How to Clean a Vinyl Floor

No matter what it is, there is always a concern on how to maintain your home and make it comfortable for visitors. Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness but permit me to add cleanliness is equal to wholeness. Have you ever been handicapped about how to clean your vinyl flooring? Worry no more because this guide got you covered, we will be exploring on how to clean vinyl floor.

How to Clean a Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring is extensively used because it is water-proof, fairly durable, adjustably resilient and insulating, easy to install, available with a variety of appearances, and inexpensive. Vinyl flooring is usually best used in kitchens and bathrooms because of these characteristics which make it comfortable to walk on than tiles or wood. It is important you learn how to clean vinyl floors and protect them from dents and scratches.

How to Clean a Vinyl Floor

The Following are 12 Simple Ways You Can Clean Your Vinyl Floor:

1. Use A Doormat

The first thing you should take note of here is that we are looking for ways to prevent your vinyl floor from being dirty and using a doormat can be of help. Doormats keep away dirt, tiny bits of gravel and chemicals. These specks of dirt if not removed can act as sandpaper ( as in abrasive) and remove the finishing of your vinyl floor. While chemicals in the form of asphalt can first stick to your shoes and then to the vinyl floor causing discoloration.

Get down to the local store and get yourself a doormat, wipe your shoe on it before coming in or better still take them off before coming into the house. Again you can place rugs on places and spots that have a lot of foot traffic like the sink area so you can stand on it while doing the dishes or any other thing, this will go a long way in maintaining your vinyl flooring.

2. Sweep Frequently

Keeping your Vinyl floor clean can be tasking as it is very important to clean frequently to prevent dirt from grounding in on the surface and eventually making it worn out soon. So anytime you are done with the dishes or any activity in your kitchen ( or where ever you have vinyl flooring installed) make it a habit to give your Vinyl floor the attention by sweeping it regularly. It will help in preserving your floor.

3. Use shampoo to Clean Hair Spray Build up on Vinyl floor

This cleaning option can be of great help if you have a hairspray build up maybe in your bathroom, hair shampoo can do wonders in cleaning your Vinyl floor. Hair shampoo works well when it has to do with washing hairs so be rest assured that hair shampoo can make your Vinyl floor sparkle, giving it a glow.

4. Learn Low Impact Cleaning Techniques

Your Vinyl floor is very fragile and it’s best to use the mildest methods when it comes to cleaning your floor. Use vacuum cleaner or brooms to sweep the floor, wipe out stains and spills immediately and if there are stains or dirts that hard to remove use a soap that goes well with your flooring to avoid scratch and discoloration.

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5. Don’t Drench Your Vinyl

As stated earlier, vinyl floorings are very delicate and should be given extra attention. When there are spills, it should be wiped off immediately to avoid drenching your floor and causing the moisture to go into seams, edges and cracks, thus destroying the glue holding the flooring in place. So get that cloth or mop now and make use of it whenever there is a spill. Again, avoid using wet mops to clean the floor as it can have the same effect on it.

cleaning your vinyl floor

6. Rinse Well to Remove All Soap

Your Vinyl floor is not like other floors such as tiles and woods, so you should not always use soap for cleaning your Vinyl floor even though it is a great method for cleaning. Soaps leave a film on the surface of your floor that accumulates and traps dirt which in turn is not good for your floor. It is advised to use just warm water and a damp mop for cleaning and when you have to wash thoroughly, use two mops , one for washing and the other for rinsing.

If you must use a liquid we found Aunt Fannies Vinegar Wash Floor Cleaner for cleaning your vinyl floor and it less than $10 on Amazon for with a lot of great flavour choices.

7. Forgo Rolling Casters

Roller casters can damage the surface of your vinyl flooring. Instead of that consider using or acquiring fitting chairs with felt tips, which can’t damage your floor.

8. Use A Simple Vinegar Solution for Your Everyday Cleaning

It is a general rule to use the mildest cleaning method as possible to clean your Vinyl floor. Apple cider vinegar can do a great job, vinegar is a wonderful cleanser and lives your floor spotless and fresh.

To make the vinegar solution; Mix a cup of Apple cider vinegar and a gallon of hot water and use to mop the floor. As the floor drys up, the smell of the vinegar will fade away. To have a shiny effect on your floor add jojoba oil with the mix.

For Deep cleaning, mix the standard apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of dish soap, this will help clean of dirt embedded on the floor.

9. Use The Right Cleanser

A lot of people are particular about the knowledge of cleanser they use for their floor, if this is a concern for you too  I would advice you get a cleanser manufactured for the purpose of cleaning vinyl flooring. An example of this is CarGuys Super Cleaner and Pine Sol.

10. Use Baking Soda Paste On Stains

Mix baking soda with a small amount of water to make a thick paste, with a soft cloth apply the paste on the surface where the stain is. Baking soda paste is a bit abrasive and can take the strain off immediately.

11. Use Oil or WD-40 to Remove.

Vinyl flooring usually is not known for ever being scuffed but if it happens you can use jojoba oil or WD to remove it by using the oil damped cloth on the affected area and be sure it will rub off.

12. Rub Alcohol for Makeup Or Ink Stain

To remove makeup, ink or pigmented item, Dab the area with a cloth damped with alcohol. The alcohol will immediately lift up the stain leaving your floor unaffected while for fingernail polish stain, apply an acetone-free nail polish remover on the area that is stained and it will do the magic. Please note that Acetone based nail polish remover can damage your vinyl flooring so avoid using it to clean  nail polish stain

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Frequently Asked Question on How to Clean a Vinyl Floor

Can you bleach vinyl flooring?

Yes, you can use bleach vinyl flooring but ensure it is diluted. Mix a cup of bleach to about 3 gallons of water.

Can you steam clean vinyl flooring?

Steam mops can damage your vinyl floor by allowing moisture into cracks and edges causing the glue holding the vinyl plank to loosen. For cleaning just use a damp mop.

How often should you mop Vinyl floor?

You should sweep daily but mop the floor once in two weeks to reduce the use of soap and chemicals.

How do you Clean a Really Dirty Vinyl Floor?

The best way to clean a dirty vinyl floor is to use apple cider vinegar. Its acidity can help clean of deep dirt. Simply dilute one cup of Apple cider vinegar with a gallon of hot water. Use this mix for mopping.

Can I use Pine-sol on Vinyl Floor?

Yes, you can Pine-Sol is one of the products specifically made for cleaning the vinyl floor. An alternative is using diluted apple cider vinegar.

Why is my Vinyl Floor Sticky?

Using too much of soap and chemical is a major reason your vinyl floor is sticky The soapy residues creates a film on the surface that holds and accumulates dirt which makes your floor sticky, avoid too much cleaning of your vinyl floor.


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