Does Baking Soda Bleach Carpets?

Does Baking Soda Bleach Carpets?

Does baking soda bleach carpets? Baking soda, otherwise called nature’s deodorizer, can be used for quite a number of things, but most especially, for its power to remove odors.

When it has to do with the clean-up of carpets, there are a lot of tips available on the internet, and so much of it has to do with the use of baking soda as a cleansing agent for carpets.

Yes, baking soda does bleach carpets, but this is only possible undeer certain conditions.

Of course, many of the tips online are wrong, and it is always advisable to trust your local professionals when it has to do with carpet cleaning. You should as much as possible ignore these stain removal and cleaning tips you find online, for they could very well damage your carpets.

But this still does not completely answer the question.

Let’s find out, shall we?

Does Baking Soda Bleach Carpets?

When baking soda is applied in excess, it backfires and leaves a mess on your carpet. 

Did you know?

The particles of baking soda are so small, that portions of the product remain in the carpet fiber and some actually do sift beneath the carpet and padding to the floor below, even after the vacuum cleaner does its job.

In order to avoid your carpets being bleached by baking soda, moderation is key. This is because, if leftover time, baking soda residues can take the color out of the carpet.

Also, another way to cleanse your carpet could be by making use of carpet cleaning products.

It is not a hidden fact that most commercially produced carpet cleaning products consist of baking soda and fragrance. It can help to revitalize your carpets, giving it a fresh outlook.

This is definitely something you can try, cause there are easier ways to get the same result. Rather than take the risk of using the baking soda, you could always contact professional cleaners to get the job done for you. Especially as they are skilled in the art of removing the odor and the stains out of your carpets completely without any residue left on your carpets. 

Note that we are not against the use of baking soda to remove stains on your carpet. Rather, what we advise against is the excessive use of baking soda for carpet stain removal as this can totally bleach your carpet over time.

Can Baking Soda Effectively Absorb Odours And Wetness On My Carpet?

Yes, it can. In fact, it does this so well that it is regarded as a proven odor absorber that absorbs and neutralizes odors. Most of the time though, it will absorb the odor and wetness, and still adhere to the fibers and backing of the carpets.

Therefore, ensure that just the right amount of baking soda is applied to the wet area of the carpet.

How Can I Get Wet Baking Soda Out Of A Carpet?

All you need do to rectify this is to mix white vinegar with warm water and then use a sponge soaked with this mixture to apply to the affected area.  Once the stain fades completely, wait for the carpet to dry and then you will notice that the vinegar has absorbed the baking soda and there is no stain left on your carpet.

The baking soda on your carpet will get converted to sodium acetate and CO2 which is solid in nature. But not to worry, it can be removed with the help of a brush, leaving your carpet squeaky clean.

Other Cleaning Agents Capable Of Cleaning Carpets

There are other cleansing agents that can effectively clean your carpet, and they are:


Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent and is very useful when mixed with water as a natural disinfectant.

In the cleaning world, it is the darling of the DIY (‘do it yourself’) movement.


If done quickly enough, this helps to remove the majority of the stains on the carpet, if not all. 

Note: It is not advisable to use water to clean up a carpet that has been stained by oil or petroleum as this can make it spread to other unaffected areas of the carpet.

Commercial Cleaning Products

Of course, there are cleaning products designed especially for carpets. They consist of chemical solutions and natural ingredients such as baking soda and fragrance, which actually revitalize and freshen your carpet.

Commercial products also contain a disinfectant that can be helpful to you and your family’s health.

Cleaning Agents That Are Bad For Carpets

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent so using this anywhere near your carpet, can most assuredly damage it. 

Any hydrogen peroxide solution higher than 6% being used on a carpet stain will almost assuredly bleach out the color dyes in your carpet, giving it a bland look.


Ammonia is a high alkaline solution that will cause permanent damage to wool carpet and rugs. Ensure you do not use this on your carpet because ammonia can degrade carpet fibers and cause color dyes to become very much unstable.

Asides that, ammonia on its own is a very dangerous chemical solution that is toxic and harmful to your health.

Dish Soap

The use of dish soap or any kind of liquid soap for carpet cleaning is not ideal because liquid soaps are extremely effective at removing grime and grease from surfaces but only if the soap can be rinsed entirely from the surface afterwards. 

They are designed to be effective when used to clean dirt off plates, pans, bowls and cups. 

The most important thing to remember is that, Carpet does not have a rinse function like a dishwasher or washing machine. If dish soap is used on a carpet and it is not completely extracted from the carpet, then it will definitely leave behind a residue. The residue in turn, attracts surrounding dirt in the carpet and will attract future dirt that reaches the carpet and will eventually become a large soil stain. 

Most people are often able to remove a carpet stain with a mixture of dish soap and water only to find that the stain eventually returns and becomes even worse than before. That is because of the residue from the soap that was not rinsed from the carpet.

Final Words

Okay, guys, hopefully, your questions were answered and your every doubt was put to rest. Taking good care of your carpet is not something to be done ignorantly and carelessly. I trust that this article has been very helpful with information on how to better maintain your carpet.

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