How to Keep Your House Clean and Organized: 75 Tips

how to Keep Your House Clean and Organized

How to keep your house clean and organized is very different from merely having a clean home. A clean and organized house is simply the best, If you want to make the most of your space, try some of these organization ideas. If you’re looking for fast and easy ways to keep your house clean and organized, these budget-friendly organization ideas are a great place to start from. Some days your house may feel like a zoo but it shouldn’t look like one. Just one or two small changes can tame clutter and help your home feel organized, clean, refreshed and renewed.

How to Keep Your House Clean and Organized

No matter which part of your house you want to keep clean and organized, here are 75 very easy and budget-friendly organization ideas.

Organizational Ideas for Organizing your House:

1. Create Clear Zones

Create or map out areas for doing certain things such as eating, lounging, sleeping etc, each of them should all take place in different areas of your house. And assign specific living quarters to everything you own and enlist baskets, trays, crates, and hooks to help. If it doesn’t have a place, it doesn’t stay in the house.

2. Streamline Your Nightstand

Try and limit your nightstand accessories to a jewelry dish, fresh flowers and a scented candle. Your bedroom should feel soothing, not cluttered and stressful. You can also add a photo frame for a sentimental touch.

3. Illuminate Your Space

Beautiful light fixtures brighten up your house and will inspire you to keep it clean and organized, be sure to keep your rooms well illuminated.

4. Use Ottoman Coffee Table

Instead of a traditional coffee table, use a tufted ottoman with available interior storage. You’re never wiping sticky fingers off a glass surface or worrying about kiddos bumping into corners, and it gives you the easy access to throw in toys or other items when a guest is on her way over.

5. Make Your Bed

There’s nothing better than a substantial comforter and cozy bedding to keep warm during the colder months, and you’ll be surprised how refreshing such a small change can be, don’t underestimate the power of swapping out your bedding in the winter.

kep you mattress clean

6. Tame Clutter With a Tray

Don’t allow drink coasters, a remote and coffee table books to just take up space. A small, open tray on the coffee table keeps remote controls from slipping between sofa cushions. Using a coffee tray to designate space for all those odds will definitely make you feel better.

7. Bar Chart

These have become the new way to dress up your space while still streamlining your cabinet and countertop storage. Bar charts will help you mobilize your drinks with tiny options that are easy to tuck away or pull out while entertaining, we love the flexibility that a bar cart brings for a clean and organized house. Choose a system that also includes hooks for maximum versatility. These Bar cart will do the job effectively.

8. Elevate Your Playroom Shelving

Add a playful and highly visual element—such as numbers, letters or shapes—to encourage organization skills in your wee ones.

9. Go Natural

Introducing a little greenery to your space will make you feel better. Adding natural things such as indoor air plants, a jute rug, bamboo shades or a wood vase foster an inner sense of calm and peace because of their ties to the great outdoors.

10. Bookcase knick-knacks

Take some minutes to clean and organize your bookcase with all those little tidbits that never seem to have a place to belong, and you’d be surprised at what you’ll create in your house!

11. Build a Nap Nook (With Drawers!)

Create an easy spot to tuck away the clutter that tends to build up at the bottom of the stairs.

12. Use a Card Catalog as a Wine Holder

A bottle of wine fits perfectly into a drawer of an old card catalog. You can stash birthday and holiday cards in empty drawers; drawers without wine.

13. Mail and Miscellaneous Papers

If your junk drawer is already full? Then set up an inbox for all of your papers — mail, receipts, and your kid’s notes from school — and sort through the pile once a week. You can simply pop on the lid to hide the clutter when a visitor comes by.

14. Junk “Drawer”

Take advantage of your kitchen cabinets by turning the backs into an organization station. Sort everything into categories and file in pocket organizers, which stick on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors.

15. Pantry

Stock shelves like the grocery store do. By placing the newest boxes, containers and cans behind the older stuff, so you’ll use the older food first. Keep stock of what you actually have by placing dry foods such as cereals, beans, nuts, and flour, in labeled containers.

16. Exchange Storage Bins for Lockers

To contain the clutter of school papers, art projects and knickknacks, get lockers from a secondhand store and designate a row for each of your kids.

17. Kitchen Counters

Cluttered countertops are a chef’s nightmare. Grouping kitchen gear by color lets you reap the benefits of an organized kitchen without the stress of visible clutter. Amp things up a notch by taking everything off the counters and storing them on open shelves.

18. Kitchen Cabinet

Turn the inside of a cabinet door into an undercover organization station that stores important info like the WiFi password, memos, and coupons. Create your own memo board by trimming chalkboard vinyl to size and position at eye level.

19. Fridge and Freezer

The key to having a fridge as pristine and organized as a celebrity is clear, stackable storage containers. You can get a set of containers that will fit different fruit and vegetables, condiments, drinks, and eggs. You can even customize them to your taste and style.

20. Grocery Shopping

Turn the back of a cabinet into a makeshift shopping station with an adhesive pocket for coupons and chalkboard decal for shopping lists. Post weekly dinner menus on the fridge and alternate among them for easier grocery shopping and meal planning.

21. Under the Sink

If you are always reaching out for these products soap, feminine hygiene products, and spare rolls of toilet paper, then try a stackable cabinet with a sliding drawer for easy access. Maximize the space under the sink by adding stackable storage like bins and drawers to make the most out of the open space

22. Jewelry and Makeup

Keep your everyday essentials  — jewelry, skincare products, perfume, and makeup — in one spot with this two-piece organizer. Your most-worn products will still be at arm’s reach without causing a mess on your countertops.

23. Linen Closet

Instead of tucking your linens away in baskets, place everything straight on the shelves so that you can see exactly what you have. Use shelf dividers to keep everything separated and prevent stacks from toppling over. Store sheet sets in the same room as the bed, between the mattress and box spring, or tucked into an under-the-bed box. You can store sheets sets within the pillowcase to take the stress out of making the bed.

24. Dresser Drawers

You can get a set of four fabric organizers — six dividers for scarves or ties, eight dividers for underwear, seven dividers for bras, and twenty-four dividers for socks — gives everything a home. Plus, you’ll actually be able to see if you’re running low on something before you try getting dressed in the morning.

25. Install Hanging Shelves.

If there is no space for a dresser, use one or two sets of canvas hanging shelves in the closet, this will also make choosing clothes much easier.

26. Bookcase

For some, their personal library is tucked away in a Kindle. For others, it’s scattered on shelves, nightstands, and floors throughout their home. Make your bookcases functional and pleasing to the eye by ordering books by height or color.

27. Clothes

Take tried-and-true outfits and hang the items together — shirts, pants, and accessories. Placing clothes and their coordinating accessories on streamlined velvet hangers, you’ll be able to fit more in your closet, no matter the size.

28. Purses

Since you spend a lot of money on your bags, you might as well keep them in tip-top shape. This space-saving organizer holds up to six purses or backpacks and easily hangs right in your closet.

29. Shoe Organization

Whether you have designated shelves, shoe boxes, or a cluster of shoes at the bottom of the closet, organizing shoe heels to toe can maximize your space and give you a better look at the assortment of colors, toe styles, and heel heights. Also, leave a cute shoe basket or shelf by the front door to avoid those painful long searches through the house.

30. Magazines

Recycle any magazine older than two months, instead of keeping every magazine you’ve ever read, just cut out recipes, workouts, or cleaning tips, and recycling the rest.

31. Cables and Cords

Protect your kids and pets from power strips by storing them inside a wooden cable organizer. To understand what’s what, save the plastic tags from loaves of supermarket bread, write the name of each device on a tag, and clip it around the relevant cord. Genius.

32. Playroom

Put a hula hoop on the floor and challenge your kids to pick up everything inside the ring and return it to its proper place. Keep filling it with toys until the floor is completely clear.

33. Homework Station

Every house with school-age kids needs a homework station. You can fill a clear plastic bin with pencils, scissors, rulers, and other supplies, so your kids don’t waste time searching for supplies every day. When the assignments are done, everything gets returned to the bin and your kid sets up his or her backpack for the next morning.

34. Toys

Exchanging traditional coffee table for a tufted ottoman. This will allow your kids to store all their toys in one room without sacrificing your knack for décor. You can even pick up a couple of them and designate each ottoman for a specific kid or toy type.

35. Get an Outdoor Toy Storage Box.

Leave a weatherproof, bench-style storage box outside for the kids’ outdoor toys.

36. Keep Toy Spillover in Lidded Baskets.

Keep some toys undercover in the living room with decorative, lidded baskets.

37. Keep Kids Toys and Books in Baskets.

Stand kids paperback books in rectangular plastic or wicker baskets so they’re easy to sift through.

38. Garage Organization

Your garage is made for storing cars, not stuff. Go vertical with your storage by making the most out of the wall space, even above the garage doors. Install pulley-style systems for bulky items that you don’t use every day like ladders and bikes.

39. Tame Cords with a Picture Ledge.

Uncross wires and gain back precious workspace by turning a simple picture ledge into a charging dock. Use a drill fitted with a 3/4″ bit to make holes in the bottom of the shelf, then hang it on the wall above your desk. Thread your charging cords through the holes so you can plug in devices quickly.

40. Use the Walls.

Hang canvas bins from sturdy hooks, either in a row or grid pattern, to free up space on the floor. You can use them to corral board games, books, magazines, and other items inside. Select a style with a soft color or patterns, and these catchalls can become wall decor, too.

41. Setup an Outbox.

Create a designated spot for outgoing items (packages, store returns, and more) to prevent them from crowding the tabletop and floor.

42. Think about your Daily Routine.

Put things where they work for you: vitamins by the juice glasses, coats in the garage, and key hooks by the door.

43. Get Rid of CD and DVD Cases.

Say goodbye to CD stands and move all your discs to a storage wallet. Better yet, import songs into your iTunes library and commit to only buying digital moving forward. You can also convert home videos with a mail-away service like

44. Put a trash can in every room.

Keep a trash can in every room in your house so there’s always a place to toss trash.

45. Stick to a Cleaning Routine.

To make cleaning feel less overwhelming, jot your routine down on index cards — organized by daily, weekly, and monthly to-dos — and post them on a bulletin board.

46. Get Rid of Things you never Wear.

Whenever you run across anything stained, ripped, the wrong size, or never worn, immediately toss it in the trash or a charity box.

47. Organize Cleaning Supplies in a Caddy.

Use a plastic caddy, not valuable shelf space, to store cleaning supplies. Keep it on the broom closet floor, remember to keep them out of children reach, and tote it from room to room.

48. Keep Extra Blankets Nearby, but Hidden.

Keep a cedar chest or a lightweight wicker basket at the foot of your bed to store blankets and extra pillows in a cute, organized fashion.

49. Keep a Dustpan in Every Bathroom.

Tuck a whisk broom and dustpan under the sink in each bathroom for an easy daily dust-up.

50. Remember to Stock up on Toilet Paper.

Put different-colored toilet paper behind your stash of regular rolls. When the colored one ends up on the spool, you know it’s time to buy more.

51. Cut Down on Paper Towel Use.

Put that box of old rags and T-shirts to good use and put them next to your cleaning products for easy access.

52. Empower your Kids to Get Organized.

Give kids their own alarm clocks and post morning checklists of things they need to get done before heading off to school. It’ll teach them responsibility and you’ll have less stuff to organize yourself.

53. Make it Easy for Kids to make their own Breakfasts.

Move kids’ cereal boxes, bowls, and cups to an “I can reach it!” lower cabinet. You can also put juice boxes, milk, and other snacks in an accessible place in the refrigerator.

54. Use Two-compartment Hampers.

Have a two-compartment hamper in the bedrooms so everyone can sort lights from darks as they undress.

55. Use a Mesh Laundry Bag for Ball storage.

Gather all balls and sports equipment into a large, mesh drawstring bag.

56. Build an Island

Replace armchairs with sofas especially when you have room for a sofa. Slide up a stool and colorful area rug to complete the look, and then make a mini gallery wall to polish things off. Add closet dresser that will motivate you to fold and put away your clothes.

57. Install Bypass Doors

These doors will save you, precious time, never again will you have to walk from end to end in search of what you need. These bypass doors are easy for you to do all by yourself.

58. Install a Wall Shelf

If you run out of room in your closet, you can display your prettiest items in your bedroom to double as decor. Add a multi-level wall shelf or slide in an etagere. You can also make more of your wall space by using brackets as an extra place to hang things.

59. Keep It Behind Closed Doors

On the other hand, keeping your wardrobe behind closed doors in the bedroom can make it feel and look a lot more organized. Bonus points for hidden doors that camouflage with the doors.

60. Get Creative With Bulky Clothes

Even though shoe organizers are handy for your sneakers, they can also be used for bulky items like sweaters that you don’t want to accidentally stretch out on a hanger. Roll the sweaters before stowing them away.

61. Store Small Items in a Vanity

For smaller items such as jewelry, wallets, and accessories, use your vanity drawers. Extra points if you also have a drawer organizer.

62. Plan Your Outfits

If you have empty space under your bed, put your out-of-season clothing in plastic organizers, or opt for rolling crates. Storage solution, but no power tools required. You’ll just need a bed skirt.

63. Try a Clothing Rack

Whether your tiny closet is already packed to the brim or you don’t even have a closet in your bedroom, to begin with, a freestanding clothing rack will be a good solution. Besides, having it out in the open will force you to keep your clothes nice and organized instead of in an avalanche pile in the closet.

64. Purge With Purpose

Before you start cleaning your closet, decide who will get the castoffs. Knowing that your clothes are going to a favorite charity, a homeless shelter or the local do-gooder thrift shop is a goal that you can feel good about.

65. Add A Dresser and a Mirror

If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, consider moving your dresser inside and propping an oversized mirror on top. It’ll turn the closet into a full-blown station to get ready each morning, with everything within arm’s reach, and open up your bedroom space.

66. Hang Your Purses

Shower hooks are perfect for hanging purses in your closet on the hanger rod. This method will ensure handles don’t get misshapen and also help to keep your house clean and organized.

67. Use Special Hangers

Slim and open, these hangers easily file away pants in your closet. The design also makes clothing easier to grab off the rack as you dash to get ready in the morning. Your clothes deserve the best treatment off and on your body. When you stock up on wooden or padded hangers your clothes will be able to shine, since their backdrop all looks the same.

68. Use Office Organizers

Get creative with on-shelf storage. It turns out magazine files are the ideal shape for storing clutches, wristlets, jewelry and more. And that frees up space on your desk or vanity table. We also love the stylish rods Studio DB hung up in the corners of this walk-in closet for a clean and organized house.

69. Style Your Space

Adding a mirror, a piece of art, fun colors, or hanging wallpaper are all easy ways to add character to your closet. Stay away from flowers, books, and stuffed animals, which all collect dust that will make your house feel less fresh, clean and organized.

70. Keep Your Shelves In Shape

These handy organizers have the ability to keep different items separate, while also preventing piles from toppling over, so you can stack sweaters way higher.

71. Make a Display Wall

Instead of a classic shelving unit, create a floating cubby wall so your favorite items can double as decor on display.

72. Design a Jewelry Wall

Prevent your jewelry from getting tangled by building custom organization systems. In the closet, you can hang them on the wall, or keep them on a tray on one of the shelves.

73. Hang Strategically

The easiest way to end up with a disorganized closet is by hanging up clothes without even thinking about it. To keep things sectioned off, hang blouses, tops, and skirts above built-in shelves, and long dresses and pants when nothing is underneath at perfect way to keep the house clean and organized.

74. Use Wasted Wall Space

Instead of hanging scarves, belts, and other accessories on hangers and taking up valuable rod space, try this trick. Attach a towel bar to unused wall space to create a personalized display for your collection.

75. Hang your Rod Higher

Not only will hanging your rod higher keep your gowns and coats from dragging through floor dust, but it also frees up space for a hamper or second row of clothing. And it doesn’t have to look awkward!

Additional Tips on How to Keep Your House Clean and Organized

  • Built-in drawers are perfect for storing sunglasses, jewelry, and scarves.
  • Have a multifunctional coffee table, like one with extra drawers or shelves, or an ottoman with hidden storage to store remotes, books, blankets, etc.
  • Toss toys and games in an unused corner of the room so they don’t overcrowd bookshelves and the floor.
  • You may not see wastebaskets in living rooms, but if you notice trash tends to accumulate in that space, grab one that matches the decor and the aesthetic of your living room so it doesn’t look totally out of place.
  • Use a letter tray to organize your board games.
  • One idea is to use a magazine holder and store sports bottles on their sides or simply get a stackable water bottle storage rack.
  • Use Mason jars to organize your spatulas, tongs and whisks for easy access.
  • Hang your pots, pans and mugs. This will clear up cabinet space.
  • Have a snack stack! Place a tiered basket on your counter and toss healthy snacks in it for easy access.
  • Dedicate one of the drawers as a charging drawer to keep phone, laptop and tablet chargers tucked away and out of sight.
  • Risers are a lifesaver. They’ll give cabinets twice as much space.
  • Purchase a few reusable bags/totes to cut down on the number of plastic bags accumulating in your kitchen.
  • Cube storage is your best friend — especially in kids rooms where the toys can take over, making it nearly impossible to walk through.
  • Hang the closet rod even higher — doing so will actually free up more space below the clothes you’ve hung up, allowing you to add a dresser or two.
  • Use a hanging shoe organizer to store bulky clothing, like sweaters. Roll them up and slide right in.
  • Get a small shelf, hang it up, and use it to store all your creams and daily-use beauty products. No digging, no searching and easy access.
  • Keep all your hair accessories in a bin under the sink or on a shelf in the bathroom.
  • Use magnetic strips to hang up items in your medicine cabinet.
  • Use under-the-sink cabinet drawers or over-the-toilet shelving unit to keep your beauty products clean and organized in the house.
  • Make the most out of your drawers by adding containers and/or dividers in them.
  • Spice racks aren’t just for the kitchen. Hang them up on the wall as bathroom storage.
  • Vintage recipe card boxes, pottery and candy dishes can double as eclectic room decor, and they’re often very cheap.
  • Empty coffee cans work perfectly for larger collections, like the kids’ markers and crayons, or your craft ribbons.

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