25 Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails

It is everyone’s desire to have a strong and healthy nail as it portrays a healthy lifestyle that why you are reading this article ” 25 home remedies to strengthen your nails“, other reasons could be for aesthetic purpose but above all, it tells a lot about who we are as a person. Unfortunately, we could have brittle and weak nails, which can be as a result of overexposure to moisture, detergent and nail polish, repeated washing and drying of nails and ageing amongst others. The fact you are here and searching for this it’s either you’ve had experiences with your nails breaking off and want a solution or you have a desire to keep and strengthen your nails.

Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails

Notwithstanding, If you belong to any of this group, let jump right to the 25 Home remedies to strengthen your nails. It will contain an all-natural and easy way to keep a healthy and strong nail at home.

25 Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Nails

1. Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble vitamin that possesses antioxidant effect. Its is derived from vitamin E and is distinct. Being one of the important home remedies to strengthen your nails, Its moisturizing benefits support nail health by preventing cracked cuticles and dry skin around the nail bed. Pop a hole in the vitamin E capsule with a pin. Squeeze the capsule and allow the oil cone out. Collect the oil with a small brush. Massage the oil over the cuticles. This will stimulate the circulation of blood in the area, which helps your nails grow and strength. Use this vitamin E oil twice a day. You can find it on Amazon for less than $15 here.

2. Olive oil

Olive oil is also rich in vitamin E. To use; take some olive oil and slightly heat it. Soak your nails in it for about 15 minutes daily. You can also massage your nails with this warm olive oil before sleeping for 5 minutes and leave it for overnight.

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3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and biotin. Incorporate this in your diet and ensure you eat them fresh and be sure to have healthy and strong fingernails.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Prior to your manicure process, this is one of the efficient home remedies to strengthen your nails, pour apple cider vinegar in a bowl and soak your hands in it for 3 minutes each day. You can also drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of raw Apple cider vinegar, this can also strengthen your nail and give it the glow you desire.

5. Coconut oil

Give your nails the extra attention by applying coconut oil to them. Coconut oil is very hydrating and a good moisturizing agent, it can help strengthen your nails and soften your cuticles. Apply coconut oil on your nails and massage in a circular motion for as long as you want ( the longer the better). Do this daily and watch your nails become as strong and beautiful as you want them to be. Also, it has anti-fungal properties which is a piece of great news if you’re prone to nail infections.

6. Egg yolk

Egg yolks are very important for the strengthening of your nail as it is known to contain protein. Apply the egg yolk to your nails and leave for about 10minutes before washing off.

7. Sea salt

Sea salt is a good agent for softening the nails and cuticle. Just add a tablespoon of salt with a small amount of warm water. Soak your hands in the solution for about 5-10minutes and be sure your journey to have strong nails has begun.

8. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil. For maximum result, dilute tea tree oil in sweet almond oil and apply to your nails regularly.

9. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is full of alpha hydroxy-acid which could help to brighten your nails and remove stains, and the vitamin C in it promotes stronger growth. Mix the juice of half a lemon with warm water and soak your hands in it. Do this twice a week. For an additional whitening and cleaning effect, you can mix baking soda with the lemon juice by adding a few teaspoons of water and an equal part of baking soda with about 10 drops of lemon juice. Soak your nails in the mixture for about 10minutes, after it is done, use a gentle toothbrush to apply the solution on your nails.

10. Shea butter

This home remedies to strengthen your nails can be applied simply using as hand cream, ensuring it touches your nails and cuticle. Shea butter is known for its a therapeutic effect due to the high percentage of essential fatty acids it contains which can aid healthy nails. Get this Organic unrefined shea butter for the magical healing abilities to your hairs, nails and skin for less than $60.

11. Flaxseed oil

This is another wonderfully nourishing oil that benefits nails when used daily. Flaxseed oil is full of essential fatty acids, as well as antioxidants and minerals which aids stronger growth of the nail. To get the best results from this natural remedy, simply massage flaxseed oil into your nails for a few minutes 1 – 2 times per day.

12. Castor oil

Castor oil is known for its anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties will help strengthen your nails in no time. Pour oil into a bowl with 1 part salt and 3 parts water. Soak your nails for about 15 minutes daily.

13. Nettle tea

Nettle tea is packed with a whole of lot of nutrients that help the growth and strengthening of the nails. To make the tea, steep the leaves into boiling water and allow to stay for about 10 – 15 minutes. Let it cool and soak your hands in it.

14. Green tea

It isn’t a great surprise that green tea can also help strengthen your nails as it’s packed with enough nutrient to aid healthy growth of the nail. You can make a hand and nail mask using green tea: open a green tea bag and mix with one tablespoon of water to soften it for 20minutes, add 1/2 mashed banana to the mixture. Mask your hand with this ( ensure your hands are hot) for about 20 minutes to allow absorption, wash off with cool water.

15. Horsetail

Horsetail is a good source of calcium and silica which helps in nail growth and improves the overall health of your nails. Mix a small amount ( about a ree-day quarter of a teaspoon) of horsetail stem in 2 cups of water and allow the mixture to boil. Now strain out the tea and leave it to cool. Put your nails in the mixture for about 15-20 minutes. After this wash yours with water.

16. Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is vegetable oil from grapes. It packed with vitamin E and will do a great job at strengthening your nails. Mix grapeseed oil with lemon essential oil and rub on your nails every night before going to bed.

17. Chamomile oil

Chamomile is known for its ability to promote relaxation. It contains azulene natural anti-inflammatory components. Its oil can be used by massaging your nails and cuticle at least twice daily for maximum result.

18.Orange juice

Orange juice to Strengthen Your Nails

Squeeze an orange or two into a bowl and soak your hands in it for about 10- 15 minutes then wash off with warm water. Orange juice is packed with vitamin C and folic acid which aid strong nails.

19. Vegetable oil

Apply vegetable oil to your hands and leave overnight by covering them with a plastic glove.

20. Beer

It has been proven that even a small amount of beer daily can make your nails healthy and strong. This is due to the fact that it contains silicon ( from barley) which has the ability to grow bones and other tissue in the body including hairs and nails. But drink responsibly.

21. Biotin

Its is a B vitamin and has been said to be a natural remedy for a brittle nail. Biotin is found in food such as eggs( egg yolk), cauliflower, spinach, cheese, mushrooms, sweet potato, almond etc. and can also be taken as supplements.

22. Massage.

Properly massaging oil ( olive oil, coconut oil etc.) into the nails and cuticles daily to lock in moisture. Do this in small, circular motions until fully absorbed. Massaging stimulate blood flow which helps deliver nutrient to the nails.

23. Protein

A balanced diet that includes plenty of protein will also help improve nail health. The nail is made up of a strong protein (keratin). Lean poultry, beef, fish and pork are a great source so include them in your diet. If you look great be guaranteed that your nails will look great too.

24. Garlic and Garlic oil

Garlic is a plant packed with selenium which aids strong and healthy nails. You can use garlic directly on your nails but If this is too pungent for you can make your garlic nail polish; Chop the garlic into pieces and add into your nail polish, leave for about a week or more. Use this nail polish to polish your nail and it’s the beginning of your journey to a healthy and strong nail. You can also use garlic oil: sauté your chopped or minced garlic in olive oil for about 10mins in a pan, ensure that the oil does not bubble or smoke. Allow the oil to cool and strain the oil to a container for use, discard the garlic pieces. Use the oil to massage your nails every night and rinse off in the morning.

25. Honey

Honey helps fight bacterial and fungal growth, it is a natural humectant and will make your nail (and cuticle) nourished and supple. Just rub honey in your nails and leave for 5 – 10 minutes before washing off.

Other ways to strengthen your nails

1. Avoid soaking your hands in water for long

Wear gloves when you wash dishes and don’t soak nails in the bath or pool for too long. Keep your nails outside the water for most of your soak. Too much water absorption causes it to be soft and breaks off over time.

2. Keep them Short

If you realise you have weak nails, try keeping them short while you work on making strengthening them. Short nails have little edges and are less prone to water and chemicals absorption that damages the nail. Saw them in one direction using emery board, avoid filing your nails back and forth to avoid peeling and splitting.

3. Sparingly use nail polish remover with acetone or formaldehyde

Acetone or formaldehyde are found in nail polish remover which is used to dissolve nail polish but are very dry and harsh when applied to the nail and too much of it can cause brittle nail and break off over time.

4. Apply nail hardener

Many people don’t believe the wonders and benefits of using nail hardener, apart from the fact that it strengthens your nail, it also fortifies your nail to aid its healthy growth. It is, however, important to note that you should avoid nail hardener that contains formaldehyde.

5. Drink lots of water

Hydration is key for beautiful and healthy skin, hair, and nails. Drink lots of water throughout the day, and you’ll feel and look better, all the way down to your nails. The nail contains a tough protein called keratin which requires hydration to keep the nail strong and flexible.

6. Avoid the use of hand sanitizer that is alcohol-based

Alcohol-based sanitizer, as good as they seem can cause harm to your nails by drying out your nail. It is advised to use non-alcohol based sanitizer.
Having a healthy and strong nail using the tips here requires consistency and a lifestyle change, which basically involves paying attention to your diet, drinking more water and avoiding any activity that dries out your nail. Good luck as you begin your journey to having and maintaining a strong and healthy nail.

How can I strengthen my nails fast

Here are various beats you can strengthen your nails:

  • Take biotin supplement
  • Reduce exposing your hands to water
  • Use tea tree oil for massaging daily
  • Reduce the use of nail polish
  • Avoid the use of hand sanitizer that is alcohol-based

How can I harden my nails at Home

Here are some home remedies to strengthen your nails:

  • Use gloves while doing the dishes
  • Try a DIY oil mask( olive oil, tea tree oil etc)
  • Add tomatoes to your diet
  • Soak your nails in green tea
  • Keep your nails short

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I rub on my nails to make them stronger?

You can make your stronger by massaging your nails with coconut oil. There are other oils you can use which includes vegetable oil, vitamin E oil etc. For maximum results apply this twice daily.

Which oil is best for nails?

There are certain oils that help strengthen your nail. They include olive oil, vitamin E oil and tea tree oil are particularly great for your nails. Give your hands a soak with any of these oils for about 15-20minutes for significant results.

Does drinking water strengthen your nails?

Drinking water cleanses and flushes out toxins from the body, it can also do the same to your nails since brittle nails are caused by dehydration. Trying drinking more water on a daily basis.

Is coconut oil good for your nail?

Give your bail that extra attention by applying coconut oil to your bails and cuticle. Coconut oil is great for treating brittle and dry nails. It helps moisturize the nails and prevent it from breaking off.

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