How to Get Rid of Spiders in the House Completely- Detailed Guide 2019

How to Get Rid of Spiders

Spiders are one of the most hated creatures that invade our house quite frequently. Most species of spider are harmless to humans but if you’re one of the many people who doesn’t like to share their home with spiders. If you really dislike spiders, here are some easy ways to get rid of spiders from your house. You can either choose to get rid of spiders naturally or chemically, whichever way you choose to get rid of these spiders, we are here to show how to go about it.

How to Get Rid of Spiders Naturally.

Below are different easy ways of getting rid of spiders naturally, without having to kill them yourself.

How to Get Rid of Spiders by Keeping a Clean Environment

Spiders like to have places to hide and one of the best ways to prevent this is by keeping your house neat and tidy through regular cleaning and de-cluttering. Also, dust and vacuum regularly to rid of unwanted webs from your house. Opt for plastic storage containers rather than cardboard boxes as these are harder for spiders to crawl into.

Make sure spiders don’t get into your house in the first place by moving anything that they would be likely to hide in away from any exterior walls. This could include leaves, grass clippings, vegetation, compost or woodpiles. Move bins away from your house to keep spiders at bay! Spiders love flies and refuse bins are like food courts to spiders, as flies love to hang around rubbish. Wheel your bins to new places as far away from your house as possible, and keep them closed at all times to keep spiders well away from your windows and doors.

How to Get Rid of Spiders using Natural Spider Spray

Make your natural spider repellent spray combine the apple cider vinegar, oil, pepper, and liquid soap. Put everything in a spray bottle and mix well.

Spray in areas where spiders congregate, such as the bathroom and other damp areas in your home.

Also spray it outside of your home along windows, windowsills, and doors, so spiders won’t enter. Respray everything every couple of days and after it rains.

How to Get rid of Spiders with Vinegar

Attack spiders with vinegar. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which is thought to burn and kill spiders upon contact.

Grab a spray bottle and mix equal part of white vinegar and water together in the bottle. Go around the house and spray your mixture into all the little crevices around your home to deter spiders and also spray it directly on any spider you see.

Don’t worry about the smell, that will disappear as soon as it dries.

You can also place small dishes of vinegar in dark corners to ward away spiders. The odor alone may be enough to repel them.

How to Get rid of Spiders using Tobacco

Spiders are not big fans of tobacco, hence it’s an amazing and strong spider deterrent. Spiders really dislike the smell given out by tobacco, which prevents them from entering the vicinity as soon as they detect it.

To get rid of spiders using tobacco use any of these methods; l Simply spread the tobacco leaves where spiders tend to occur or mix them with water and spray the mixture around the house.

You can also make tobacco balls by mixing the leaves with flour and water and placing them around your house to repel spiders.  If you have children and pets, you can mix tobacco with water and create a spray, so they do not get a hold of the leaves.

You can also prepare a simple solution of tobacco and white vinegar. This solution can be sprayed to the required spots in the house. Alternatively, you can also opt to simply sprinkle some pieces of tobacco around the places, which need to be liberated from the spiders.

Turn off your Outdoor Lights to Rid of Spiders

It’s no secret that light attracts insects, and insects are spider’s favorite food. While light itself doesn’t attract spiders, it does attract the insects that spiders feast on so turn off the outside lights to prevent spiders coming near the house. You can use yellow sodium vapor lights as these are less likely to attract insects.

How to get rid of spiders Using Horse Chestnuts

Horse Chestnuts – also known as conkers – contain certain chemicals that spiders find unpalatable. Place horse chestnuts in the corners of your house where you experience high traffic levels of spiders. Cut a few holes in them to further release any chemicals.

Use a Pet to Get Rid of Spiders

Many pets, especially cats, will chase anything that moves, and this includes spiders.  This is one of the best ways to banish spiders without chemicals. If you haven’t already got a furry pal to help, what are you waiting for?

Though they may not be able to get rid of all the spider, if anyone runs across the floor, they will catch it for you. Just use caution if you have poisonous spiders in your home because these can harm animals too.

How to get rid of spiders with Essential oils

Spiders are repelled by strong scents that, happily, many of us already use as home fragrances. Rather than turning to commercial pesticides that contain harmful chemical, look to essential oils to repel spiders in your home. These oils, acts as a repellent for other pests such as mosquitoes, flies, lizards, etc. So, here is the list of essential oils that you can use.

How to Get Rid of Spiders with Citrus Peel

Spiders hate citrus scent, such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits, so it’s the perfect weapon. Rub citrus peel along skirting boards, window sills and bookshelves. Use lemon-scented cleaners and furniture polish, and burn citronella candles both inside and outside of your home

Remember to replace them every 24 to 48 hours to that the smell stays potent enough to chase spiders away.

You can also use lemon oil to get rid of spiders, to do that just take an ounce of lukewarm water in a spray bottle and add lemon oil to it. Spray it throughout your abode. This would not only keep spiders away but would make your house smell amazing.

Orange oil is which extracted from the peel of an orange, can also be used for getting rid of spiders because of its smell. To use, just make a spray of sweet orange oil and see those awful creatures staying far away from your house

How to Get Rid of Spiders Using Baking Soda

Other great home remedies to rid your house of spiders are found in the kitchen pantry. The application of baking soda is a great low-cost remedy for driving the spiders away. Just a spoonful sprinkled in the corners, window sills, and doorways of your house will send spiders fleeing.

 It is more effective when used in combination with sugar. Simply mix both in equal amount and sprinkle around the house. This mixture not only works wonder for the spiders but is equally helpful for getting rid of other pests.

How to get rid of spiders with Garlic

Spiders don’t like the smell of garlic. Put whole cloves or crushed cloves into a spray bottle filled with water and use to scent the corners, floors and skirting boards of any room prone to receiving unwanted guests.

Garlic oil derives most of its properties due to the presence of allicin which is a sulfur-based compound that repels spiders.

Wash your fruits thoroughly to get rid of spiders.

Fruit attracts flies, which attract spiders. Grapes are particularly appealing to insects, so spiders are more likely to make their web amongst and around them.

Although most farmers now used pesticides which should prevent this, organically-grown produce may be more likely to house one or two spider.

To be on the safe side, always give fruit a clean when you bring them home from the supermarket.

Getting Rid of Spiders Using Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is rich in pulegone, which is a natural pesticide and it also contains menthone and carvone, which add to its potential of deterring spiders. It is very simple to administer the peppermint oil for spiders.

Fill up a spray bottle with water and add 20 drops of peppermint essential oils. Head to the cracks and corners of your house and spray the mixture into them to get rid of spiders without killing them.

Another option is to use a peppermint tea bag. Once you’ve brewed the tea, leave the squeezed bag in the room that’s prone to spiders to deter them.

Change the oil that you use regularly to ensure that the remedy continues to be effective

How to get rid of spiders using Borax

Borax is most commonly used to keep ants out, but it helps to repel spiders too because it kills them if they get into it. Borax, when combined with the boric acid, becomes a great pesticide. It can be used to get rid of cockroaches, insects, ants, spider mites, and even spiders. Once swallowed, it reaches to their stomachs and disrupts it. Along with this, it causes harm to their nervous system and their body (21). Therefore, it is something that kills the spiders. You can simply sprinkle some borax powder over the areas where you frequently notice the spiders.

Just sprinkle some borax in areas where spiders are coming in and setting up spider webs.

You can also put this between your window and storm windows and along the thresholds of your doors.

Using Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of Spiders

Diatomaceous earth is a naturally-existing soft, siliceous sedimentary rock, which can be finely ground into powder. The particles of this powder have a sharp edge, which penetrates through the larval stage of the spiders and harms the protective layer of the adult ones. The diatomaceous earth absorbs the oils and fats from the cuticles of the insects’ exoskeleton, causing them to dry out and, hence, killing them. This powder is made from naturally-formed fossils of a water creature known as the diatom. It is safe for both people and pets.

Spread diatomaceous earth around. Scatter a fine layer of this powder around cracks, corners, windows, and basements. Spread it anywhere and everywhere you expect a spider to be.

When a spider crosses over the diatomaceous earth, its exterior gets cut up, causing bodily fluids to leak out. The spider eventually dries out and dies as a result.

Tomato Leaves for getting rid of spiders

The plant of tomato is basically known for its sweet and sour taste. The same tomato plant can also give us leaves that solve the mystery of how to keep spiders away. It can be used to prepare a simple spider repellent spray to avoid sharing your home with the creepy creatures. So, just go and pluck some leaves of tomato from your garden. Blend the leaves with water and transfer it to the spray bottle. You can now use this spray as a potent weapon against the bugs such as spiders. You can also store this concoction in the refrigerator as it can stay fresh for many weeks.

Liquid Dish Wash Soap for getting rid of Spiders

The liquid dish wash you use is now a weapon that you can use in your fight against the spiders. And, the best part is that even a mild one will work as strongly as the hard one. It forms a soapy film on the body of spiders, thus, suffocating them. Take about 2 teaspoons of mild dish wash soap and mix it with a gallon of lukewarm water. You can use a jar for the same. Shake the jar vigorously to form to mix well. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and use it for spraying. This mixture works best only when it is freshly prepared, and hence, it cannot be stored.

Additional Tips on How to Get Rid of Spiders

Use an extension dusting pole to clean ceilings, light fixtures, and corners and clean your air ducts at least once a season

Don’t stack firewood along your home’s foundation. Keep shrubs and trees from touching your exterior walls, and trim or mow grasses regularly.

Be sure to close your chimney flue when the fireplace is not in use.

Wash your bananas and other fruits very well.

Place spider glue traps in areas where you often find spiders, like behind the water heater and under utility sinks.

Spiders don’t like peppermint oil smell and will run away in the opposite direction when they detect it, so use a combination of it and vinegar against them. Spray windowsills and entryways with a solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1 1/2 cups water, and ten drops of peppermint essential oil. they smell and taste through their feet. So they basically refrain visiting the locations where they sense the presence of those particular objects.

Remove vegetation away from the perimeter of your house. If you have a serious spider problem, consider transplanting shrubs, trees, ivy, and other plants from the perimeter of your house to the opposite side of the yard.

You should also remove mulch, stones, leaves, or other debris near your home.

Keep a tidy house. Clean homes give spiders fewer places to hide out in, making them less likely to stay even if they do slip inside.

Use plastic storage containers. Airtight plastic containers are difficult for spiders to crawl into, but cardboard boxes are fairly easy.

You can also protect your home and prevent spiders from crawling in by spreading diatomaceous earth around the perimeter of your house.

Use sodium vapor lamps outside your house and keep the lights switched off, if not required. The lights tend to attract other insects, which in turn, serve as an invitation to the spiders.

Use web eliminators available in the pest control shop. This would not only get you rid of the spiders but even the spider mites.

Plant herbs such as mint, catnips, lemon, etc. in your yard. This would ensure that the spiders do not get access to your yard, and hence, the home.

Seal all the openings such as cracks and crevices in the walls along with the internal areas of your wardrobes. These serve as entry points for the spiders. Sealing these would ensure that spiders do not enter your house. Make sure that you repair the holes and cracks in the window screens and use insect screens in the chimneys and vents.

Wash the premises and potent spots with liquid dish wash once in a while. This would prevent spiders.

Use fragrant essential oils to make the environment unfavorable for the entry of spiders. This would also make your house smell amazing. You can also prepare a home-made spider repellent spray as explained in the home remedies above.

Do not ignore the egg scabs. Remove them as soon as you notice them.

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