How to Clean a Juicer

clean your juicer

Do you know that without cleaning your juicer for a while could leave bits of fruit that builds upon the walls of your juice which will start decaying eventually? Then you need this guide on how to clean a juicer thoroughly as the sight can be quite bad and of course, there is the health concern, as bacteria can easily grow on decay substances.

Do you know that without cleaning your juicer for a while could leave a bit
bits of fruits that builds upon the walls of your juice which starts decaying eventually.

Then you need this guide on how to clean your juicer thoroughly as the sight can be quite bad and of course, there is the health concern, as bacteria can easily grow there.

What is a Juicer

A juicer is a device used to extract juice from various fruits and vegetable products. It works by crushing the juice out of the fruit or vegetable pulp. When it completes the task of extracting the juice from the pulp, you are able to get 100% healthy fruit and vegetable juice to drink.

Juicers are the easiest means that can provide you with a scrumptious glass of juice in very little time, hence it has trended quite a lot among regular households. Consumption of fresh juice, usually obtained with the help of a juicer, is the best way to maintain good health. There are two types of juicers that you can buy in the market they are, electric juicers and manual juicers. Electric juicers are considered as a better choice because, in using the electric juicer, you don’t have to make much effort in preparing the juice, unlike the manual juicer. But the downside is in cleaning your juicer.

You’re going to need the following to clean your juicer and don’t forget that regular cleaning of your juicer is very necessary. Some of the things you need to clean your juicer includes; Water, Soft brush, A Spray Bottle, A scrubber, milk, Nail brush or toothbrush, Baking soda, White Vinegar, Dry rice or salt, Mild dish soap, Soft cloths, a Bowl, Spatula, enzyme dish liquid ( we recommend this Rain Natural Dishwashing Detergent for less than $20 on amazon, and Denture tablets.

So let’s get down to the real gist; how to clean your juicer step by step.

In Cleaning a Juicer

  • First thing first, unplug the juicer, separate the parts of the juicer by dismantling it. You can dismantle a juicer by following the directions of the manufacturers.
  • Remove the container that catches the pulp and scrape it out with a spatula. Then rinse each part with water.
  • Get your old toothbrush or nail brush, use it to clean the small areas. The smaller the brush the better because it can get to the nook and cranny of the juicer.
  • If you are not satisfied with the result at this stage, then you need a deep cleaning. To deep-clean your juicer, simply dip the dismantled parts of the juicer inside the water and add any dishwashing detergent.
  • Let it soak for some minutes, then you bring it out and brush it. Just like that, it’s done!
  • Fix back the dismantled juicer. You’re ready to use your juicer again.
How to Clean a Juicer

How to Clean a Juicer Using a Drying Rack Set.

  • Washing out or soaking your juicer parts immediately after juicing is done, will help you to remove all the pulp and juice remains inside the juicer. Put a drying rack or drying mat set out before you start juicing, so that immediately you’re done juicing, you can wash, rinse, and set your juicer to dry. If you leave the juicer for some time after juicing without washing it, the stain sticks inside and it makes the cleaning twice harder.
  • Once you are done juicing, wash with mild soap and water your juicer parts. Use water to rinse. Then use a soft cloth to dry it. You can also put it in the dishwasher to run, just be sure to rinse your pieces first to remove any wet pulp.

How to Clean a Juicer Using Vinegar and Olive Oil

Unplug the juicer and separate the parts. Soak the juicer parts in vinegar and water solution for some time or preferably overnight. Then put some olive oil on a cloth and wipe it. Keep wiping until all stain is gone. Yes, it’s that simple.

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How to Clean Your Juicer Filter by Soaking It

Juicer filter is a significant part of juicer from which you can get pulp-free shot of juice. Within the juicing process, the juice flows through the filter and pulp is entrapped by mesh filter. So there is a high chance of clogging of mesh screen fast.

Get a bowl of hot water, make it soapy.

Soak your filter in it for about 10 minutes once you’re done juicing. If the pulp is left to dry, it will require a lot more attention to clean. If the pores are still blocked, soak for some more time in warm water with a squeeze of lemon. Then finally, brush the filter with a clean small brush, rinse it and allow it to dry.

Use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with water to wipe down the machine itself. Although the juice is designed to go through a certain route in the juicer, juice and pulp will end up everywhere.

Cleaning your Juicer from Tough Residue

Unplug the juicer – Never forget to unplug the juicer, that is the very first thing you should do. After making sure the juicer is unplugged, dismantle or separate the parts and clean the parts using dish liquid likes Dawn Ultra Platinum or Laundress; these are not just regular dish detergent because they contain enzymes that help in breaking down the built-up food particles.

You can use a debenture tablet or white vinegar to remove any remaining stubborn residue off your juicer parts. You can either soak the parts in a mixture of debenture tablet or white vinegar and milk or put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on the parts. The enzymes in the milk work to break down the juice residue, as does the acid in the vinegar.

How to Clean Your Juicer using Saltwater

You can also use salt water to clean your juicer. Heat as much water as you will need; just enough to soak the parts of the juicer. Add a teaspoon of salt for every quart of the water. Stir it thoroughly till the salt dissolves. Then disassemble the juicer and soak the juicer parts in the saltwater as long as needed to soften the residue so that it can be easily scrubbed away and cleaned.

How to clean your juicer using Baking Soda

Using baking soda to clean your juicer can help you remove colored stains and accumulated mineral deposits off your juicer. Mix 16 oz of lukewarm water to 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Disassemble the juicer and soak the juicer parts overnight in this solution. Wash it with the help of soap and water. Wipe it or set it to dry.

You can also use a solution of one part of water to one part of vinegar, adding one lemon juice to it. Soak the juicer parts in the solution overnight. Then wash, rinse and dry. You can also soak the parts having residue in alcohol to remove it completely.

How To Clean Plastic Parts Of The Juicer

How to clean juicer parts made with plastic is a common problem for regular juice drinker. As the strongly colorful natural and artificial dyes in veggies and fruits may cause discoloration of plastic parts of the juicer. You can avert this problem by washing the parts after every use. If discoloration appears on any plastic juicer part soak the Part in water with 10% lemon juice. You can clean it with a nonabrasive cleaner. You can also soak plastic parts in vinegar overnight.

Another option you can use is to apply that take a little amount of water on the paper towel and rub on stained parts. Then wash it with soap and water. This will also help you to remove orange color on parts.

How to Clean a Clogged Juicing Screen

Is your juicer’s screen clogged? Then you need to clean it as soon as possible because a clogged juicing screen can lead to poor juicer performance. Keeping it clean will allow your juicer to perform at it’s best and reduce any motor strain. To check if your juicing screen is clean, hold up to a strong light source and look through it. It is best to clean and dry your juicer immediately after juicing to avoid clogged screen. You don’t know how to go about cleaning your clogged juicing screen? Don’t worry we are here for you.

To clean your clogged juicing screen, here what you need to do;

  • Prepare a solution of water with white vinegar or citric acid
  • Soak the clogged juicing screen in the solution and leave for some time
  • Then scrub it with either a nail brush or old toothbrush or any small brush. Rinse and dry.

Knowing the process involved in cleaning a juicer will ensure a clean environment and a good food processor that your body can significantly benefit from. Instead of getting 50% service from your machine, you will be getting fully 100% so your fruits and vegetables can taste even better.

How to Clean a Cuisinart Juicer

  • Unplug juicer– Be careful when handling the filter basket during cleaning, as the blades at the bottom are very sharp. For best juicing results, always thoroughly clean the filter basket with the nylon brush provided. Take juice extractor apart and rinse with cold water.
  • Then wash the pulp container,Wash the pulp container, juice pitcher, pusher, lid and rotating filter basket in hot, sudsy water, or place it in the top rack of the dishwasher. Do not use a metal brush or pad.
  • Finally, towel-dry all parts.

Some Additional Tips and Advice

  • Cleaning your juicer quickly after each use will help keep it working better and at the same time promote health in your body. Fresh juice and pulp will easily wash away with warm water.
  • Don’t soak any metal part of your juicer for too long to avoid rust.
  • Improper cleaning not only decreases the efficiency of the juicer, but it also alters the quality of juice obtained.
  • When a juicer has to be used multiple times a day, soak its parts in a water bowl under refrigeration after every use, and clean it thoroughly after the last juicing session.
  • To soften tough residue, soak the juicer parts in alcohol, such as vodka.
  • Always check the care instructions before placing any parts into the dishwasher, some parts of the juicer may not be able to handle mechanical washing methods. If the model requires hand washing, don’t use the dishwasher.
  • If you use your juicer several times a day, it will only need to be cleaned after the last juicing. For the time in between, soak the pieces in water or wrap them in plastic wrap and place them in the refrigerator.
  • Do not place the base of the juicer in the water because it contains a motor that could be damaged.
  • You can always order a replacement part for any part that you were not able to clean to your satisfaction, from its manufacturer.

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