How to Get Permanent Marker off the Wall

How to Get Permanent Marker off the Wall

When you work with children and teens a lot, knowing how to get permanent marker off the wall can be a very resourceful skill. Children and juveniles can be very creative, proactive, and playful. Having them around can often be worrying. I’d bet you can clearly remember your last experience with them. Yes, they unintentionally used a permanent marker on your wall. Kids will always be kids. Have you ever wondered how to get these stains off? Well, we are here for you, and we’d be happy to show you how you can get permanent marker stains off your wall.

Some of these tools you can use include:

  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Toothpaste
  • Baking Soda and Green Abrasive Sponge
  • WD 40
  • Household Stain Removers
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Hair Spray
  • Insecticide Repellent

And guess what? All the materials you need are in your house and very inexpensive. So you don’t have to bother when children use permanent markers on your walls. All you have to do is apply any of the tips on how to remove a permanent marker off your walls. Read on:

Getting Permanent Marker off the Wall

To get permanent marker off your wall, use the following,

Dry Erase Markers

When using dry erase markers, you are advised to have both your permanent marker and your dry eraser of the same color. Write the dry eraser over the permanent marker and use a dry cloth to rub on it gently till the mark is off. This should do.


Toothpaste is a very useful household item, apart from the fact that it gives your teeth a sparkling and clean effect, it can be great at removing permanent marker off your wall. Mix white toothpaste with water in the right proportion. Rub the mixture on the marked wall and leave for about 10 minutes before rubbing with a clean cloth in a circular motion to lift up the mark. Finally, wipe the cloth with a damp cloth. Please note that you should not use gel toothpaste.

Baking Soda and Green Abrasive Sponge

Baking soda is a good cleaning agent and does well at removing marks from your wall, just like toothpastes (it contains baking soda too). Dampen the abrasive green sponge and put a pile of baking soda on it. Use it to scrub the affected area of your wall. Wipe off with a damp cloth. Do this repeatedly until the mark is off.

WD 40

This multi-purpose chemical is very useful in dealing with stains of any sort. Spray WD40 on the affected area on the wall carefully and scrub in a circular motion with a clean cloth. Afterward, wash with soap and water to remove any residual chemicals from your wall.

Household Stain Removers

Thank Goodness, there are stain removers, it seems as though the manufacturers had you in mind. Yes, there are a couple household stain removers such as Magic Eraser, Simple Green, Mr. Clean, etc. It is advised you read the manufacturers instructions before using any of the product. Apply the stain remover on the affected area of the wall and scrub gently with a soft cloth. Finally, rinse off with a bar of dish soap and water to remove any harmful residual chemicals from your wall.

Rubbing Alcohol

This is a great cleaning agent and can help remove that permanent marker stain from your wall, apply the chemical on your wall by using a soft cloth dampened with the alcohol, and scrub gently. Then get a bowl with water and an abrasive sponge use it to scrub the area too. Finally, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol, this should get the marks off your wall.

Using White Vinegar to Clear Out

White vinegar is a multi-purpose aqueous solution and due to its properties, it can help remove permanent marker stain off your wall. Apply it to the area before using a clean cloth to scrub the area. Do this carefully so you don’t mess up the paint in your wall

Hair Spray

We all have hair spray around and we want to announce to you that your favorite hairspray can also help remove permanent marker stain from your wall. Using a clean cloth, dab the affected area with your hair spray or you can simply spray the area directly. Leave for about 2minutes and scrub the area till the mark is off.


Due to the chemical properties of sunscreens, it can be used to remove permanent marker stain from walls, if it is a small stain, dab the area with sunscreen using clean clothe, allow for a few minutes usually 2-3 minutes and scrub well until the marker stain comes off. This method is a quick and easy one. Try it!

Insecticide Repellent

Insecticides can do a great job of removing permanent marker stains off your wall. Simply spray it over the affected area and dab with a clean cloth before scrubbing. Be sure to be very careful to avoid rubbing the insecticide repellent over the other areas if your wall. This will prevent the paint in your wall to dissolve and stop your wall from looking messy.


This cleaning agent can also be used to remove permanent marker stain off walls just like any other cleaning agent. Simply dab or spray the sample on the affected area of the wall and scrub just immediately with a clean clothe until the mark is off. Be careful not to spill the sample on a bare wall as this can damage your painted wall.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover? Yes this dissolving agent can help remove permanent marker stain from your wall especially if the mark is not too large. Dab the wall with a bail polish remover using a clean cloth. Ensure that the nail polish remover touches the stain properly and allow for a few seconds. Use the clothes to scrub the area until the stain is off, continue dabbing and scrubbing if necessary.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is a superb natural cleaning agent at home, and can be used to remove permanent marker stain from your wall. The acidic lemon and oil work together to gently coax the stain off of the surface without removing the paint. Plus it smells great! Apply the oil on the surface of the affected

Hand Sanitizers

This cleaning agent just like rubbing alcohol can also remove permanent marker stain because it also contains alcohol. Apply the hand sanitizer on your wall and scrub gently, continue this until the marks is coming off, finally wash off with dish soap and water.

Repaint Your Wall

Just in case the markers are all over your wall, I think you have to consider repainting your wall, since the surface area of the affected area of your wall is large it’s time to get your original paint or you could purchase a new one, just ensure it’s the same color as your wall paint and use it over your wall. Before this, it is important to prepare your wall, like washing, cleaning, and wiping dry to ensure the new paint stays well on your wall. Ensure the new paint doesn’t look like a patch on a wall and allow the paint to dry. Easy!


Can you remove permanent marker stain?

Yes it’s very possible to remove permanent marker stain from walls and surfaces.

Will magic eraser remove sharpies?

Magic eraser will do an excellent job at removing permanent marker stain from your wall. It is designed to remove marks from a wide variety of surfaced.

Does nail polish remover remove sharpie?

Nail polish remover can take off permanent marker stain from walls. It contains acetone which is a good cleaning agent.

How do you get permanent marker off textured plastic?

To get a permanent marker stain off any plastic material is simple. Just use baking soda or any alcohol-based product like nail polish remover to scrub the affected surface gently till the mark is off.

How do you get pen off walls without removing the paint?

Rubbing alcohol sill be great at removing pen ink mark from your wall without getting your paint off. Simply Dan and scrub with a clean cloth soaked in the sample until the mark is off.

How do you get old permanent marker off a whiteboard?

Just like most other surfaces, using a hand sanitizer, acetone, or rubbing alcohol can get rid of this stain from your whiteboard. Simply dab any of the samples on a clean clothe and scrub till the stain is off

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