How to Access the Dark Web

If you want to see what lurks beneath the surface on the internet, it’s very easy to access the dark web. But there are risks. Imagine yourself in a town with secret back alleyways. It’s easy to get around however, if you go down the wrong route it could be a risk.

In short, the dark web is a source of criminal activities which include drug deals as well as black-hat hacking, terrorism and drug deals. It’s also a place where dregs, like hitmen, human smugglers and corrupt officials, can get together. The dark web isn’t just bad. It also functions as a bridge between political outcasts and people from the open world. It allows whistleblowers to anonymously submit tips.

Tor is a specific browser that allows you to access the dark web. It’s somewhat similar to a VPN in that it protects your information and removes geo-location tags your ISP or the government could use to track you. Tor also improves your security by routing your request through a network of volunteers servers around the world.

After installing and configuring Tor Once you’ve installed and configured Tor, you’re able to begin exploring the dark web. There are many websites to visit, even when the content isn’t quite as easily indexed as it is on the surface web. There are sites where you can buy illegal firearms and drugs, as well guides on how to hide your digital footprint or launch ransomware attacks.

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