How To Clean Baseboards with Dryer Sheets

Although we regularly mop our floors at home, we find that the molding around our rooms tends to accumulate grime so frequently. We just can’t keep up. If you’ve noticed that you need to dust or clean baseboards with dryer sheets and want an easy way to do so, read on!

Baseboards collect dust, dirt, pet hair and general grime from the walls and the floor. Cleaning baseboards is a time-consuming process that needs to be repeated often.

Simplify the task by using dryer sheets instead of regular dusters, rags or soap and water for baseboards that stay cleaner longer. The fact that most dryer sheets are scented doesn’t hurt either – gives the rooms you do a nice clean smell without being overwhelming like a room deodorizer does!

How To Clean Baseboards with Dryer Sheets

Simply use a dryer sheet (yes the same ones you put in your laundry; that’s right, the static electricity that helps keep our clothes from clinging to each other after a tumble through the dryer can also stop dust, pet hair, and other annoying dirt flying around in the air from landing on your poor baseboards.) and run it along with the trim. This will not only remove the dust but also coats the area to prevent more particles from accumulating. This is a super fast and efficient way to clean the molding, especially if you have pets running around your house.

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Reduce and Reuse your Dryer Sheets To Clean Baseboards

Use your dryer sheet in the dryer before reusing it to clean your baseboards. A single dryer sheet is potent enough to keep clothes soft and static-free and clean your baseboards. Dryer sheets will last longer when cut in half before using in the dryer and for cleaning.

Reuse and Repel your Dryer Sheets To Clean Baseboards

Swipe the used dryer sheet over dusty baseboards. The sheet quickly attracts and holds buildup and coats the baseboards with its anti-static residue, which will repel dust and pet hair. Clean the baseboards with a dryer sheet whenever you notice dust buildup.

The idea makes sense. The reasons baseboards get so dusty (and covered in hair if you own an animal) is because the static draws the dust to them. A dryer sheet will coat the baseboard as you wipe it down so it continues to do its job long after you’ve finished cleaning. It prevents the dust from collecting and makes it so you only have to do a quick sweep of the floor and not get down on your knees to clean. This expands the dryer sheet’s already impressive usage as a computer case fan cleaner, a polish for fixtures and faucets, and to clean pots and pans.

Dry sheets would pick up the dust and dirt and the sheet would actually coat your baseboards with a substance that would repel future dust/dirt. The nicest thing was they picked up all the dust and didn’t let go of it – which is awesome, considering when you use a rag, the dust will ball up and end up on your floor and then you have to add vacuuming to your docket. It worked better than febreeze dusters because the rough texture of the dryer sheets actually scrubbed the baseboards.

How To Clean Baseboards with Dryer Sheets

Steps to Vacuum and Clean Baseboards with Dryer Sheets:

You can also follow the following steps to vacuum and clean your baseboards with dryer sheets;


Begin the process by removing as much dust and dirt as you can from the area. If your vacuum has a brush attachment, use it to suction along the length of the baseboards, pay special attention to the crevice where the trim meets the floor. If you don’t have a vacuum, you can rely on a duster to do a decent job of freeing up debris, which you can then corral and remove with a broom and dustpan.


Once you’ve removed all loose dirt and dust, you can begin to address stains and stuck-on grime; baseboards are the notorious hosts of unidentifiable splatters, especially in the kitchen. Dip a sponge into a mixture of warm water and dish soap or vinegar, then go about scrubbing any marks that you can find.

Note that if the baseboards in the room you are cleaning are stained, not painted, it may be preferable to use a cleaning solution formulated specifically for that application.


To clean baseboards in those hard-to-reach-spots, like the crevice between the trim and flooring, just grab a cotton swab from the bathroom and dip it in the cleaner, gently wiping away the dirt. The swab is small enough to fit into those tight spaces and corners, and absorbent enough for cleaning.


Protect the baseboards’ newly acquired cleanliness by rubbing them with a fresh dryer sheet. Not only will this leave a fresh laundry scent that lasts a few days, but also—and more importantly—the sheet’s antistatic properties actually repel dust.

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Check out Other Simple Ways to Clean Baseboards:

Magic Eraser

One way to clean the baseboards is by using a Magic Eraser. For example, use a bucket of soapy water or a mixture of vinegar and water to clean. It cleans baseboards easily.

Dust them

Grab a Swifter or a broom to clean the baseboards. Simply use the broom to reach in hard places to clean as well. Also, you can use or a dryer sheet to capture dust.


This is a great way to clean and remove dirt on the baseboards. Also, you can use the detachable vacuum attachments to reach hard places.


Lastly, one of the best ways to remove any dirt is to wipe the corners. You can use baby wipes as a gentle and eco-friendly option.

Castile soap

An ultimate cleanser that can be mixed with warm water free of chemicals and dyes. For example, Dr Bronner’s castile soap is a great option that can be purchased on Amazon.

Dawn dish soap

Yes, Dawn dish soap can work with removing grease and residue from baseboards, dishes, floors, kitchen sinks, and oil. Pour 3 – 4 drops of Dawn dish soap along with warm water to create a good lather. It is a great way to clean any baseboard back to its original glory. Lastly, don’t forget to use a microfiber cloth to clean. With these suggestions, you will be happy to see clean baseboards again.

You can wipe down the boards with dryer sheets to prevent dust buildup, after any of the above methods. This little hack coats the baseboards with some cleaner and banishes static, keeping dust off the boards and keeping your house a little cleaner for a little longer.


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