Best Electric Smoker Under $300

Best Electric Smoker Under $300

The Very Best Smoker Under $300

Have you ever wanted to make your smoked meat, vegetables, cheese or even nuts? But do not want the hassle and mess of fire-based smokers. Where you reside, having a flame is not an option, electrical smokers may be the answer to your issue.

If you’re trying to find a smoker there are a number of important details to consider. One of the most crucial ones is that maybe perhaps not all electric smokers have been created equal. Follow along as we discuss some aspects of electrical smokers before purchasing your own. Join us as we help eliminate the smoke out of the eyes.

General Overview of the Finest Electric Smoker under $300

Have you ever smelled the mouthwatering aroma of smoked meat, then tasted melt into your mouth glistening smoked brisket or maybe had to desire to smoke your very own high-end cheese or perhaps salts?

Perhaps you live someplace where a live-fire isn’t an option, or you do not need the hassle of visiting the traditional BBQ pits. If this is true then an electrical smoker could be your best friend.

When it comes to smoking there are things you need to think about prior to purchasing your own smoker. A few of these are:

  • What type of smoker is most appropriate for you?
  • What size smoker do you need?
  • Is it analog or does it have a thermostat?
  • Is the body insulated?
  • Does this include a water pan?
  • Can it be a smoker that is cold or hot?
  • What kind of food will you be smoking in it?
  • How many racks are contained?

Let’s demystify the answers and help find the smoker for you.

Different Kinds of Electric Smokers

There are basically two types of electric smokers or let’s be more specific. There are two styles of smokers that are run by two different heating systems. The heating systems are known as digital and analog. The layouts are referred to as Vertical and Cabinet smokers. Each has its own merits.

Analog Smoker

An Analog smoker has what is referred to as a controller. A rheostat is a mechanism that limits and controls the quantity of electricity that is permitted to run to the heating element from the device. This is similar to what we’ve got on an electric skillet, with moderate, large and low setting.

A rheostat-controlled smoker does not enable you to decide on a particular temperature. Let us be clear. How it works is that the rheostat sends power to the heating element which determines the temperature in the smoker. Would be the quantity of meat indoors and the weather conditions and temperature.

By way of instance, carrying a couple of large ducks on a wonderful sunny day and afterwards putting a few Cornish hens on a cold windy day. You will have 2 different temperatures even though your smoker is put in the same setting.

Since it will take some time to learn its own settings and your smoker, this can be a disadvantage for some. One of the perks of going with an analog smoker is that it is relatively more affordable than a thermostatic smoker. Having less specialized parts not only is it simpler to run, but it is also typically dependable and had less to fail with it fewer repairs or mechanical failures.

Digital Smoker

A notebook computer controls a digital smoker. A thermostat understands exactly what the temperature will be inside your smoker and controls the amount of electricity going to the heating element in order to maintain a stable temperature inside based on what you have set it in. This is comparable to what you’d find in your over. Place the temperature and it’s done.

Digital smokers could be more expensive than an analog smoker that is controlled. Nevertheless it permits you to have control over the warmth indoors. This is a factor that is really significant.

Vertical Water Smokers

Vertical water smokers are smokers that have water pans that you are able to fill with beer, water, soda pop, or whatever liquid it is that you plan to utilize to impart warmth and flavor to your own meat. The use of a water smoker also permits to allow the smoke to penetrate deeper into the beef.

Water bowls or pans are put between the meat along with the heat source. The bowl of fluid gradually evaporates in addition to catches the drippings, keeping them. You’ll find water smokers with digital and analog controls.

Smokers can be kept at temperatures approximately 220 degrees. You should always check the truth of your smoker using an oven thermometer or similar thermometer. It is possible to in weather help make sure it does remain with the addition of ice cubes into the water tray.

Cabinet Smokers

Cabinet smokers will be box-shaped similar to a little refrigerator and frequently have three to four racks to place your meat or food around. They have a heating element that is in the bottom of the cupboard that heats the cupboard for. Here is something that is determined by if you’ve got regulated smoker or an analog.

Cabinet smokers are quite popular whatever control process is used. They are flexible, easy to use and wash. They are capable of smoking and cooking a variety of meats like fish, sausage, nuts, veggies, and cheese.

Components of an Electric Smoker

Now that we’ve discussed smokers’ varieties let us look at the components involved. Not every smoker has the same components so keep that in mind as we look into what creates an electric smoker.

  • Smoker Body.
  • Digital Controller Pad.
  • Water Bowl.
  • Wood Chip Bowl W/Lid.
  • Drip Tray.
  • Smoker stand

There are some diverse styles for you. These are even a water electrical smoker, bullet, or even the cabinet.

The cabinet as mentioned previously looks like a refrigerator or even a box with various racks. Has door accessibility to place your meat and wood chips. These come with either glass doors or ones.

A bullet electrical smoker is a vertical smoker that’s cylindrical shaped. Your meat is accessed by you through the very top by lifting off the lid. They come on which to place your meat with 2 racks. The front has a receiver to put your wooden chips without needing to lift the lid remove your meat.

A Water Electric Smoker has a vertical body. Cylindrical using a lid on top where you get your meat. The smoker has two side doors inside the body to get water and wood processors.


You may have temperature controls of some kind. You might have analog controllers and placing your smoker is just as simple as placing it on top, medium or low. If you have a thermostatically controlled smoker then you will be able to regulate the temperature by setting it to some certain degrees setting.

Some smokers come with timers that allow you to put the timer. When the timer is up then the gadget will automatically shut off.

Water Bowls

Is it true that your version comes with a water pan or bowl or the option to use one? Most do, this allows you to provide moisture to your meat with various liquids, beer, water and so on. This is an amazing advantage as it allows you to give moisture in your cupboard or bullet. Try using pops such as root beer or cola for meat that is yummy. It is also possible to add spices to the water to add flavor, sage, bay, peppercorns, cinnamon sticks and cloves are only a few that you could try out adding to your water to get a special taste profile.

Drip Tray

A drip tray helps stop messes from happening in the base of your smoker. Make sure your version has one or has the capability to house a single in the unit.

Wood Chips and Smoking

If it comes to smoking let us face you will find as many distinct smoke combinations, fries, thoughts, and comments on which timber is best to smoke with as you will find chili cooks.

During the centuries smoke has been used to help preserve meat. In this day and age smoking is much more commonly used to add flavor.

Some wood chips for smoking are Hickory, Pecan, Apple Mesquite and Maple. It is fascinating how some wood goes much better with specific types of meat. Somewhat like wine red wine goes with beef.

It’s possible to find wood chips in a number of places that are different. Often they will be carried by your local stores like Menards or Home Depot even grocers may have them. If you would like to skip the hassle and figure work here are a few that are available online.

Go right ahead and try combining the various types of wood chips to come up with your own blend of smoke. I have often used apple maple and walnut to produce poultry. If you like a feeling of adventure in cooking that the sky is the limit here. I have used cherry and hickory on pulled pork. It really is a user preference. I love to have fun with flavors and see what I end up with.

When the instructions are followed by using wood chips according to a smoker to ensure proper safety.

Hot or Cold Smoke Electric Smokers Under $300

First things first, do you need a hot one or even a cold smoker? A debate is about warm smoking versus cold smoking.

Cold Smoking

Back in the afternoon before individuals had refrigerators people would cold smoke their meats at the smokehouse, usually late in the year if temps were reduced. There is a lot more that goes into cold smoking meats than just hanging it at the smoker though.

Together with curing agents meat would need to be put in brine or coated in salt. For cold smoking, individuals would hang the meat. There would be a fire chamber far enough out with a chimney or pipe visiting the smokehouse. This was to make sure that the smoke going in was trendy.

The smoke coming out of this pipe would be colder than 90 levels. The meat was not cooked at the smokehouse. It was cured and smoked to help give a longer shelf life to enable individuals to have meat during the long winter and outside.

When it comes to smoking there is an associated health hazard if done incorrectly. I will not go into the pros and cons or the way to do it. There is lots of literature on the topic by those with far more expertise on the topic.

A cold smoker is required, however, if you do wish to smoke to preserve your own smoked sausage or fish or smoker put in on.

That said there are items such as cheese, vegetables, legumes, salt, nuts, and eggs that can be chilly smoked with little to no problems and therefore so are better suited to becoming cold-smoked instead of hot flashes. Smoked cheese is divine and smoked salt is a fun way.

Hot smoking means the food is smoked and cooked in the identical time. It has been retained at temperatures over the danger zone in. This is basically the direct opposite of smoking.

Smoking Temperatures

Most of the meats that you are smoking in your electric smoker cooking and will be smoking at temperatures of 225 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to consult your versions instructions for the proper cooking times and temperatures.

Maintaining Moisture

In order to maintain moisture from your smoker, it is crucial to maintain water in the water pan. This will help to provide moisture into the meat when the water from the pan is heated steam is created by it. Nobody likes to consume dried out meat. Using a water pan can also permit the smoke to penetrate deeper into the meat allowing a more smoky flavor.

Tracking Temperatures

Electric smokers have been constructed to supply constant heat throughout the cooking period. Some smoker units have a built-in shut off timer which stops the smoking process. Models have directions concerning the number of chips to utilize.

What to Smoke With Your Electric Smoker

What to smoke? I say what to smoke! An entire plethora of food cans open up to smoke. Cheese is just one. Can you imagine smoking your homemade Gouda or Cheddar? Why stop there? Try even or some Mozzarella Brie, Swiss, Monterey jack and even Gruyere. I can taste mouthwatering French onion soup with smoked Gruyere. Ooh, la la!

Not only are you able to smoke, but it is also possible to smoke eggs, vegetables, salt, and nuts. You can smoke cheese and macaroni. The possibilities are infinite if you do not mind experimenting and love experiences.

Separate Meats to Smoke

About any kind of meat could be eaten but a few are better suited than others to smoking. All these are the top ten greatest beans for smoking, Pork Butts, Pork Picnic Shoulder, Pork Ribs, Pork Chops, Chuck Roast, Brisket, Beef Ribs and Tri-Tips. Don’t forget about chicken, turkey and fish simply because they don’t rank at the top ten doesn’t signify that they are not smoking. You can smoke bacon and ham. I mean have you considered making your own stuffed chicken breasts cooked and smoked to perfection? My mouth is watering at the thought of it.

Pros and Cons of Electric Smokers

Let’s be honest. When compared to conventional fire pit smoking, there is no comparison. There just isn’t. That being said not everyone has the time to spend tending a BBQ for hours and hours, and not everyone can have fires where they live. Then again perhaps you simply don’t need the annoyance of everything. So let’s examine the pros and cons of smokers.


  • Functional in Cold and Windy Weather — Cabinet design smokers can be used in cold and windy conditions. I would not advise using any electrical smoker in the rain since it is powered by electricity.
  • Easy to Use — With temperatures and times that are smoking. They are built to offer smoke and consistent heat.
  • Easy Lighting — Without a fire involved, you just plug it in and place the smoker to desired settings.
  • Simple to Maintain – Many smokers are easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Great for Small Desert — Ideal size for households of 2-6 people.
  • Easy Heating and Cooling — Using knobs or controls that are digital that these are simple by setting controls at settings that are predetermined to heat. Smoking is easy with simple to fill containers, and the option to shut smoking with a timer off on specific models.
  • Good for Apartment Dwellers — Maybe not having a live-fire empowers apartment and condominium dwellers the capacity without breaking the rules to smoke their own food.


  • Not Exactly The Same as Fire Smoked – Electric Smokers don’t supply exactly the smoky profile you expect to see from different types of smoking, particularly heavy smoke bark and ring.
  • Restricted Ability — Some smokers are built to provide quantities of smoked meat or food and aren’t built to hold huge cuts of beef.
  • Electronic Failure –Like anything item, there is the risk that parts can fail at some point in the smoker’s life.
  • Not created for Large Crowds — Electric smokers don’t have the dimension ability to serve large audiences.

Greatest Electric Smoker Under $300

Masterbuilt 20070411 30-Inch Top Controller Electric Smoker

This smoker is the real definition of beauty and performance. Its features provide you with an advantage, and as a matter of fact, have landed this apparatus top of this listing of the smokers. Its capacity of approximately 2 square feet and its control feature guarantee that the user enjoys the entire smoking and grilling procedure. It sports the remote is inaccessible. It also comes with a water pan that’s great for adding flavor to a barbecue and it offers side loading wooden chips which make smoke’s production easier and less cumbersome. Following are a few of its features.


  • Dimension: 33 by 18.5 by 19.5 Inches.
  • Weight: 49.9 Lbs.
  • Features 4 racks.
  • Electrically operated.
  • Power consumption: 800 Watts.
  • Enables side-loading wood processors.
  • Features a grip and rear wheels for ease of motion.
  • Features a removable drip pan along with a high air damper.
  • Includes an RF Remote Control.
  • Features an integrated thermostat and temperature probe for simpler control of temperatures between 25 and 100 Degrees F more even cooking.


  • Simple to Use.
  • Convenient.
  • Versatile.
  • Easily mobile.
  • Large enough.


  • It’s not advisable to use it inside.

Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker

It is close to the norm that cost corresponds to quality but this doesn’t hold for your Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker. Going at excellent features, it has come to be the most loved blower under $200. Its 3 temperature settings, 3 cooking grids, side handles and its steel water pan make it convenient, effective and productive. Below are some:


  • Dimensions: 16 by 14 by 30 Inches.
  • Weight: 47.8 Pounds.
  • Attributes 3 Chrome-plated cooking grids.
  • Offers 3 temperature settings.
  • Comes with 2 side handles for easier transportation.
  • Attributes a wood-chip box for the creation of smoke.
  • Includes a steel water pan with Porcelain-coating.
  • Features a magnetic door latching system.


  • Simple to Use.
  • Versatile.
  • Large capacity.


  • Doesn’t have wheels movement is limited to being raised from one place to another.

Masterbuilt 20070512 40-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker

Electrical smokers are made with red meat in mind. Unlike meats that may be smoked in any smoker, poultry meat is soft and doesn’t need a good deal of warmth to cook. The Masterbuilt idea of this as a drawback to the smoking and grilling of poultry and Created all the Masterbuilt 20070512 40-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker. Going at roughly $344.82, this particular culinary equipment has great qualities to offer its customers. You are at liberty to make any modification merely to ensure a perfect result. You might also choose to smoke your food thanks to the Radio Frequency Remote Control; at the comfort of the seat. Have a peek at the qualities that make it the ideal bargain for the dollar particularly for Smoked Turkey fans.


  • Dimensions: 41.3 by 24.6 by 18.3 Inches.
  • Weight: 72.2 Lbs.
  • Ability: 975 Square Inches.
  • Features a 1200 Watts heating component that has Complete Foam insulation.
  • Comes with 4 racks.
  • Can be controlled using the RF Remote Control.
  • Has a LED display that makes it a lot easier to create readings of temperature and time in direct sunshine.
  • It has an internal light that makes using it in areas that are shadowy easier.
  • Characteristics wheels and a handle for easier portability.
  • Includes a wood chip loading program with simpler operation.
  • Features a front-access drip pan.


  • Well insulated.
  • Substantial capacity.
  • Simple to Use.
  • Easier setting and monitoring of temperature through its digital thermometer.
  • Easily portable.


  • A power cord that connects to an electricity socket for direct plugging.

After careful and comprehensive analysis and market study, the smokers reviewed above have been proven to be the most reliable, successful and resilient smokers of the time. The features, simplicity of use and the convenience they provide have not discovered these smokers a place in culinary enthusiasts’ hearts, but also in their yards and patios. All these are for every family.

Old Smokey Electric Smoker

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is an electrical smoker. It surely makes up for this in numerous ways, while it may not win any awards.

Being a vertical smoker that you access the smoker through the very best. It has two racks with handles enabling you to easily get a grip on these to lift out.

One of its amazing features is that no water is required. The level tight-fitting lid allows trapped moisture to drop back down the meat making it moist and tender throughout the smoking and cooking process.

The smoker has handles to let you easily move it into place or out of place to place.

The Old Smokey is thermostatically controlled and also contains adjustable controllers allowing for a vast range of temperatures as large as 300 degrees celsius. This smoker will not get really hot so keeping kids whenever it’s usage is critical.

Smokehouse Little Chief Front Load Smoker

The Little Chief Front Load Smoker has definitely earned a spot in the top ten electric smokers out there. Smokehouse Products came out in 1968 back with the first Little Chief Smoker. Still going strong this smoker is a genuine American-made smoker.

This smoker is wonderful for fish and jerky. Its capacity is one of the reasons. Let us be real clear here. This is a genuine smoker, not a toaster and smoker. If you’re doing meats this can be smoking, a 2 stage procedure or where you want to complete cooking it.

When loaded and the door is in place you may check your chips or include more without having to open the doorway. The smoker is vented and is intended to leak outside smoke, this helps provide proper dehydration.

The Little Chief has no whistles and bells. The smoker stays a consistent 165 degrees. It includes 4 grills, also a dishwasher safe drip pan, a recipe booklet and complete directions and a 1.75 pound of Smokehouse Natural woodchips. It also has a two-year guarantee.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Smoker?

Temperature range and control

How high and low will the smoker allow you to proceed and just how precisely can you place the temperature. Also accurately will temperature is held by the smoker. Fluctuation of a few levels is normal but you don’t need a smoker which fluctuates a whole great deal in temperatures swings. It is much better to get it done in not 220 and 200 if a recipe says to smoke at 200 degrees. I’m sure you understand what I am talking about.


We already touched on the temperature fluctuation and controller in the point but let’s come back to it for a second. If you would like to find out what is going on within the smoker (is the meat already golden brown ) without losing temperature then you need to get a smoker model with a window at the front door. They aren’t that more costly and may make a significant difference in the end result of your own smoking.

Remote control

Appreciating the beverages with friends and do not need to leave the fun? Change the warmth or turn the smoker on or off from 100 feet away with a remote control. Not all models have it so make certain that you check the features.


This can be self-explanatory but you will want to take into consideration how many people you are likely to impress with your smoker. Just smaller groups or large family reunions. Also, check the number out.

Processor loader

Smokers enable you to incorporate wooden chips with no need for a delay.

According to the smoker guy, my friend Ted, thinking about where you’re likely to put and keep your own smoker, you will also wish to consider location matters. If you are intending to keep it around the patio, or out you might need an extension cable, and perhaps a cover.

With this review, we hope all your questions about the best electric smoker under $300 have been answered. Which would you be going for? Have we missed out on any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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