How to Get Rid of Static from Clothing

How to Get Rid of Static from Clothing

Knowing how to get rid of static from clothing will go along way to eliminating discomfort as you wear your clothing during dry weather. Static clinging in clothing is as a result of electric charge build-up when dry fabrics rub against each other. It is the tendency for an object to cling together. If you usually have issues with statics it means you have to change the way you do your laundry.

Some of the methods of getting rid of static in clothing include:

  • Using Metals
  • Spraying Your Clothes
  • Adjust Your Wash Cycle
  • Adding Baking Soda to Your Wash Cycle
  • Adding Vinegar to Your Rinse Cycle
  • Adding a Fabric Softener

There and various other ways help handle static in clothes. With these, you can say goodbye to statics in your clothes. Remember it all boils down to how you handle your clothes when you wash and dry them, so be sure to adhere to the following tricks to remove static quickly from clothing when you are at home or on the go.

How To Get Rid of Static From Clothing

Using Metals

When on the go, you could get a pin and pass in between your clothes and your skin. To do this, take a metal safety pin and turn your clothes inside out. Slide the pin into your clothes in such a way that it is hidden from the outside. This helps absorb charges.  You can now we’re your clothes and leave for that urgent event. Avoid placing the pins in positions around your clothes that are visible, it is unsafe since you will come in contact with people.

After washing your clothes and drying your clothes, you could glide metal hangers through your clothes before putting them on. If you are simply putting out your clothes, ensure you do that on metal hangers in your wardrobe. These hangers also help absorb the charges due to static.

A metal thimble can also do the job of removing static from your clothes, use the thimble to brush through your clothes. In fact, using any metal object can achieve the same result. So, not to worry if you don’t have a thimble

Spraying your Clothes

You can use a hairspray to combat static on your clothes. Hairsprays are usually made to keep your hair shiny and also to reduce static on your hair. Standing about 2ft away and spraying your clothes will ensure your clothes are not soaked but also ensure that your mission is accomplished, which is getting rid of static in your clothes. This is a temporary method and can be applied immediately on the go.

You could also spray your clothes with a fabric softener. Simply get a proper mixture of the spray and water usually in this ratio 1:30. Stand about 2 ft away from your clothes and spraying the mixture on your clothes. This should reduce static.

In addition, you could also spray your clothes with lukewarm water. It will achieve the same goal. Just ensure you are careful so you don’t dampen your clothes.

Adjust Your Wash Cycle

This is another simple way to get rid of static from clothing. There are various ways to do this and it includes:

Adding Baking Soda to Your Wash Cycle

Adding baking soda can do a great deal at reducing static from your clothes like a fabric softener. Before you start washing add baking soda to the wash from with a washing detergent and wash  your clothes as usual.  Please take note, this method works best when applied in conjunction with other methods as rinsing and drying your clothes with the machine can reduce the effect of the baking soda. It is also important to use quantity of baking soda in relation to the quantity of  your clothes. Find out other uses of baking soda here.

Adding Vinegar to Your Rinse Cycle

After the initial wash cycle, you could add vinegar ( preferably white vinegar) on your rinse cycle. Vinegar is known to softner clothing material and ensuring it doesn’t become too dry, its this dryness that causes static. In essence vineregar reduces static on your clothes. Just ensure you add the right quantity.

Adding a Fabric Softener

Just like with vinegar, you could add a fabric softener to your washing machine during the wash cycle. Ensure you follow the instructions as regards using the softener. It will drain the electric charge that builds up during the washing process away.

Drying Your Clothes Properly

You could add dryer balls to your dryer before your wet clothes are put in the dryer. Dryer balls are designed to reduce charges on clothes by helping to reduce one clothes rubbing against another which causes the electric charge build-up. Add one or two dryer balls to your drying machine now.

Another way to dry your clothes is to add a damp washcloth to the drying machine about 10minutes before the drying process is over and turn it back on to continue. The damp washcloth will absorb all the electric charges that might have built up during the drying process and makes the clothes soft, and none of them will cling as they would have.

In addition, you could simply take out your clothes from the dryer immediately the drying process is over and give each fabric a shake for about 5sec each. This removes the electric charge on the clothes. Remember that this only works if you take out your clothes immediately after drying and ensure you shale the clothes one at a time, the goal is to reduce static and not cause them to build up.

I can finally add, to reduce static you could simply air dry your clothes instead of using your machine. After the washing process with your machine take out your clothes one fabric at a time and place than on hangers ( metals preferably) to air dry. Alternatively, you can machine-dry your clothes half time and air dry them on a hanger the rest of the time.

Use a Good Moisturizer on Your Skin

Before wearing your clothes, applying a moisturizer on your skin, this will reduce the electric charges and sparks and you will be comfortable again in your clothes.

More Useful Tips

Use an Anti-static Spray

These sprays are designed to reduce static on clothes and can be used on clothes and on the skin. They are very effective.

Use Talcum Powder

You can apply talcum powder on the area with the most spark on your skin before wearing your clothes, this will help to reduce the electric charge.

Wear Leather Shoes Instead

If you notice charges in your clothes during the day, check the sole of shoes, are they rubber? Rubbers builds up electric charge from the ground. To avoid this , wear leather shoes more often.

Use Baby Powder

Baby powder? Yes, baby powder. You want to look great on your dress, sprinkle some on your skin before wearing your clothes and see the wonders.

Avoid Wearing Silk Clothing

It is a general knowledge, that synthetic clothing are more prone to static than other type of fabric. So when next you go shopping, go for natural fibre fabric with less static.

How to Prevent Future Static Build-up


To prevent future static build ,make it a habit of air drying your clothes when they are a bit damp. This will go a great way at reducing charges in your clothes. This can be a bit tedious but common who wants shocks all their bodies when they are all dressed up. In no time you will get used to naturally drying your clothes. Not to forget, use a metal hanger , this can also help with the electric charges

Rinse with Vinegar

Always rinse your clothes with vinegar, doing this will help remove bad smell from your clothes, which is an add advantage. But importantly, it removes the electric charges on your clothes. You can use apple cider vinegar but not on white fabrics, white vinegar is preferable. Make this a habit.

Use a Humidifier

Static biuld up when the environment is very dry, so it is important to humidifier your home. This will reduce the static on your clothes in general.  Use a humidifier or plant to keep the air humid.

Avoid Over-drying Your Clothes

Since it is a known fact that dryness causes static , so it is important that you don’t overdo drying your clothes. Let it be a little bit damp and air dry the rest.


What causes static in clothes?

Statics are caused by the build up of electrical charges due to dryness and friction in clothes.

Is static on clothes dangerous?

The electric charges in clothes is usually accompanied with sparks as you take off your clothes. This sparks are not dangerous at all. This level of spark depends on the dryness of the atmosphere and the type of fabric.

Does static cling go away?

Yes there are things to do to ensure that the statix on your clothes go away, this methods are very simple and can be applied even when on the go.

Does cotton have static problem?

Well, clothes in general have static problem but natural fibre like cotton has less static issue than other synthetic fibre .

Can static electricity start a fire in bed?

Static electricity causes sparks and for it to cause a fire outbreak, it must be energetic enough. So not worry, static on your clothes or bedsheet can rarely or never cause a fire out break.

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