Top 25 Ways to Get Rid of Moths Naturally.

Moths have become a great concern in most homes in recent times as it has a way of damaging household materials and clothing so our concern is how to get rid of moths naturally without the use harmful chemicals and reagents whether it a moth, larva or the infestation. These insects are attracted to light and can be seen in dark corners or at night because most of its species are nocturnal, while a lesser few are diurnal and crepuscular. Most adult moths usually don’t have mouth part so it’s the larvae that cause the damages. There are about a thousand of species of moth all of which has its economic value. Moths are known to destroy the agricultural crop and these are seen in pantries. Moths are also attracted to old fabrics.

How to Know You have a Moth Infestation.

Example of moth infestation at home: How to get rid of moths naturally
Example of moth infestation at home

The idea of your home being infested with moth is scary but it is important to take note of the signs of infestation.

  • Look out for webbing and cocoons in the corners of your wardrobe and cupboard.
  • Look out for damages in your clothes, also look out for larvae as they are the true culprit of the damage.
  • They have a treat sense of smell, that’s how they communicate, find a mate and detect food.
  • Check your clothes if they look dusty or discoloured or smell musty,
  • Also check for holes in your sweaters and any of your clothing made of silk, wool fur or leather.

Having known this, take note of the following ways to get rid of moth naturally in different areas and corners of your home such as clothing and carpet.

How to Get Rid of Moths Naturally

Be sure there be will a relieve because these 25 ways to get rid of moths naturally has been tested and trusted.

Use the following Repellents to Get Rid of Moths Naturally:

1. Lavender

Lavender and its essentials oil can be used to get rid of moths naturally,

  • Simply load small bags with lavender and place in your wardrobe close to boxes and inboxes where your off-season clothes are kept.
  • Or you can use cotton balls dipped in lavender oil, placing them in your wardrobes too.

Anyone who does any of the above gets the same result. Lavender smells great and in no way will it destroy your clothes.

2. Cedars

Cedars are moth repellant. Use a cedar hanger, a cedar ball or pack them in bags and hand them in your wardrobe, also you can use items that have the scent in pockets of the materials in your wardrobe and be sure that this will get rid of the moths.

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3. Clove oil

Clove oil is known as a pest repellant over time, this is another natural way to get rid of moths. It is the oil from cloves that does the magic even though dry cloves can work too.  Simply, Spritz the area around baseboards, under cabinets and appliances, and even on countertops to repel moths. cloves work better if mixed with other essential oil like citrus oil.

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4. Thyme

Just the smell of this herb keeps moth away. Pack this herb in sachets and hang in your closet and pantries. Replace the content of the sachet whenever it looses its fragrance.

5. Rosemary

Like other herbs, this herb does a great work by repelling moth just with its fragrance. So it is advised to also pack this herb in sachets and hang in closets and pantries.

6. Mint

Mint works well too for repelling moth. Pack a hand full of dried mint leaves in small sachet and place them around corners in your wardrobe or simply place the leaves among your clothes.

7. Bay Leaves

Scatter bay leaves on your pantries, closets and shelves, this will prevent moths from coming close to your clothes and food item.

8. Moth Balls

These are a great moth repellent, simply purchase the balls and place them on every corner of your wardrobe and clothes. It comes with a choking scent which is left on your clothes and wardrobe and can be unhealthy for human.

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9. Cinnamon sticks

Pests and insects despise cinnamon which is a great pest repellent and can watch off moth. Simply place 3-4 sticks of cinnamon with 1/2 cup of whole black peppercorn around your clothes or closets and in the pantry.

Get Rid of Moths Naturally From your Wardrobe

Ways to Get Rid of Moths Naturally

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10. Wash your cloth

Moths can get into dirty clothes because of leftover food on them, it is important to do a thorough washing of all your clothes, suitcases and bags to remove larvae completely. Use hot dryer for your clothes and freezer for those materials that can’t be hot dried, this will kill every egg or larvae that have been laid on them.

11. Clean your Wardrobe

Ensure that everything in the wardrobe is cleared and washed thoroughly to remove larvae and clean out stains. Clean every corner of your wardrobe with diluted vinegar and polish them again.

12. Brush your Cloth after You have Worn it

Moths larvae have a way of getting into clothes that have been worn outside, so brush your clothes (sweaters and cardigans) when you pull them off and before you put them into your closet.

13. Keep your Wardrobe Well Ventilated

Moths are attracted to humid spaces so keep your closet cool and properly ventilated.

14. Ensure your Clothes are Arranged Properly

Make sure your clothes are packed well. Your clothes should be arranged and packed according to how you wear them. For clothes, you don’t usually wear store them in airtight bags because moths thrive under high humidity.

15. Air out Your Clothes

Sundry your clothes especially those that have been stored for a while during winter. This is to ensure that every moth larvae in it will be killed.

16. Pack your Clothes in Airtight Bag

Do this for clothing that you don’t wear regularly or you wear in some season.

Get Rid of Moths Naturally From  Your Kitchen

17. Examine your Food Source

Bulk food items for storage should be properly examined for the egg of moths. It has been researched that even sealed food can be infested by moths known as Plodia interpunctella. Again check for food items like nuts, oatmeal and grains, this food is usually infested when they are brought home.

18. Place your Food item in Your Freezer when you bring them Home

For every food item you buy in bulk with an intention to store them, you have to freeze for 3-4days to kill any egg or larvae that might have been in it before moving the food item to the pantry.

19. Throw Away Infected Food in your Kitchen

If you notice any food that has been infected with moth throw them out immediately as this can be a breeding ground for the insect.

20. Scour Your Kitchen

Thorough cleaning of your kitchen is very important every now and then but if you notice any moth infestation, carry this out as soon as possible to reduce their spread. Clean every corner of your kitchen, wooden kitchen wares and cupboards, wash out all dishes, mop and polish kitchen floor, if you have a carpet in your kitchen, vacuum it.

21. Store Food in Airtight Containers

Avoid storing your food in cardboard and light plastic bags as moths can eat through them instead, store your foods in containers that can be sealed and are airtight.

Get Rid of Moths Naturally From Your Carpets

22. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming daily reduces moth infestation in carpets and rugs. Carpets and rugs seem to be one of their breeding ground.

23. Control Temperature and Humidity

Moths and its larva thrive in high humidity and temperature, usually during summer and thrive slowly or not likely to survive in the winter season. Ensure your home is properly ventilated and use an air-conditioner to cool your house. This will help reduce temperature and humidity.

24. Seal Cracks and Crevices

There are possible places moths can hide especially places you can’t reach when cleaning such as cracks in the back of pantries and cracks where cabinet are attached to the wall. All these spaces should be sealed completely.

On Extreme Cases of Moth Infestation;

25. Call an exterminator

If the moth infestation has gotten worse and beyond your control, if you have tried all you can to clean up but can’t seem to reach some possible areas where moths can breed, it will better off to contact an exterminator to fumigate the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions on How to Get Rid of Moths Naturally

How do you Get Moths in Your house?

Moths can come into your house through open doors and windows, through bulk food item like grains and through your clothes as larvae can be laid on it.

How long do Moths live in a House?

As long as they breed in the house, moths can be there for as long as 11-13months.

Can Moth Hurt You?

Even though the majority of moths don’t have mouthparts and so can’t bite, they cause an allergic reaction in humans that comes in contact with its wings.

Where do moths go during the day?

Just like every other nocturnal animal, moths rest during the day and are active at night.

Do Moths Die in Winter?

Adult moths have short life span but its egg or larvae can survive through winter by remaining in its the dormant state until there is a humid environment for it to thrive in.

How long does Clothes Moth Live?

They have a life cycle between 65-90 days during this period they lay about 50eggs which live and thrives on the cloth material and it’s mature.


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