height and the positional 90-degree leaning shaft orients the cutting edge head for the slopes and hard-to-reach locations. String affirms the 12 inch lower diameter means more trimming in almost no time. The cordless trimmer converts to an edger in minutes. It’s dual-positioned in-line wheels help for making clean cuts.

Take a look at the Worx WG117 trimmer for an alternative.


The machine weighs only 5.3lbs. Therefore, it is light and mobile.


The device comes with a 3 Year Warranty & 30-Day money-back Guarantee.


DEWALT is a new name known for making high-tech gear. DEWALT DC weed trimmer is optimized in layout by DEWALT. The bump feed head stipulates a 13-inch swath using 0.080 lines. It’s a high-efficiency brushless engine which maximizes the runtime and life of this engine.


The 56V brushless chain trimmer works on a 20V Max lithium-ion battery. The rechargeable battery will provide you a runtime enough to do your own home yard. If your yard is large, you will be better off with more than one fully charged battery to enable you to operate continuously.

Trimmer Design

The series trimmer is not difficult to govern, and the user may comfortably use it. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic design that maximizes control and minimizes stress.

String features

Dewalt Model uses 0.080 double lines. The DEWALT DCST920P1 comes with a bulge feed. In comparison to other models, it is relatively smaller however features a 13 inches wide cutting swath. Additionally, it includes varying speed which enhances control.


Dewalt is well balanced and weighs 8.5pounds.


The item has a limited warranty of three years.

3. GreenWorks 21212

GreenWorks 21212 corded electric weed eater is most suitable for a little to midsize yards. It is light and easy to deal with. It has an automatic string feed system and also the shaft that can be rotatable. The automatic feed system helps make it much easier for your trimmer to modify into an edger easily. Whenever you purchase the device, the ability cord is usually not included within the package.

GreenWorks 21212 is a cordless series trimmer with 4 amp electrical motors. It has a cutting swath of 13-inches; the engine produces the dual strings which blows through the thick grass effortlessly.

Power and Battery

GreenWorks 21212 is really a cordless strand trimmer with 4 amp electric motors. It works well with a 20V lithium battery. The engine gets the dual strings cuts through the thick growth easily.

Trimmer Design

It is possible to customize and adjust the corded electric weed eater to meet your requirements. It has a telescoping shaft that enables you to enhance the span to various spans. You could also change the additional handle. It is light and easy to deal with. You may convert the string trimmer to become an edger by rotating the shaft and adjusting it.

String Features

The 13-inch cut route Features a 0.065 dual line auto-feed and adjustable auxiliary handle.


It’s light and simple to deal with. Handling quite a few 5.2 lbs is easy.


The corded electric weedeater includes a four-year warranty.


The BlackDecker lst136w 40v max lithium cordless electric weed-eater LST136W is one of the most effective cordless weed trimmers in the market. The cordless electric weed eater comes with an Electricity Drive Transmission. The transmission produces an excellent power output signal for an engine powered with a battery. The feature gives it a greater performance when it comes to cutting weeds.

Additionally, it includes an Electricity Control dial which offers you the choice of selecting between maximum power and runtime. Your choice is dependent upon the kind of grass in your yard. In addition, it can help to conserve your battery life.

Power and Battery

Even the BlackDecker lst136w 40v maximum lithium works with a 36V lithium-ion battery or with a 40V Max* lithium-ion-powered battery. It’s zero carbon emissions so eco-friendly. You may put it to use with no interruptions even with the bumping and bolt modification, as a result of this Automatic Feed Spool. Depending upon the power setting, the battery runtime lasts between 30~50 minutes.

Trimmer Design

Even the BlackDecker lst136w 40v maximum lithium extends out of a weed eater to an edger by turning the shaft. It has an exceptional handle that gives you a firm grip. You’ll easily manoeuver through obstacles and desired plants in your own lawn.

String Features

The 13″ cutting edge is best suited for sidewalks, flowerbeds and trimming overgrowth along hedges.


The BlackDecker lst136w 40v max lithium cordless weed eater is mobile with a mass of 7.8 lbs.


This black and decker cordless electric trimmer has a three-year warranty.

5. Toro 51480 Corded

Toro’s 5A String trimmer/edger is robust and durable. It’s a high-performing feature that makes it easier to keep up your yard. The 14-inch dual line cutting edge width will get the task done immediately. With a simple 1-step push button, the operator may convert to edging in minutes. The wheel guides the edger for precision trimming. As far as electric string trimmer evaluations, this one sits in the middle to high range. It is an electrical machine powered with a cord.

Power and Battery

It has a 5A motor and 120V current requirement. The voltage is powerful enough to handle long and thick grass weeds. It has an auto-feed system with an implication that the line will automatically dispense when you desire more. For more convenience, the Toro version includes one button that switches it out from trimmer to edger. The weed eater doesn’t depend on battery lifetime. Therefore, you may have a longer runtime for lawns near an electric supply.

Trimmer Design

It has an easy-to-adjust handle for additional balance and comfort. Whenever you pull the trigger, then the trimmer mechanically adjusts the line to the perfect cutting length. The aluminium shaft is sturdy and durable to withstand any stresses during trimming. With an easy push button, the trimmer extends to an edger in moments. The guide wheel will help you roll smoothly and averts scalping. Push the button to turn to trim.

String Features

The line is 0.065 in diameter with a 1.65millimeters double line. The facet raises your cutting edge swath for a higher output signal.


It weighs 7.5 lbs and might not be comfortable for users with low physical ability. However, for anyone who has used a weed trimmer previously, this really can be a perfect match.


The maker provides you with 2 years of limited warranty.


The Black & Decker MTE912 is an innovative 3-in-1 weed-eater. It serves as a trimmer, edger, and also mower. You receive three sorts of landscaping functions in a single compact tool. The device is really versatile and can be ideal for homes with small yards of up to 1,200 square feet. It’s also helpful for lawns with minor inclines or difficult-to-reach places. The MTE912 model may be the corded version, but it’s also available in a cordless model. You may select the most suitable one for the yard.

Power and Battery

The 6.5A motor offers optimum performance. Gear Drive transmission averts bogging down. The Simple conversion rotational projecting automatic feed system ensures continuous work without bumping.

Trimmer Design

The 12-inch cutting thread trimmer has a gear-driven transmission to maintain a steady speed which won’t bog down while you are working. The Automobile Feed System offers a lightweight, ergonomic design with adjustable handles and height. This ensures that you are comfortable while trimming.

String attributes

The 3-N-1 includes a durable power base deck using four wheels. The deck overlooks a 12″ cutting swath. A foot pedal discharge allows for quick removal and insertion of this trimmer/edger because you go from mowing to trimming or edging. The mower deck also features two height adjustment options that raise or lower all 4 wheels.


The Black & Decker MTE912 weighs 13.1 lbs, and you can comfortably use it.


It has a two-year limited warranty.

7. GreenWorks 21142

The Green Works 21142 has an auto-feed with a flexible handle. It provides rate, efficiency and is simple to regulate. The power cord isn’t included in the buy. Therefore, you have to purchase your cable separately. Instantly you switch it on, it starts if you want to get moving. This weed-eater is affordable and at the exact identical time quite practical. It’s acceptable for a property with a small to medium sized yard. You might also utilize it frequently as you want. The cable is convenient for maximum safety.

Power and Battery

Powerful 10A motor with direct shaft and 0.080 double line bulge feed. The engine has low noise and vibration. The features allow you to get a nice cut.

Trimmer Design

It’s a direct shaft, which comprises a Four-cycle engine optimization. The rotating shaft is adjustable to accommodate your height.

String Features

It’s a broad cutting diameter measuring 13″. The extended cutting course helps speed up the trimming process. The lightweight rotating head and simple electric start button with cable lock feature are essential for safety.


It weighs 5.2lbs. Because of this, it is suitable for users without the physical capacity of operating and holding more massive devices for a long time.


It has a four-year warranty.


The BLACK+DECKER GH900 14″ is a 6.5-amp cordless series trimmer and edger. It is constructed with a lightweight, ergonomic design and style. It has adjustable height and a pivoting handle, making it more comfortable to use and control. It’s a more 2-in-1 easy conversion-wheeled edging. You merely have to rotate the wheel to convert from trimmer to edger. For straighter and cleaner engine effects, the Smart Edge style gives guidance and accuracy.

This electric weedeater is affordable. With a broad cutting edge radius, a great deal of flexibility and power, the multi-functional trimmer is the best.

Power and Battery

The Black & Decker GH900 electric bud cutter includes a 6.5A engine and higher torque transmission. This is sufficient to give maximum performance as you are working through the toughest weeds and grass. The Ability Drive Transmission prevents dense weeds and grass from getting stuck in the machine.

Trimmer Design

It’s possible to adjust the rotating shaft to various heights, as it moves, which makes it simpler for you to trim weeds. It does well on overgrown grass before turning it into edging mode. The single wheel allows you to move it along as you are edging your yard. Additionally, it includes a double-wheel design that retains stability.

String Features

It has a 14-inch cutting edge path which is broad enough to do better than many machines.


It weighs 5.5 lbs and hence is mobile and user-friendly.


This corded electric weed eater has a warranty of up to two years.

9. GreenWorks Pro ST80L210 80V

GreenWorks Guru 80V System offers a variety of commercial grade tools for professionals and those who desire to have more power. This 16-inch cordless string trimmer comes with a front mount engine for versatile use. The double line bump feed head quickly blows throughout your yard. It works with an 80V battery that gives it a trustworthy runtime.

Power and Battery

It sports a brushless motor, which ensures performance and power. It has a strong battery making work far more manageable. Compatible batteries now incorporate a 2Ah along with 4Ah battery and rapid charger. The 2Ah battery charges in 30 minutes and you get straight back to complete your job. The 4Ah battery charges in 1 hour. Fully-charged 80V 2Ah has up to 45 minute’s run time.

Trimmer Design

The straight aluminium shaft offers balance and ergonomics while trimming. Variable speed makes for accurate control over cutting power.

String features

Lightweight and more comfortable to use, it has a variable speed trigger for power on demand, 14/16-inch trimming path. It takes a string of 0.080 diameter bulge feed and also die cast gearbox for durability.


It weighs 9.8lbs and can be used for heavy-duty jobs which take a longer period to finish.


The application has a 4-year warranty as well as 2-year battery warranty.

10. Remington RM115ST Lasso

This Remington rm115st 55A electric trimmer is just a corded electric trimmer also performs both as a trimmer and an edger. The straight shaft measures 15 inches. It’s ideal for smaller yards with all the edging wheel providing simpler and faster trimming. In addition, it has a massive debris shield to divert clippings on the way.

Power and Battery

The 5.5A engine is excellent for cutting low lying weeds but is unable to trim thinner and taller weeds. It has unlimited work time since it is electric. You simply require a long cable and electricity source near your lawn.

Trimmer Design

It has a 15-inch shaft which has a button used for the release mechanism. The shaft releases for storage reasons. The rotating shaft uses telescopes to adjust based upon the height of this user. This self-evident chain trimmer requires a line measuring 0.065-inches. The thread is somewhat usable for its planned use.

String Features

It’s cutting width additionally measures 14-inches. The cutting edge is much broader than most electric weed whackers.


The Remington rm115st 55amp electric trimmer weighs only 8.5 lbs. Compared to other electric models, it is relatively more massive.


It includes a two-year warranty.

Electric Weed Eater Buyers Guide

Often Asked Questions

Q: How good are electric weedeaters?

Ans: To answer this question, we’ll look at the pros and cons of battery powered weed eaters.


They cause minimal contamination to the atmosphere. They have been still light. For this reason, you may use them smoothly without using a lot of energy. They are noiseless while you are working. It is tricky to come to an end of power mid-way work, therefore you should use corded trimmers.


The length of the rotating shaft or cord restricts your movement. Not practical for commercial use, because power equipment can be undependable. They have a deficiency in brush cutting options.

Q: Can it be feasible for directly shaft weed eaters to use blades?

A: It all depends on the model you have. Some models enable one to use an alternative head with a blade. But in the majority of the standard models, you cannot replace the series using a blade.

Q: How does a Weed-eater work?

A: Trimmers use this rapid turning microfilament string. The cable gets rigid and effective for cutting weeds and grass. This exceptional line may slice through grass without damaging hard surfaces or anything ornament on your garden. You’ll find electric, gasoline trimmers and battery-powered engine string trimmers.

Q: What are just some of the steps that you should take whenever using your electric weed eater?

A: You first must look at the power cable before you plug it in the primary power source in order to avoid electrocution. Cover any exposed wires using electrical tape. It’s also advisable to check into a different part. Ensure they are in the ideal working condition. To avoid getting injured by flying debris, raise your system just a little bit from the earth as you are cutting. It will help to keep the line from coming back into contact with any substances on the ground.

Put the guard in such a way that it will guard you. However, most trimmers do have a shield.

When trimming your garden, don’t allow the cutting head to rub off the bottom. Fix the line’s distance from the bottom to avoid the line from rubbing the floor.


You are currently best-equipped to pick the ideal weed trimmer for your own lawn. Every one of the primers is unique. For this reason, you have an array of options to pick from. Electric bud eaters are usually small, light, and simple to deal with. Whatever version you decide to get, always check for safety measures – details many buyers discard.

You will save costs on fuel. The devices are also eco-friendly since they don’t emit fumes. Electric chain bud eaters will also be noise and vibration-free. If you are sensitive to pollution, a power weed whacker can be the best choice.

Expert’s Tip

Whether you are a casual or even a confident swimmer, you should always put on protective clothing. While working, use the protector since it has some positive aspects. It is possible to detach it in case you would like to make use of more line to eradicate the weeds in your yard more effectively. But you need only do this at your risk and also if you are sure about your environment.

First timers should take note. When you’re through with your work, you should clean the weedeater. Avoid storing while it’s clogged-up and soiled at all costs.

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