Best Self Defense Weapons at Home: Top 10 Non-Lethal List of 2019

The world is a dangerous place, and the only way to make sure you’re always safe is to be able to protect yourself without having to rely on local authorities or anyone for the matter is have this best self defense weapons at home. When it comes to self defense, preparation is key. If your life is on the line, almost any physical object can be used as a weapon for self defense at home. From a pen to a rolled-up magazine, if it’s not part of your body, it can be used as a shield, distraction, missile, or bludgeon.

Best Self Defense weapons at Home

When it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones, hesitation is your enemy and your mind is your most powerful weapon. Using your imagination to think of ways to defend yourself is going to keep you the safest. There are a few things to consider when using a weapon. Consider that, unless it is attached to you, the weapon could be taken from you and potentially used against you.

Below are the Best Self Defense Weapons at Home.

This list is not conclusive but it serves to open your mind to the possibilities available to you in your home.

1. Fire extinguishers as a home self defense weapon

Fire extinguishers can be used both as a blunt force object and a distance weapon. The chemical in the extinguisher is an eye irritant. Spray it in the face of the intruder and, while blinded, smack them very hard with the tank.

2. Using Baseball Bat as a weapon for self defense at home

A baseball bat is a great weapon for self defense, especially because they have some good weight and range to them making them a great weapon for warding off an incoming attacker.  No matter what part of the country you are from, chances are you’ve swung a baseball bat at some point in your life. And that across-the-board familiarity makes them a decent home security tool, because, while you may not know how to properly use a stun gun or pepper spray, a bat only requires you to swing it.

A good tip here is to use both hands to hold it with the bat being placed in front of your body. This helps you not waste time to get ready to use the weapon in a dangerous situation. The downside to baseball bats is that they may be too long.  If you have narrow hallways, or if you have to fight in a doorway, you basically can only swing down at your attacker.

The best type of baseball bat for self defense is the metal or aluminium baseball bat found on amazon because it hardly breaks.

3. Pepper Spray as a self defense weapon

Pepper spray is one of the most effective means of debilitating an oncoming attacker. Not only will the searing pain stop them dead in their tracks, but they’ll be temporarily blinded, as well. Pepper spray is an aerosol spray made out of peppers, it one of the best self defense weapon at home used by millions of people around the world.

This device can be effective in human-to-human encounters. Pepper spray is more of an irritant than a deadly weapon. It’s totally non-lethal, which saves you from emotional and psychological trauma, not to mention possible legal troubles.

Again, the pepper spray is easy to use, but you need to know the basics. First of all, you have to aim for the eyes. Second of all, it’s a good idea to test it before you actually have to use it. Just to make sure that you know how it works. Do it in an open space since the pepper can make your eyes and throat burn.

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There are different types and brands of pepper spray that you can use such as;

Salt Supply Pepper Spray

This pepper spray combines the intimidation factor of a handgun with the non-lethal stopping power of mace, this pepper spray fires rounds of powdered pepper spray up to 10 times the distance of traditional spray cartridges that create a chemical cloud upon impact. So, not only do the rounds impact your target at a rate of 320 feet per second, but they immediately envelop your target in chemical pepper spray. You can get the Salt Supply Pepper Spray on amazon or get the 4 Shot Compact Pepper Spray Gun on Amazon too

Sabre pepper spray

Sabre pepper spray can hit targets up to 10 feet away up to 35 times – meaning this isn’t in any way a single-use capsule. Not a bad investment for less than a Hamilton.

Limitations of using Pepper Spray

It’s important to understand the limitations of using pepper sprays as real-world self defense products. It seems that many people are under the impression that pepper spray can be used against a determined attacker. It cannot!

Pepper spray is great for security personnel to remove trespassers. There are many situations where a commercial entity doesn’t want to prosecute someone, you just want them to leave the property.

In a non-life and death situation, where an unarmed person is merely being belligerent but not deadly, pepper spray can be an effective tool for trained personnel.

But in the hands of an untrained person, the likelihood of pepper spray being deployed in a way that saves one’s life and the property is almost zero. Pepper spray should be thought of as a tool to defend property and should be used by trained personnel who have other means defend their lives, such as a backup firearm.

The downside of pepper spray is that you run the risk of getting it in your own eyes or on your own skin.  This can cause you some irritation.  While this is a serious concern outdoors, where a gentle breeze might be enough to blow some back at you, it’s less of concern inside your home.

4. Knives as Your Self Defense Weapon at Home

A metal blade is obviously one of the best most lethal self defense weapons at home that can be found in the home. Knives and other sharp things like ice picks, screwdrivers and pens can be used to poke holes into an intruder. The key to a successful defense with a sharp object is where you poke the holes. Deadly areas are the neck, chest and large arteries. Severely injurious targets are the abdomen and extremities. The secret with knives is that you have to be in complete control of them while in a self defense situation. However, if you pick up a knife, make sure you really understand what you intend.

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5. A Belt can also Serve as a Self Defense Weapon

Believe it or not, belts can actually make for a great home defense weapon in a pinch.  Wider leather is better, and the heavier the buckle, the more effective it will be.  A belt can obviously be used to strangle and incapacitate an intruder.  But it can also be used as a ranged weapon.  Grab the belt by the end without the buckle and swing it at the intruder.

The downside of using a belt in this manner is the same as a bat, but worse.  Swinging a belt around a tight space won’t be very effective.  However, if you’re in a more open space, like a room, then it can be extremely effective.

6. Stun gun for Your Self Defense Weapon

A stun gun is basically a fancy exposed battery that’s used to shock an opponent with electricity. If you don’t like the risks or the mess associated with pepper spray and you don’t mind getting a little up-close-and-personal with any potential home invaders, this stun gun is a very effective and inexpensive option. Many stun guns emit an electrical arc when the activation button is depressed. This can cause an intimidating crackle.

The crackle and flash alone are enough to ward off most danger, but the 53 million volts is sure to drop anyone brave enough to keep coming at you. The spiked electrodes are sharp enough to penetrate thick clothing and the shock plates on the sides of the unit will prevent assailants from trying to snatch it from you. And it features an LED flashlight and is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery. Here is our best pick on amazon.

7. Striker Flashlight as Your Home Self Defense Weapon

Maybe inflicting physical damage on an assailant isn’t in your wheelhouse or you’d rather just have something that will allow you to make a quick getaway. In that case, the M1X Striker Flashlight from Olight is a pretty solid option. Though it works great as an everyday carry flashlight, the Striker has some features that give it a leg up both tactically and as a self defense option. Namely, it has a burst mode which emits an astounding 1000 lumens, more than enough to temporarily blind anyone without eye protection.

It also has a strobe feature for consistent disorientation. And, in the case that you do need to take a swing to protect yourself, it features a toothed bezel for just such circumstances.

8. Tasers for Your Home Self Defense

A taser is a pistol with small barbs that are fire through pressurized air. These barbs coil out a very thin wire. If a shot hits its mark, the target will be connected to the device by two wires in an electrical current that can be applied by pulling the trigger. At this point, a very high-intensity electrical current is applied through the wires and into the barbs. This causes a painful electric shock, which causes the victim to fall to the floor and not be able to move for several seconds.

One of the benefits of using taser as your self defense weapons at home rather than pepper spray is that you won’t get back spray. They’re extremely debilitating too which means they’ll do the job.  The downside is that for tasers, you need to be able to reach your attacker, which means you have to get up close.  We found this Tasers amazing, check it out.

9. Tactical Pen for Self Defense

Tactical pens are just like they sound and are one of the best self defense weapons at home.  They are heavy-duty, pen-shaped metal objects that can be used in hand-to-hand fighting situations.  Some tactical pens open up and have a knife inside.  Others are designed to be used as a glass-break.  Some even have a bright LED flashlight inside.  Tactical pens are meant to be used to basically poke or stab your assailant.

The downside of tactical pens is similar to some of the other small weapons on this list.  They require you to get right up close to your attacker which can be really dangerous if they are more skilled in hand-to-hand combat than you are.

10. Keys can also Serve Self Defense Weapon

Car keys make a good improvised weapon.  You can make a fist around your keys leaving one or more sticking out between your fingers.  This makes your punches particularly impactful.  If nothing else, they work as a great projectile because of all of their jagged edges and their weight.

In addition to just keys, you can get one of many keychain weapons that go on your key ring and that are designed to be held in your fist and used as a weapon.  This one on Amazon is pretty versatile but doesn’t look like a weapon.  That makes it ideal for use as an everyday self defense weapon. Even if you just use your car keys, it might be enough to give you an advantage over your attacker.

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Other Best Self Defense Weapons at Home Includes;

  • Smaller blunt force weapons include items like a self defense key chain, an iron, pots, and pans, a can of food, hammer, lamp, and a glass bottle to name a few. These objects simply increase the force output of your attack while also relieving your fist from taking the pain of self defense.
  • Gardening tools like shovels, rakes, hoes and other metal-tipped long-handled objects are great for keeping some distance from an intruder. Poking and hitting work well with these tools.
  • Sporting equipment like bats, racquets and other long hard objects work great as blunt force weapons.
  • Footwear is an often overlooked self defense item. The hard heel of any shoe will work well as a blunt force weapon.
  • Distraction weapons are those items that are relatively harmless but are good for causing a distraction while trying to get to more dangerous or lethal weapons.
  • A blanket, towels or clothes can temporarily block the intruder’s vision while you break free to another area of the house or escape.
  • Spices like chilli powder, pepper or salt are all eye irritants. Though I do not expect you to always have a handful of chilli powder in your palm, I bring it up to help open your mind to possibilities. Sand and dirt fall into this category of self defense weapons as well.

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