How to Build a Slide for Kids in Your Home

Children love slides and climbing, can you blame them when even as adults we sometimes can’t resist the impulse to build a slide for our kids or for ourselves. Indoor slides are an awesome way to create an exciting house feature for your kids, and there are lots of ways to do this. Most slides are made from materials such as plastic or fibreglass, but older slides are often made from metal. Metal slides are usually composed of steel so that they are highly durable. We found this durable Slide on Amazon for less than $200 and we sure your kids would love this.

How to Build a Slide for Kids at Home

1. Laying a Slide Over Your Stairs

Build a slide that you can lay over your stairs for kids to play with, Don’t just go and buy a big old plastic slide and set it on your staircase. That would be complicated, and, depending on your staircase, it might not work.

Here’s how you can do this:

How to Build a Slide for Kids
  • Measure the length of your existing stairs. Be sure to calculate if there are any turns in the staircase.
  • Find the length of material, such as a light plastic and some cheap long wooden boards, that you will need for your individual staircase, keep in mind that your child should be able to slide down with ease.
  • Slot the wooden boards to match your stair’s shape.
  • Attach the plastic to your wooden boards using screws.
  • Place over your stairs and let your child enjoy.
  • This is probably one of the most cost-effective ways of building a slide because you can control the expense of the material and the overall design.

Our recommended slide for stair is SLIDEWHIZZER Indoor in case you have time for design or play around with wooden stuff you can get it done for less than $50.

2. Building an Indoor Slide Using a Closet

Building an Indoor Slide Using a Closet

If you have a house where you could easily make some structural changes and include a slide, this one is for you. Be sure to verify that you are clear to do a project like this in your home before you build anything.

The best way to approach this is to find an area of the house (a two-story house) where you can easily connect the upstairs with the downstairs. If you have a closet that does this, even better.

You can hire someone to take a look at the area and determine if it is safe to build the slide for kids. Hopefully, the individual can also do the work of creating the opening.

Once you have the area, purchase the slide you plan to install. A straight metal or plastic slide will probably work best, but you could also use a slide that is looped.

When the project is done, be sure to try it out with your child! Be sure to get Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set for less than $300 and just set it up in the closet.

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3. Building a Play Fort with a Slide

One of the easiest methods for building an indoor slide your children can use is to build a little structure of some kind that they can climb up and sit in and then slide down. Not only will you have a slide, but your child will also have a fort where they can sit in and play pretence.

This type of slide also works well for houses that only have one story. You can easily build the slide for your kids in your home without needing an upstairs or a big back yard.

Play Fort with a Slide

There are two ways that you can go about this project:

  1. You can find and purchase a play fort kit that you can set up in your home.
  2. You can build a fort on your own.

This kind of project will require a little creativity and handy work if you can’t find a small play fort kit that will fit in your house. You will also need the proper power tools and building material to make sure the structure is sturdy. Building the fort yourself also means that you will need to find a slide that fits your fort or just build a treeless treehouse and add a slide to it

If you build the fort and slide yourself, be sure to do all of the measurements ahead of time so you know the exact dimensions of all of the parts. The worst thing you could do is start building a slide or fort only to discover it’s too big or small.

If you aren’t too confident with your handyman skills or just want a simple project, buy a Small fort Outing Play and SwingSets with Wave Slide which can set back at almost $1000 and let it fits the space you want to build slide in.

Additional Tips to Build slide for KIds

1. Turn the basement into a playground for the kids

Build a slide so kids can have fun going down there. It can be an addition to the already existing staircase. If you decide to turn the basement into a playground if the ceilings are high enough you can make fun loft spaces and build a slide for the kids so they can have fun migrating from one area to another.

2. Replace the ladder kids use when climbing up in bed with a small slide.

It makes getting out of bed a lot easier and a lot more fun. Waking up in the morning is something they’d actually look forward to. You can add a slide to the top bunk but keep the ladder too. It sure looks fun but two kids might have trouble sharing this feature.

3. You can also get a tube slide.

That would be very fun and, because it’s twisted, it will also let you save space. Add such a slide to the playroom.

4. Build a fort for the kids

Build a fort for the kids and outfit it with a ladder and a slide. The kids can play inside, climb up to have a better view of everything that’s happening around them and slide down.

5. Build a slide alongside your Stairs

You can also combine the staircase and the slide and opt for a two-in-one combo. Divide the bedroom into two parts and create a cozy loft bed area. You can also add another bed under it and also squeeze in somethings under.

Get a folding slide which you can install on top of the stairs. It’s a safe, temporary option. Sure, if you don’t have one of those folding slides you can always improvise.

You can also use a cardboard box from a flat-screen TV or from a refrigerator, it would be perfect. An example of a folding slide is the SlideRider.

SlideRider is more or less one very long plastic-covered foam mat that stretches over your stairs to turn them into an indoor slide. It features safety bumpers on the sides to ensure your little ones don’t go sliding off of the side and into the stair railings and a soft landing pad at the bottom.

When your kids are done playing with the slide, it folds up very neatly into a handy little package held together with a storage strap. The folded package even has handles on either side to help you move the SlideRider around and put it away.

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