11 Ways to Secure Glass Sliding Doors and Windows

Ways to Secure Glass Sliding Doors and Windows in Your Home

Home Invaders love sliding glass doors and windows. Knowing ways to secure glass sliding doors and windows is very important being the foremost vulnerable entry points into our homes. Initial of all, they’re typically within the back of the house, which provides them with a bit a lot of privacy to interrupt in. And second, they’re one in all the simplest entrances to come in through.

The locks they placed on slippery doors or windows area unit barely a deterrent to individuals trying to interrupt in, as a result of their locks area unit simple to select. Although your door or window might seem like associate insurmountable security challenge, they’re simple to secure, to do that, merely look at a number of these choices that are very reasonable and very do an honest job.

How Burglars Break in Through Your Glass Sliding Doors and Windows

Before we have a tendency to get into the way to secure your glass sliding doors and windows, we want to handle however burglars might get in within the initial place.

I. Bypassing The Lock

As we have a tendency to in brief mentioned higher than, the locks on most slippery glass doors and windows area unit very simple latches. Is that each one that you simply wish standing between a stealer and your possessions? This video of a home-owner unlocking his own door may be a nice demonstration of the irresponsibility of those locks.

II. Lifting The Door Out of Its Frame

Using a wrecking bar, it’s potential for a stealer to virtually raise up a door, move it off of the tracks and out of the method. however, is that possible? however does one suppose the door placed into the frame once it absolutely was made? The stealer is just reverse-engineering the installation method.

III. Breaking The Glass

Finally, if somebody is desperate enough, they’ll simply merely break through the glass.

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11 Ways to Secure Glass Sliding Doors and Windows

To secure your glass sliding doors and windows, use any of this method below;

1. Security Bar or Barricade to Secure Glass Sliding Doors and Windows.

You can get robust metal bars that fold into place and brace against the door or window to lock it into place. You’ll be able to additionally cut a dowel pin or piece of wood to position within the door or window track once it’s closed.

The thought behind this feature is that you simply truly create it that the door or window can’t slide open. Therefore though somebody may jimmy the lock open, they won’t be able to slide the door or window open as a result of their physically one thing within the method.

One of the foremost purchased merchandise out there for this is often the Master Lock twin operate Security Bar. The length of this security bar is adjustable, so set it to the proper length and lay it within the track of your slippery glass door and windows. Therewith within the method, there’s no method that door or window is slippery open.

Security Bar or Barricade to Secure Glass Sliding Doors and Windows.

The only disadvantage here is that the bar may be a nuisance throughout the day once you’re home and don’t wish it obstructing the door or windows. You’ve got to possess an area to which you place that factor. It’s not that it’s immense, however, it’s another factor to make full the entry method. You furthermore might have to be compelled to bear in mind to place it within the door or window track after you leave the house or go to bed.

Using Nightlock Door Barricade

Another nice and similar possibility is that the Nightlock door Barricade. It very well the task of preventing individuals from entering into your door. whether or not your door is glass or not, there’s no method anyone is jiggling it open if you’ve got this put in.

The downsides of this product unit are kind of like the safety bar. Whereas this product is smaller, less noticeable, and fewer cumbersome than the security bar, there is still one issue that has to be removed throughout the day, therefore, reinstalled once you would like to depart the house or attend bed. The good factor is, during this case, that object is way smaller than the safety bar.

2. Reinforce the Glass to Secure Glass Sliding Doors and Windows Screen.

Most modern slippery glass doors and windows use double pane glass that’s pretty robust and very loud if you break it. therefore most intruders won’t go that route for concern of being detected by householders or neighbours. however, you’ll be able to use strengthened glass or place a film on the glass to form it unbreakable and impenetrable.

The film primarily makes the glass shatterproof and holds all the shards in situ. If a stealer tries to smash the glass, and it worked, however, he won’t be able to get through the film. The film can stay in site protected by multiple shards of glass. There area unit films that you simply will apply on your own otherwise you will have the film professionally put in.

You can secure your sliding glass doors and windows by having been able to enclose your slippery doors and windows modified out with a stronger glass that’s laborious to interrupt, however that may be an upscale task. an alternative choice is to interchange your door or window with one that already has strengthened glass.

That’s additionally an upscale possibility. An alternative choice is to feature a window film to the glass that holds the glass along, though it gets broken.

This can increase the time it takes for the associate interloper to enter through a broken glass door from mere seconds, too many minutes, and also the police can most likely arrive before they get through.

3. Lock it for Real to properly Secure Glass Sliding Doors and Windows.

The locks that return on slippery glass doors and windows area unit nearly useless, they’ll work well initially however over time they get easier and easier to open from outside. Getting new locks are cheap and it’s a simple choice that you make to secure your sliding glass doors and windows.

You can get a bolt lock to truly hold your door and window shut. The primary lock will go at the highest point of your doors and windows. You push the daring up and whamo! your door and windows are latched. There’s no jimmying that one open.

Double-bolt Door Lock

The second sort maybe a double-bolt door lock and works very well. Basically, you set the protection portion on the door at any height you would like, and also the receiver at identical height on the door frame. One-piece attaches to the door frame; the opposite piece attaches to the door. When shut, the piece on the frame nests within the piece on the door.

Metal bolts then slide into the door frame piece, securing your door. After you wish the door latched, you slide the 2 bolts into the receiver and your door is secure. One of the explanations that I prefer this double-bolt possibility is that intruders produce other choices besides breaking the glass and jimmying the lock on the door.

The third possibility is to truly raise the door out of its tracks. With an honest wrecking bar, it’s not as laborious to try and do as you’re thinking that. Having this double bolt to physically attach the door to the frame whereas it’s latched can forestall associate interloper from having the ability to raise the door out of the tracks.

The opposite great point regarding these locks is that they don’t have any large elements that have to be compelled to be removed and hold on somewhere after you wish to open the door. Simply slide the bolts out and you’re liberated to open and shut the door at the can.

4. Cover the Glass to Avoid Seeing through them.

No matter however you choose to secure your sliding glass doors and windows, it’s additionally vital to block individuals from having the ability to see through your slippery glass door. These doors offer intruders a good angle to read into your house. From there, they will scope out the way and set up their approach. If they can’t see within, they’re going to be way less doubtless to muster the courage of breaking in and without being caught.

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Ensure you cowl your door and windows with blinds or curtains, it’ll be a good deterrent to breaking into your home. There are special unidirectional film sheets that may be applied to the glass of your slippery doors and windows that enable you to stand out, however, won’t let outsiders look in. Outsiders will see a reflected end.

Bear in mind, though, that this film area unit is solely effective throughout sunlight hours, therefore you continue to ought to draw curtains or blinds once dark.

5. Add A Rod Within The Tracks to Reinforce Firmness.

Some slippery doors and windows go with a metal rod for superimposed security. If you’re lucky enough to possess a door or window with this feature, use it! It will facilitate reinforce the door or window from forced entry. If your door or window doesn’t embody a rod, adding one is a reasonable fix to secure your sliding glass doors and windows.

6. Doors and Window Sensors to Alert you When the Glass Breaks

 Doors and Window Sensors to Alert you When the Glass Breaks

Another detector normally utilized in home security may be a door/window detector. This is often not a substitute for securing the sliding glass doors and windows, however, sensors connected to associate alarm might facilitate pall a stealer. You’ll be able to additionally use glass break detectors, they’re kind of like a door detector, it’ll sound once the glass is broken. Simply the alarm sounding afterwards is also enough to block a stealer.

7. Use Associate Armor Latch to Reinforce Glass Sliding Doors.

Armour Latch protects against multiple sorts of break-ins. It protects against thieves prying the door or window open, lifting it off of its tracks, and lock choosing. In fact, it may be utilized in place of a rod placed within the tracks. The system is comparable to LOCKiT! therein it’s self-installed and works very similar to a bar.

It uses a twin protection system and hardened steel protection pins to carry the door to the wall frame. Armour Latch is obtainable in multiple colour choices and blends in well with existing doors, therefore, it doesn’t need modification the aesthetic of the door.

8. Use Laminated or Impact Glass to Secure Glass Sliding Doors and Windows Screen.

Laminated glass is created by fusing a special PVB sheet between multiple items of glass. somebody will break the glass, however, the PVB sheet within can stay intact, that the glass won’t fall out of the window or door. the sole thanks to still break-in is to chop the film.

This adds an additional step to the felony (and the requirement for an extra tool), therefore it ought to discourage a burglar from the continued attempt to enter your home. Impact-resistant glass is meant to face up to cyclone force winds throwing significant objects at your windows, therefore it’s very troublesome to interrupt thereby an important means to secure your sliding glass doors and windows.

9. Shatter Alarm to Tell When the Glass Breaks

A shatter alarm is an extra detector during a home security system that detects each the sound of breaking the glass and also the vibrations of the window or door once it gets affected. As a result, the alarm alerts you directly if your slippery glass breaks.

Most security system corporations charge additional for a shatter alarm, however, it’s a worthy investment. this is often very true if you’ve got heaps of slippery glass or if you’ve got a door or window in a part of the house with low traffic, like a basement. This helps warn you to a home breach that you simply otherwise wouldn’t discover on your own for a few time.

10. Install a Security Pin to Secure Glass Sliding Doors.

Install a Security Pin to Secure Glass Sliding Doors.

To prevent burglars from merely removing your door from the track, add a security pin. Along with your door firmly closed, drill a hole through the frame of the door that slides and into the frame of the stationary door. watch out to not drill all through. Then, insert a hardened steel area door pin to carry the 2 doors along.

11. Sheet Metal Screws to Avoid Being Raise from the Frame.

Insert a screw into the highest of the frame or into the track itself helps forestall the door or window from being raised out of the frame which is a very important way to secure your sliding glass doors and windows. The screw acts as a stopper that stops the glass from being elevated past that height. Make certain the glass still slides back and forth on the track swimmingly before securing a screw to confirm the slippery glass isn’t obstructed.

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