Best Water Filter Pitcher 0f 2019

Having access to a water supply that is fresh is one of the fundamental human needs. But do you know how clean the water reaching your faucet is? In this article, we provide the best water filter pitcher of 2019 for you. We also explain why it’s far much better to work with a water purifier than drinking bottled water, and the advantages of drinking water that is filtered.

We have also prepared a few water filter pitcher reviews for you to look at. The models we introduce are far better than your average water filter, and a number of them are actually some of the best versions you’ll discover.

If you have no idea what to choose, although you wish to buy a water filter pitcher? You’ve come to the ideal location. We’re confident that after reading out water filter pitcher reviews along with the guide, you will be able to make an educated decision on one.

9 Best Water Filter Pitcher of 2019

1. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review -- 6 Filter & BPA-Certified
Best Water Filter Pitcher

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This is a water filter made with sustainability and durability in mind. The filter is produced in the USA, and it is made from 100 plastic. All of the materials are 100% recyclable. It is also fully accepted by the FDA.

One of the advantages of using this model is that the filters are somewhat more lasting than those made by the competition. The filters used by this version may outlast others.

Another advantage is that the filters are extremely good at removing contaminants. These contaminants include but are not limited to chlorine, fluoride, chromium, mercury, and chloramines.

This filter is effective at removing the contaminants in your water while maintaining healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium for a better tasting and healthier water.

All the filters employed with these versions are all recyclable. Once the filter has to be changed, you can get in touch with the manufacturer. You can use this label to send back the filter for recycling.


The filter cartridges used via this water pitcher filter are efficient. They are NSF-approved, plus they surpass the limitation.

The filters are certified and tested to decrease the copper and lead which may be floating in your water resource. The cartridge filter utilizes three filter components to eliminate the contaminants from the water, every one of them with a capacity that is filtering that is great.

The filters remove and may block a lot of contaminants. These contaminants include but are not limited to chromium, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, lead, mercury, and much more.

The tiniest filter layer in the capsule has pores. Particles larger than 2 microns will be removed from your drinking water. This really is a wonderful way to filter out all the contaminants from your water, and it is usually achieved solely by osmosis or even whole house water filters.

Contrary to other water filters, this one is capable of keeping useful minerals. The calcium and magnesium compounds won’t be blocked by the filter, which means you will have a higher nutrient consumption.

Filter Longevity

The cartridge filter has the capacity of filtering up to 150 gallons of water. This means that a single capsule filter will last for around two or three months, based on your water consumption.

You have to change it periodically. Once the filter is used up, the maker will help you recycle it. You will only have to send an email to the company and they’ll ensure that the filter is recycled properly.


  • Durable build and filters — The unit itself and the water filters are built to last, which means you’ll have the ability to use them.
  • Lifetime warranty for your pitcher — If any flaws are presented by the pitcher, while you are using it, or if it breaks, you can get in touch with the manufacturer to get a free replacement. This is a benefit, as you will be able to use the filter pitcher for a longer period
  • Powerful. This is one of the water pitcher filters to get when it comes to obstructing fluoride. This model is capable of eliminating up to 90 percent of the fluoride in your water source.


  • Slow filling time — The filter starts out with a filling time that gets diminished as the filters have been used.
  • Small pitcher — The pitcher has a maximum power of 0.5 g. This is a little capacity, and it ought to be raised to be effective, particularly the meeting period is slow.
  • No filter change reminder — This model doesn’t use any kind of attribute to remind you once it’s time. You need to remember to indicate the date if you would like to keep track of when to change it or install a new filter.

2. Invigorated pH RESTORE Water Filter Pitcher

Invigorated pH RESTORE Water Filter Pitcher

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This is an efficient water filter which is included with a filter. The filter is created out of micro-nets for chemical catching carbon from coconut shells, KDF, and a stone and ceramic blend.

The filters employed by this device can remove chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, bad smells, and odors, salts, and they will also inhibit bacteria growth. Since components like lead, arsenic, and other pollutants are being eliminated from the water, it’ll have a better flavor and it’ll be fitter for you.

Not only does this water filter eliminate contaminants from your water, but it is going to also add minerals that are beneficial. A higher intake of selenium, zinc, and calcium can be good for your wellbeing, so having them added to your water is great.

Due to the additional minerals, the water is also more alkaline, which makes it better for your wellbeing. This can improve your metabolism and aid in weight loss.

This version is superior to the previous ones. It’s an easy-to-fill system plus a digital gauge that will notify you when it is time to modify the filters.


This model employs a cartridge filter that is very efficient. The filter is covered with a particle grabbing net that will prevent most of the contaminants, like rust, silt, sand, or debris. It is going to reach the carbon filter after the water passes through the mesh.

The activated carbon filter is made out of coconut shell charcoal. This charcoal supplies an adsorption surface, so most of the contaminants from the water may attach themselves. This is an efficient way of removing chlorine, chloramines, and also any taste and odor that might impact the water.

The water reaches a rock and filter after passing through the carbon filter. This filter is extremely important to the filtration procedure because it will remove the majority of the heavy metals, what is left of the chlorine, and even some bacteria and other microorganisms in the water. This filter removes most of the arsenic, lead, and other contaminants which may be present from the water.


Filter and the stone have another function. Once the water is filtered, then it is going to add minerals such as selenium, magnesium, and calcium to it. The additional minerals will make the water healthier in just two ways. Including them increases the pH of your water, which makes it basic. Second, you will have a nutrient intake that will improve your metabolism.

This water pitcher filter will remove fluoride in the water, Though you will only locate this information on the manufacturer’s site.

This water filter pitcher includes a digital gauge that will notify you as soon as it is time.

Filter Capacity

This model’s filter cartridge has a capacity of 264 gallons each cartridge. Two capsules are contained so you ought to be prepared to wash at least 500 gallons of water before you have to buy a new one. Typically, a filter cartridge should last for approximately 3 – 4 months, based on your water consumption.


The full capacity of the pitcher is 1 gallon. But when you shut the lid that the highest filtered water capacity is 0.5 gallons. You must be aware that in the event you allow the pitcher to fill to this level it will spill.


  • Filter Change Reminder — You will know when it’s time. Contrary to other models that use a light detector to notify you as soon as it’s time to modify the filters, so this one uses a counter that counts the days until your next filter change.
  • Removes Fluoride — This water pitcher filter is capable of removing up to 20 percent of the fluoride in your water. While this might not sound much, it is more than just that which other models remove.
  • Two Filters Included — This warm water pitcher includes two cartridge filters. Should you give it a rating on Amazon you are able to receive a free water filter. It will mean you will have a fresh supply of filters for a year Although this is an insincere approach to promote the pitcher.


  • Bought Reviews — The maker offers you a totally free filter in case you rate the unit 5 stars, so its true rating will be reduced. This might seem like a good marketing idea, but a few folks will rate the device fairly
  • Water Spills — It will spill if you let the pitcher fill at its highest capacity. You must take care of it as it fills in your sink, or to not leave the pitcher fill unsupervised.
  • Day Counter Button Might Be Better. It is really difficult to press on.

3. Reshape Water Filter Pitcher — Using Fluoride Filter

Reshape Water Filter Pitcher -- Using Fluoride Filter

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This is a really good water filter and it supplies a wonderful value for your investment. The filter is made out of ABS plastic which is capable of managing a remedy from time to time. All of the materials have been accepted by the FDA and is BPA-free.

The filters utilized by this pitcher will remove the majority of the contaminants in your water resource. This is likely to make the water softer, but additionally, it will reduce its pH. That is why the filters go the extra step and include healthy alkalinizing minerals. This can rejuvenate the water’s pH around 9.5, and you will also gain from the health ramifications of the added minerals. Magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium have been added to the water, so it will have a similar structure to that of water.

The water filters are able to filter 79 gallons of water. This amount may be larger if your water source isn’t heavily contaminated.


Among the advantages of choosing this model is that it includes SGS-certified filters. This usually means the filters are all certified to eliminate the contaminants recorded, and that means that you won’t need extra filters to reach the values.

These filters are also among the popularly used filter cartridges you are likely to find on the market of today. These cartridges use negative particles that are prospective, a filter, FIR chunks, and an activated carbon filter to eliminate the contaminants from your drinking water.

Is the ion market one. The resins in it are full of salt, and when the magnesium and calcium in the water and the resins meet, they will stick releasing the salt. This filter is quite good at reducing the water, and it also has a minor role in removing some contaminants floating inside.

Because multiple contaminants are eliminated here, this is one of the most essential steps in the filtration procedure. After the water passes through the activated carbon filter it is a lower concentration of heavy metals, cysts and it smells and tastes much better.


The filter is the one containing FIR balls. These chunks create negative charges and also some energy that can soften the water controlling it.

The filter is your one filled with particles that are negative. These particles give some possible into the water away. This capacity makes the water function as an antioxidant, so it will be good at flushing toxins.

Filter Longevity

The filters employed by this version have the highest filtering capacity of 79 g. It needs to provide filtered water for 1 – 2 weeks, depending upon your water intake, although this is not high capacity. The manufacturer informs when they filter the 79 gallons or the filters to modify once.

An electronic countdown to keep track of if you need to replace the filter is used by the water filter pitcher.

This filter comes with no further expenses which means you will profit from nearly 4 months of water.


This water pitcher includes a filtered water capacity of 0.65 g or 84 ounces. This is not really impressive, but given that the filters ensure a filtered water flow speed of 5 minutes of 33.8 oz, you’ll be able to fill the entire pitcher under 15 minutes. This will let you refill the pitcher as many times as you need throughout the day.

The pitcher has a wonderful design, and that means you will have the ability to pour the water with no spillage.


  • Remineralizing Filter — The filter will add minerals that are valuable to your water supply, raising the water’s price.
  • Negatively Charged Water — Not only will this filter eliminate most of the contaminants in your drinking water, but it’s also going to control the water. This will lead to an impact that will do a better job of flushing out the toxins from your body
  • All Parts Are Replaceable — You do not have to buy a new unit should you damage or lose a part. All the pieces are replaceable and you can get them.


  • Difficult Filter Change — There’s a process you have to stick to each time that you need to change the filters. This can be tiresome, even in the event you don’t need to modify the filters.
  • Water Filters Gently Towards The End — You do not have to examine the counter to know when it’s time if you’re using this version to change the filters. You only have to look at how fast the water will be filtered. When the filter’s strategy their filtration limit if the water flow is high in the beginning, it may be painfully slow.

4. DRAGONN Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher — 3.5 Liters

DRAGONN Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher -- 3.5 Liters

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This is a water filter that utilizes a multi-stage capsule to remove the contaminants. The capsule consists of ion exchange resins, tourmaline carbon, and nutrient chunks.

The capsule can eliminate most of the contaminants including heavy metals, chlorine, and bad odors and smells. But the filter will also remove lead, magnesium, potassium, copper, and other contaminants, providing filtered water for 60 days or longer, based on your water resource.

The filter is made out of premium food-grade materials. All of the materials used are BPA free, and the FDA approves them.

Another benefit of utilizing this water filter would be the water molecules are reduced through natural rocks in the capsule and their touch with the ceramics. This will produce the water easier to assimilate, so you will stay hydrated.

The filter has an ergonomic layout. You can easily pick this up and hold it, and you can store it without any problems in your refrigerator.


This is a water pitcher filter that is very effective, and obviously, this efficiency can be traced back to the filter cartridges it uses.

The filter cartridges are somewhat more complex than those which some of the other makers use, and they produce water that is clean and great-tasting.

The cartridges are made in layers, so the water will be filtered progressively with each resin coating. This is where the water has been softened by dropping a few of the calcium and magnesium chemicals it contains. These chemicals are attracted to the resins and they stick to their face releasing the salt in exchange.

When the water enters the filter cartridge, a filter is reached by it. This filter has the function of charging the water negatively with the support of this infrared energy released by the tourmaline. This will make the water making it more easy to absorb into your organism after you consume it.

The filter is full of mineral balls. These minerals have a role. To begin with, they will remove a few of the contaminants from your water. Pesticides, aluminium, and some heavy metals are removed from the water at this point. Those balls’ second purpose would be to remineralize the water. Some important minerals like magnesium and calcium will be added, making it richer in nutrients.

The last filter that the water moves through is the activated carbon filter. This filter has an essential function in the filtration process, as it will remove bad scents and tastes, most of the chlorine, in addition to the remainder of the heavy metals in the water.

In Conclusion

The water will be fuller, thus healthier and cleaner after passing through those filter cartridges, and it will also taste much better. The vitamin balls will reduce the water molecule dimensions, making it a lot easier to absorb.

Filter Longevity

These filter cartridges have a maximum filtration capacity of approximately 120 g, which ought to last you for approximately 60 days of use. Be sure to remove the delivery decal on its own underside before you begin using a new cartridge.

The filters may not last quite long. However, they do an outstanding job at raising the pH of your water better than in other models.


This pitcher has the greatest water capacity of 1 gallon. This really is a good ability, and most individuals won’t need to wash the pitcher frequently.

Both the lid and the pitcher are made from plastic that is BPA-free, so that they don’t pose any health dangers.

The pitcher features a nice design which will allow you to manage it and match in almost any refrigerator on the marketplace.


  • Good Design — The design helps. You don’t have to take off the lid when out the device fill, along with also the lid does not move when you pour. This will make the pitcher easier to handle, and it will reduce the amount of spillage possible.
  • Very Good At Raising Water pH — This water pitcher filter is extremely good in raising the water’s pH. Drinking alkaline water has many advantages, and it’ll improve your general wellbeing.
  • Pitcher — The pitcher has a maximum capacity of 1 gallon, which means that you won’t need to refill it.


  • Filter Gets Clogged — Sometimes the filter gets clogged and you have to wash it to work quicker.
  • Does Not Block Fluoride — Unfortunately, this model isn’t effective at eliminating this compound in the water.
  • Pitcher Could Be Thicker — Possessing a thicker one might boost its durability.

5. Brita 10 Cup Grand Water Filter Pitcher

Brita 10 Cup Grand Water Filter Pitcher

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Brita is among the world’s top water filter makers. One of the advantages of using their products is that their filters are specially designed to eliminate the majority of the contaminants from your drinking water and to provide water flow.

Another advantage of using Brita is that they use a notification system to let you know when to change the filters. The signal is green when okay. It turns yellow before the filter cartridges get near their maximum capability. You have to change the filter away when the signal turns red.


  • 10 Cup Pitcher — The pitcher can hold up to 10 cups of water. As you won’t have to refill the pitcher a lot of times a day, this is a good feature.
  • Great Filters — Brita filter cartridges utilize multiple technologies to make a fantastic tasting and clean drinking water.


  • Faulty Lid — Though the pitcher has a fantastic design, the lid is not well-designed. The lid will fall every time you use the pitcher, so you risk contaminating the water or spilling.

6. Lake Industries The Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Lake Industries The Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

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The water filter is a great filter which arrives at a great price. The filter will eliminate the majority of the typical contaminants from your drinking water, and it will be also alkalinized by it.

One of the advantages of selecting this particular filter pitcher is its smart layout. The design permits you to handle the pitcher with ease. You’ll have the ability to lift it to pour, and store it.

Another benefit of using this filter is its smart mineral filter. This filter will include valuable minerals into your drinking water, and additionally, it will reduce the water molecules’ sizes and increase their absorption speed.


  • Cheap Filters — Though the capsules of this filter are effective, replacing them doesn’t cost much. If you intend on using the filter for a long time this is a significant advantage.
  • Fantastic Alkalizer — This model’s filters are extremely good at increasing the water’s pH. This will make the water healthier, as drinking such water offers a lot of benefits.


None for this baby.

7. PUR LED 11 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher System

 PUR LED 11 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher System

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The PUR pitcher water filter is a version that comes with an 11-cup pitcher. The system is capable of eliminating the majority including pharmaceutical traces and mercury.

All the materials used for the construction of this particular filter are created from BPA-free plastic. This eliminates the danger of having them leak into your drinking water once you use the filter for a time.

The filter comes with a filter change notification sign. As soon as it is time to change the filter cartridges so you won’t have to worry about 24, you will be notified by the LED lighting.


  • Efficient Filters — Even though this system doesn’t possess the speediest it surely has some of the very effective. The filters will remove most of the contaminants.
  • Great For Removing Pharmaceuticals — Most pitcher filters are able to eliminate some of the pharmaceutical traces on your own water due to the carbon filters they use. This version, however, is more efficient at this job.


  • Slow Filtering — This unit filters the water slowly. This might be a problem for some people, especially those with larger households.
  • Inefficient Softening — the water softens, but just by a small degree.

8. CamelBak Relay Water Filter Pitcher

CamelBak Relay Water Filter Pitcher

The CamelBak water filter pitcher is the best answer for those that do not like drinking chlorinated water. This is the model for you should you have tested your water and the rest of the parameters except chlorine have good values.

This water filter pitcher has the quickest filter speed. It uses a filter to eliminate the contaminants and it does it fast. But one of the disadvantages of employing this version is that it will not remove a lot of contaminants.

In reality, this model will remove the larger particles out of the water, including rust, dirt, and sand, along with the chlorine, bad smells, and tastes.


  • Long-Lasting Filters — This model’s filters may last for up to 4 months of use. This is an advantage since it will lower your maintenance costs.
  • Cheap Replacement Filters — This model’s replacement filters are simple to find, and they’re very cheap. You can buy an entire set with exactly the amount you would spend on a single filter developed by another maker.


Ineffective Filters — The filter cartridges are good for removing chlorine, bad smells, foul tastes, and large particles. These contaminants represent a portion of what other models can remove.

9. Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher

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We said it and we’re going to say it again. Brita is one of the world’s best filters. Therefore it’s only normal for their filters to be efficient. Among the advantages of choosing this model is that it comes with a Brita cartridge filter.

Brita cartridge filters utilize multiple technologies to eliminate the majority of the contaminants from your water. The cartridge will even soften the water making it healthier and improving its taste.

For choosing Brita another advantage is that their filters are easy to change. The instructions guide gives you information about how to change the filters, and additionally, there are if you experience any issues, video tutorials you’ll be able to watch online.


  • Filter Change Notification — This filter utilizes a sticker notification system to allow you to know when it’s time. Brita can email you when it’s time to alter them if you don’t want to use this program.
  • Fast Filling — The filter cartridges are capable of filtering the water. Since the pitcher has a small capability, this is a really important feature.


  • Pitcher — This model’s pitcher has a small capacity, which means you’ll need to refill it often.

There are quite a few reasons why using a water purifier pitcher is a much better option than using bottled drinking water.

Recently, more and more people were vouching for drinking bottled water because it was regarded as the most healthy option. There are a lot of negative points that are associated with drinking water that is bottled. Have a look.


Among the concern that’s raised about drinking bottled water is the fact that this water is essentially stored in plastic. No matter how secure the bottle’s plastic is regarded as it will have some quantity of chemical. When water is stored for quite a while inside, some amount of the chemical can seep into the drinking water, and make its way in your body when you drink it.


Most of the water which you find in bottles is usually tap water. Additionally, most of the time, the brands aren’t required to demonstrate the origin of origin so you have no way of knowing where your bottled drinking water is really coming from.


The cost of getting bottled drinking water can be high, and not a sensible choice if you are trying to find an inexpensive and more cost-effective method. On the flip side, whenever you choose to go for a water purifier pitcher, you need to invest in it and the majority of the times there’s not any extra cost of having pure water every time you want to consume water.


Each bottle of water that you drink and throw off contributes to the enormous quantity of waste that we are currently creating. Were you aware that it takes about 450 years for a bottle of drinking water that is packaged to decompose? 450 years will be the norm, while the number of years taken will vary depending on the kind of plastic used. On the other hand, all you’ve got to do with your water purifier pitcher is to install it into your house or office, and you’ll be utilizing the same device over months and years to acquire drinking water!

Well, that’s enough to make any of the aforementioned water filter pitchers, a must-buy.

Buying Guide: Finest Water Filter Pitcher

In this section of this guide, we’ll share with you a few things you want to consider as you shop for a water filter pitcher that’ll meet your demands.

Who Needs a Water Filter Pitcher?

Everyone can gain by using a water filter pitcher. As we mentioned earlier, the water we consume contains plenty of particles that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Thus, to protect our health, it is advised that we filter water before we drink it.

How does Water Filter Pitcher operate?

These pitchers come with a replaceable charcoal filter that consists of activated carbon granules. The charcoal uses an absorption method to eliminate the contaminants found in water such as chemicals, chlorine, and minerals. They’re also able to eliminate color and the odor. It goes into the first filter which removes dirt and impurities after pouring the water to the pitcher. Then, it goes into the container.
If you wish to take water from the pitcher to drink or cook, then it passes through a bypass that does not interfere with the filter before it pours into the cup.

What type of contaminant does the water filter pitcher remove?

First, you ought to do a water test to know the sort of contaminants from your water source. Better still, a quick trip to the municipality and they will give it to you — that is if they are your water resource.
You can now look for a water filter which can remove such contaminants. Most of the water filter cookbooks to be found on the market are capable of removing contaminants such as chlorine, trihalomethane compounds, volatile organic chemicals, giardia, and cryptosporidium, to mention a few

Number of People Who’ll Use The Water Filter Pitcher

If you’re the only person that’ll utilize the water filter pitcher, then a 5, 10 or 6-cup model is going to do. But, a water filter pitcher like the ZeroWater water filter pitcher that provides a 23-cup model should be opted for by larger households.

Filter lifespan

This is very important. The majority of the filters have a normal lifespan of 40 gallons. This implies that you ought to change it after it filters its 40th gallon of water.

How do you really know if the filter is due for a shift? Some units sporting a light indicator. For many others which lack the indicator, simply keep a table calendar nearby.

The Simplicity of Use

Consider how simple it’s to refill the unit and adjust the filters. Apparently, all the water filter pitchers we reviewed were easy to use and changing filters was as simple as ABC.

On the other hand, the only thing we found amusing was the fact that a few of the water filter pitchers took some time to filter. This is sometimes a deal breaker especially if you’re constantly in a rush.

What Kind Of Filter do I Need?

Water filter flashlights have been fitted with filters of different kinds. They include:

An Activated Carbon Filter: This type of filter absorbs contaminants as it passes through the filter. A lot of these contaminants eventually filled the filter and it requires replacement.

A Cartridge Water Filter: It’s similar to an activated carbon filter. In actuality, liquid water filters possess an activated carbon filter in it as one of the filter stages. Cartridge water filters have filters with different levels which include resins, mineral balls, carbon filters, etc that filter the water as it passes through. The mineral balls introduce certain minerals such as magnesium to your drinking water.

We suggest purchasing this filter. This greatly lessens the amount you spend on purchasing filters individually.

Size of the Water Filter Pitcher

If you’re a regular traveler, a water filter pitcher is going to be a good travel companion. With 5 or 6 cups capacity, you can be certain that you’re drinking clean water on your journeys.

Then you should take note of the room in your fridge if you’d like to drink the water chilled. Many water filter cookbooks, though, will fit into a fridge if you remove a rack.

Build Material

It is no news that the majority of the water filter items are produced from plastic materials. Some are made of plastic that isn’t easily susceptible to damages.

Additionally, take precautions. Your decision should be changed if the product does not have a BPA certification.

Filter Change Indicator

Though this isn’t a feature that is very important, it’s worth having. This will spare you the stress of having to mark your calendars and also keep tabs on your filter changes.

How To Look after Your Water Filter Pitcher

Here are a couple of things you can do to ensure your own water filter pitcher lasts:

Go through the manual. The very first thing after buying your own water filter pitcher to do would be to read the manual. The manual contains instructions about the best way best to operate the unit, replace the filter, clean it up, etc..

Clean it. After a month, cleaning with water will go a long way to make sure germs don’t build up inside.

Replace the filters before replacement day reaches. We suggest purchasing the filters since it’s a cost-effective option.

Don’t allow the device to be handled by children particularly if it’s made of plastic. One fall can lead to a crack on the side that will cause leakages not to mention injuries it may cause the child.

Keep it away from hot tubs and hot water or else you risk damaging your unit. A hot water dispenser needs to be your appliance for dispensing hot water.

How to Modify Your Own Water Filter Pitcher’s Filter

  • Get a filter.
  • Insert the filter to the pitcher.
  • Refill the water and permit it to filter put it away later. This is to allow the carbon from the filter to trigger.

Your water filter pitcher is ready for use.



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